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WhatsApp can now share the statuses with Facebook

WhatsApp status with Facebook

WhatsApp status with Facebook

Since WhatsApp are doing various tests right now to share their status with other social networks like Facebook or Instagram and even third-party applications.

These tests are being done in the betas program and there was a fear that the user’s privacy would be violated when sharing the states, but it seems that they have been able to overcome this problem.

Sharing the WhatsApp status with Instagram or Facebook will soon be possible

Now WhatsApp in its beta version will have the ability to share the statuses in the Facebook, Instagram stories or send them through Gmail or Google Photos.

But this is not something that will be done automatically, but rather it will be the user who, with his express authorization, will share the state with other services.

WhatsApp Status on Facebook & Instagram

We must remember that the WhatsApp states allow us to publish a personalized image for 24 hours so that the contacts we want can see it.

This is something identical to Instagram or Facebook stories and that is why it makes sense that it can be shared in this way.

Because of Facebook scandals, many people are worried about their privacy because they fear that their WhatsApp information will end up being stored on Facebook servers because of sharing their status.

Using public APIs

This is why WhatsApp wanted to make it clear that the sending process is done on the device using public APIs so Facebook does not have access to WhatsApp information at any time.

This is one more step for the unification of the chat services of Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp in a single application.

This is something that may end up liking many for simplifying a bit the messaging services and for others it will be interpreted as a violation of the Privacy.


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