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Whats New in Canon 6d Mark II? Detailed Review

Yes, after weeks with the typical leaks and rumors that we like so much and that accompany any great launch, the Canon 6D Mark II has been presented officially. A great launch because the 6D has been and is the entry SLR camera to that coveted World of the Full Frame and with this new model Canon wants to continue being a weight option for those who want to make the leap to the full format, will it succeed?

It seems to be a lie but five years have passed between the first Canon 6D and this new Canon 6D Mark II. Although seeing the exterior design of the camera that continues to stay true to its line, we will have to wait to see the results of the photographs or focus on its technical specifications to feel that we have something new in our hands.

Technical specifications of the canon 6d mark ii

What’s new in the Canon 6D Mark II

In this article you will find:

The new features of this new model include the new 26.2 megapixel CMOS sensor capable of taking photos at ISO 40,000 (102,400 forced) which would almost double the figures of the first Canon 6D with 25,600 ISO.

The processor has also been renewed, now we will have a DIGIC 7 and increases the burst from 4.5 of the 6D to 6.5 photographs per second of the Canon 6D Mark II although it will be reduced to 4 with continuous focus.

New Canon Camera Review

The autofocus system now has the Dual Pixel that keeps the focus on the subject while moving in the frame (something that would be unforgivable in a camera launched in 2017) and the focus points have been increased to 45 in cross, respect to the 11 that the previous Canon 6D offered.

The screen is one of the changes that is most appreciated, now the Canon 6D II mounts a folding touch screen that will allow us to vary the angle and interact with it while we record or take pictures. In contrast, the viewer remains at 98% coverage.

Technical specifications

Features Canon 6D Mark II
Resolution 26.2 megapixels
ISO sensitivity 40,000 (102,400 magnified)
Video 1080p at 60fps
Type of sensor CMOS Full frame
Stabilizer 5-axis digital
Connectivity WIFI, NFC, GPS and Bluetooth
Viewer coverage 98%
Screen Touch of 3 “and folding
Focus system Dual Pixel with 45 cross points

Canon 6D Mark II and the video

For video enthusiasts or professionals who use the camera not only to take photos, it will turn their hearts around when they read that the new 6D II does not have 4K video. What happens Canon? Not only the Youtubers like to see the option in their videos of that resolution, the 1080p at 60fps they offer are very good but I am sure that the absence of the 4K is going to do a lot of damage to this new model.

At least, since we were without the recording to 4K have included an HDR mode that exposes the scenes much better and avoids burned lights without detail, we have the Dual Pixel focus and 5 axis stabilizer, yes, digital.


In terms of connectivity we will not miss anything, the Canon 6D Mark II has NFC, WIFI connectivity, Bluetooth and GPS.

Is it worth buying the new Canon 6D?

In short Canon is not to play it with this new camera is not directly to play, 2,169 euros for a camera without 4K, which keeps the mirror and with an ISO sensitivity that does not stand out especially, we can only wait for the sensor quality but the specifications will push back more than a regular Canon buyer who expected a revamped version of the Canon 6D to match competitors like Sony or Olympus.

Do not forget that it is a camera, a large camera that will cover the majority of situations faced by its buyers and that can not offer features that face its older sister the Canon 5D Mark IV but will it be enough?

Five years is the time between the release of the first version of the Canon EOS 6D Mark and its update, the new Canon EOS 6D Mark II. This camera, which is intended for users who want to enter the world of full-frame cameras (in full format Spanish) but at a more adjusted price, is now on the market with a few novelties regarding its predecessor. Next, we analyze its most remarkable characteristics.


26.2 MP CMOS Sensor

One of the most outstanding novelties of the new Canon EOS 6D Mark II is its sensor of full format of 26.2 megapixels (remember that its predecessor had 20.2 MP). This sensor provides the camera with an excellent image quality, especially in low light conditions, since you can capture with much detail both the information that is in the brightest highlights and in the darkest shadows.

In addition, being a full format sensor this camera will allow you to work with very small depths of field to be able to isolate your subject from the background more easily, something that makes it a good camera for portrait photography.


New Canon DIGIC 7 Processor

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II incorporates Canon’s latest-generation processor, the DIGIC 7. This processor allows bursts to increase up to 6.5 frames per second, so you do not have to wait to make your next picture. With this new model, you can capture the decisive moment and not miss anything. Moreover, from the official page of Canon, it is stated that you can reach up to 21 shots in RAW image format with a fast UHS-I card, and 150 shots if we do it in JPEG. In addition, this new processor also helps the camera to have high performance with high ISOs.


45-point AF system and Pixel CMOS Dual Technology

The focusing system of the Canon 6D Mark II incorporates Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, with a module of 45 points in the phase that represents an important jump compared to the 11 points of its predecessor. Until now, when we activated the live view of our camera, the focus system, as a rule, used to be by contrast detection.

However, with this new technology, Canon has achieved that both working with the optical viewfinder and through the LCD screen we can use this hybrid approach system that will allow us to focus faster and more effectively.


3 “Folding Screen

If we compare the Canon 6D Mark II with its predecessor, the first change we see is the LCD screen. In this new model, it becomes fully articulated and also tactile, which will help us to work more comfortably when we take photographs at less conventional angles, but above all, it will be useful for video.


Other Outstanding Features

Other of the indicated characteristics of this new model are:

Maximum ISO sensitivity of up to 40000 (expandable up to ISO 102400). Thanks to its good results in high ISOs we will be able to capture images in which the lighting that we have is scarce. This will allow us to shoot shots without the need of a tripod or flash in many situations.


Sealed and dust-resistant body

Video recording in 1080 at 60 fps. The new version of the Canon 6D is capable of recording videos in Full HD at 60 frames per second, which if we add it to the digital stabilization of 5-axis electronic video that incorporates the camera, will allow us to record videos with very sharp and stable images.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC connection. You can control and share the pictures you make with the Canon 6D Mark II through your devices thanks to its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

  • Integrated GPS to geolocate your images.
  • Timelapse in 4k and integrated intervalometer.
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Advantages of the Canon 6D Mark II

  • Improvement in the autofocus system and more focus points (45 points).
  • The processor was more agile.
  • Sealed and dust resistant body.
  • Folding screen to capture a variety of angles comfortably, something very useful especially in video.
  • Stabilization in the 5-axis body to obtain more stable videos.
  • Full HD recording at 60 fps.

Disadvantages the Canon 6D Mark II

  • It is still the most economical option of full-frame, and that translates into limitations in some of its features.
  • It has a single slot for SD cards.
  • Your viewer does not reach 100% coverage but remains at 98%.
  • Absence of video in 4k.
  • It is considerably more expensive than its predecessor.
  • Price / Where to buy the Canon 6D Mark II

You can get the Canon 6D EOS Mark II in Amazon (as of July 28, 2017), about 2,170 euros depending on the pack that suits you:

  • Canon 6D Mark II (body only) for about € 2,170
  • Canon 6D Mark II + Objective EF 24-105 IS SRM for about $2,600


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