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Top Anticipated Electric Cars in 2019: Choose The Best

Anticipated Electric Cars in 2019

If the year 2018 was rich in innovations in the field of electric cars, 2019 looks equally exciting. The opportunity to make a non-exhaustive list of the most anticipated electrified vehicles. For sure, 2019 will undoubtedly be under the sign of the electric.

Over the past twelve months, the focus has shifted to what will replace today’s combustion engines, with dozens of new models introduced at major international car shows.

A key event during which manufacturers have unveiled their latest electrical products, whose fate will lead them to enter the European markets in the year 2019. From the Porsche Taycan to the Mercedes-Benz EQC via the Renault KZ-E or the famous Tesla Model 3, an overview of the most anticipated electric cars in 2019.


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is one of the best Anticipated electric cars in 2019. If the Tesla Model 3 already composes the catalog of certain markets – like that of the United States -, its absence in the rest of the world, in particular in Europe, began to be felt.

A gap now filled by the American company: the emblematic electric vehicle of the brand will land in our French countries in the course of February 2019, to the delight of customers who have already pre-ordered their model.

The car in question has been the subject of many tests in France and elsewhere, enough to give us a rather clear idea of ​​what it has in the stomach. T

o consult ours, go here. And to take note of the Model 3 price list, go there. One thing is certain: The Model 3s should invite themselves on our roads within three months.


The different versions of the Model 3

The Model 3 is available in several versions:

  • The entry-level version – promised around $ 35,000 and has a range of 350 km whose commercialization has not started yet.
  • The “Mid-Range” version. Announced in October 2018, it offers a range of 418 km in the EPA cycle. For the moment, its marketing is limited to the only American market.
  • The “Long Range” or “Grande Autonomie” version with Dual Motor transmission and a 0 to 100 km / h speed in 5.8 seconds.
  • The Performance version which takes the bases of the version “Long Range” but with a more advanced engine which makes it possible to reduce the 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds.


Taycan Porsche

Taycan Porsche

This is one of the motor gems that the community is waiting for: The Taycan Porsche, formerly the “Mission E”, will indeed make its appearance in the coming months.

The future competitor of the Tesla Model S has already entered the production phase, as the German company let us guess last October.

And the least we can say is that its technical sheet, on paper, is dreaming. Its power of 600 horses will guarantee for example a top speed of 250 km / h.

The Taycan claims to shoot down the 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds, then the 0 to 200 km / h in the space of 12 seconds.

Add to that an autonomy of 500 kilometers, and you get a future premium electric car oscillating between 90,000 and 130,000 euros.


DS3 Crossback E-Tense

DS3 Crossback E-Tense

If the Germans and Americans are often in the spotlight, the French are not left either. Witness the DS3 Crossback E-Tense imagined by Citroën teams, whose presentation at the 2018 Motor Show has had its effect.

How? By a classy and neat design, giving it a great look alongside European competitors. Its technical sheet is destined for rather urban use, or at least for medium distances, with regard to its autonomy of 320 kilometers (WLTP cycle).

Its 136 horses will make it climb to 100 km / h in 8.7 seconds, far from the performance of Porsche and company.

But the tricolor company is distinguished by its innovation, materialized by wrists nested in the doors of the vehicle, which unveil once the driver detected at about 1.15 meters distance.


Renault K-ZE

Renault K-ZE

France is also represented by the Renault brand, whose K-ZE will initially target the Chinese market only, in the course of 2019.

Its success will then depend on its introduction in France. The K-ZE describes itself as an “affordable SUV-inspired city car that combines the best of the Renault Group,” said general manager Carlos Ghosn in a press release.

An aggressive tariff could indeed tip the balance on its side: because too high, the prices of electric cars are generally pointed at.

This positioning is, therefore, part of a clear strategy, namely to appeal to the general public thanks to a lower fee schedule than the others.

In terms of characteristics, only its autonomy for the less feeble has been unveiled: 250 kilometers according to the NEDC cycle, slightly less according to the new WLTP standard.


Audi e-Tron

Audi e-tron

On the other side of the Rhine, it will be Audi and its Audi e-Tron SUV that will continue to dominate the market.

Originally scheduled for December 2018, its electric model has been delayed because of a software problem.

Consequences: it will be necessary to wait the year 2019 to hope for the touch of the fingertip. Take out a product, that’s good. But to market it without any anomalies is better.

The autonomy of the Audi e-Tron is quite honorable: 400 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle, thanks to a lithium-ion battery of 95 kWh.

Available as an option, virtual mirrors retransmit digitally processed images onto high-contrast OLED displays placed between the dashboard and the door.

By October 2018, more than 10,000 pre-orders had already been registered by the ring mark.


Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC

An automobile whose design very similar to the Mercedes-Benz GLC was strongly criticized at the 2018 Motor Show. On the other hand, the car is catching up with performance: 408 horsepower, from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds.

On the other hand, its fishing autonomy, the fault with a battery of 80 kWh conferring on him a distance of 450 kilometers in cycle NEDC (less in facts, therefore) before the energy is reduced to zero. Price of the model: around 85 000 euros.


Mini Electric

Mini Electric

BMW has major projects in the field of electricity and has not hesitated to let the world know. Its goal: to market five new cars by 2021, including a Mini in an electric version.

This subsidiary will, therefore, benefit from the marketing and financial strength of the parent company to offer a product worthy of the name, able to enhance the image of the German jewels face the fierce American and Asian competition.

The fact is that no feature of the Mini Electric is officially known. Difficult, therefore, to get a clear and precise idea of ​​its performance.

Without a doubt, BMW should quickly begin to communicate on the market in order to market in the year 2019.

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