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Top 4 Online File Converters of 2019

Online File Converters

There are billions of different types of files that are shared in this world with the help of the internet. This era of technology makes life more comfortable; the sharing and converting of different types of files become easy. You can convert any file format into another format by just a single click through online file converters. In the past, it is complicated to convert any file into another format.

The main problem is the files with the wrong formats; both the sender and receiver must have the particular software to open the specific record.

The other issue is the time; sharing big files such as videos, music, and other things require high-speed internet and a lot of space.

Now you can change the size of the file according to your demand, and this will make it easy for you to send several files in a few seconds to the number of peoples. Many different sites can allow to you convert the file format into your desired size in free of cost. Some of the top online file converters are discussed below.

Online Video Converter:

Online video converter is the most popular video converter which provides a variety of different formats for video files.

It is free, and you don’t have any need to install the specific software to use all its features. You have to upload the files and select the particular format in which you want to convert your file. Within a few seconds, your files will be converted into another format.

You can directly convert the video files from YouTube and daily motion. You can convert the file into MKV, MP3, MP4, and other formats. It comes on the top of the list of the online converters.



Onlineconvertfree.com is the best site; on this site, you will find the different categories of the formats. The main thing is you will get the different categories of formats such as videos, audios, books, documents, images, and many more.

It has the fastest processing time; you will get your file converted within a few seconds. There is no subscription fee, and you have to open the site and upload your file for the conversion. This the only free site that offers a variety of formats of different types of files online.



It is the most powerful converter, and it can convert the different types of files into many formats. Zamzar is commonly used for converting the Pdf file into any format. It is user-friendly and supports up to 1200 different types of conversions. You have to upload the file and select the desired file format for conversion. You upload a maximum of 50MB for conversion online.


Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter:

It is considered to be the best online video converter. It allows the user to change the size of the video file by adding effects or watermarks. It is famous for video editing and trimming services. It is free and has all the editing tools for free of cost.

All the above sites are popular and free of cost. Every site allows the different types of converting, but Onlineconvertfree.com is outstanding. It has all categories of file formatting options, and you don’t need to find any other site for file conversion.

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