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Top 10 Android Games with The Most Modern Graphics

Android Games with The Most Modern Graphics

Not long ago, people could not even imagine that they would run games with console-quality graphics on their smartphones, and today this is a reality. In this article we will look at the top Android games with the most modern graphics that look just as good as on a computer or console.

Android devices previously lagged behind iOS when it came to android games, but this was rarely a problem. Yes, some games do fall into iOS before, but Android versions are now the norm, not the exception, and you will need to seriously devote yourself to mobile games in order to get through at least some of what is offered on Android games today. Do you have a tablet or smartphone, and you want to start playing immediately? You will find the best android games that you can play in 2018 at the top of the article, and some of our long-term favorites at the bottom.

Here are the most modern graphics android games, choose the best one.

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

The PUBG is one of the most familiar android games now a day. The game “PUBG Mobile” made the most similar to its “big” version, without major changes.

Then you fly by plane over the island, jump out – well, and then you yourself know what is happening.

Management is standard for mobile shooters and will be familiar to long-time fans of this genre. Virtual stick on the left is responsible for the movement, and lifting it up, you can activate a continuous run. To rotate the camera, you need to drive your finger along the right side of the screen.

There is also a shooting button. Next to her – reloading, aiming, squatting and jumping. In the lower part, we switch between two types of weapons, and near them there are melee weapons, first-aid kits, drinks and other useful things.

Under the stick is the inventory button. There are no more useful interface elements, except for the mini-map, which is deployed by pressing.

The Mobile Version

The mobile version was developed by Tencent Corp, not PUBG Corp, so there are several quality gameplay changes in it that did not appear on the PC or on the Xbox One. Fans of the original are wondering why the authors of PUBG Mobile thought of such simple things, but the former Bluehole did not.

In this version, while the player is sitting on the plane, he can open the map and see the line along which the transport flies. And when playing in a squad, the location of partners and the distance between you and your friends are always shown.

In the first match you notice that the character automatically picks up some items. This applies to weapons, modifications, helmets, body armor, first-aid kits, backpacks and other useful things, by which no one runs.

Such objects are highlighted in the list of garbage lying next to them in yellow, and if necessary, you push everything else if necessary. Modifications, by the way, are worn on the weapon immediately, and therefore even there is almost no need to enter the inventory.

Someone may consider all this to be excessive simplifications, but every time it would be inconvenient to take your thumb off the right side of the screen to pick up things.

The changes also affected the environment – although the buildings are located in the same places, for the benefit of optimizing their exterior and interior decoration slightly deteriorated.


The windows are not glazed anywhere, the fences have disappeared, some closed passages have become open. There is practically no furniture in the houses; there are only carpets and paintings. Although sometimes you can see tables with sofas, it is a rarity. On the gameplay, this by and large does not affect, but you can play without the “brakes”.

Also added a rating system to the game – you start in the bronze league and with each victory you go higher and higher. For each mode, its own statistics are offered, that is, your achievements in solo adventures do not improve the performance in the squadron.

Separate tests are connected with getting into more prestigious leagues, and bots in matches are getting smaller. In other words, it makes sense to return to the mobile version every day, completing at least a couple of matches a day. And you launch it not only because of the excellent gameplay, but also for the sake of getting bonus trophies and experience.

2. World War Heroes

World War Heroes

The game “World War Heroes” is a network action game in the spirit of the classic Call of Duty, which will take you to the battlefields of World War II. You will land in Normandy, will participate in the battle for the center of Berlin and in many other fierce battles.

You can play “World War Heroes” as part of a team or in single player mode with the seizure of territories or simple shooting. On many maps, you can control tanks and other military equipment. If you belong to lovers of realism, especially for you, there is a hardcore mode in which the very first bullet received can be fatal.

3. INFINITY OPS: Future Shooter

INFINITY OPS: Future Shooter

Already from the name of this game it is clear that this is a shooter. “INFINITY OPS: Future Shooter” will impress you with amazing graphics, interesting gameplay with real players, as well as a cool leveling system.

The game has three main currencies: boxes, loans and gold, the latest currency can be bought only for real money. You can also change the class: recruit, tank, medic and murderer.

The choice of weapons is quite rich. Some premium weapons may fall out of the boxes. You can also change the skins of weapons. This luxury is available only to owners of gold. Another interesting fact is that each class has its own customization. That is, buying a drone for a recruit will not give an opportunity to play with this drone for a medic or a murderer.

4. Major Mayhem 2

Major Mayhem 2

The long-awaited (6 years, to be exact) sequel to the original arcade shooter, Major Mayem 2 raises the bar for ninja killing and unrest in any form. By taking control of a major, you will seek your way to glory, destroying every enemy and a car that stands in your way, with one thing: clean, genuine firepower!

The developers of Rocket Jump published their own major Mayhem 2, having previously released the first game called Adult Swim Games, and they made some amazing improvements, especially with controls. The graphics and overall size of the game also increased greatly.

While most android games tend to be abandoned and completely unnecessary, this BonusXP single-player arcade action puzzle brings a whole new level (in fact, many levels) to the Stranger Things 80s experience. Not only does the game tell a completely new story, set in the colorful 32-bit visualization of the mysterious city of Hawkins, here you also feel loyalty to that 1984 game.

5. Gear Club – True Racing

Gear Club - True Racing

Someone wants it or not, but mobile android games are increasingly attacking the heels of their console brothers. This is especially noticeable in racing. The game “Gear.Club – True Racing” was created by the authors of the acclaimed bestseller “Test Drive Unlimited” and is not inferior to it in terms of graphics.

The handwriting of the renowned studio is immediately visible – “Gear.Club – True Racing” is desperately out of the general range of mobile racing. Even if you do not know that Eden android Games had a hand in its creation, after five minutes it is obvious that the game is worthy.

The first thing to note is, of course, the graphics. It’s not about technology – the same NFS looks prettier – but in some forbidden attractiveness of the virtual environment. In this case, this is the perfect version of the Cote d’Azur, the pearl of France. The essence of freedom, happiness and universal joy is literally spread in the air; behind the route stretches the sea horizon, soaring gulls and bobbing yachts.

On the track, however, everything is also in order – three hundred riotous stallions are torn from under the hood and are waiting in the wings.

Entering the turn is easy, but if you can play with speed: time to brake, release the accelerator and go very tightly with the bump stop. But control in the game depends on the settings. You can do the arcade mode, in which you just need to turn your smartphone yourself, like a steering wheel.

You can play on Hardcore

You can play on hardcore: turn off all computer helpers, drive off the auxiliary dotted arrow from the asphalt, turn on the normal buttons. Then you will understand what is the point – the car will be brought in, and turns will be a challenge. This will require real skills.

This is a game, so you have a right to make a mistake – after all, this is not a sapper. If unsuccessfully passed a piece of the track, time rollback comes to the rescue.

And the more upgrades in your car, the further you can rewind; usually enough a couple of seconds. By the way, there is no body damage left, but this does not mean that you need to break into your opponent or a bump stop – after each arrival the condition of the car slightly deteriorates, and over time it is necessary to carry out a full maintenance.

If you transfer driving habits from the GTA, a new BWM will come to the diagnostic stand much more often than we would like.

Races of the Game

Between the races you do, it would seem logical, but completely atypical for mobile racing business – delve into your workshop. No, this is not a kind of garage from CSR Racing or NFS; This is a full hangar that you equip yourself.

Here the game turns into The Sims: you need to put a body shop, a tuning stand, plug in here dividing lanes, there will soon be tire service, and here we will organize a rest room – coffee machines, armchairs and slot machines on the way.

Auto mechanics scurry about between the stands, which you also hire yourself: see personal affairs and experience. Replacing the engine, new tires and even balancing worked out better than the game itself – all the basic actions are in place. Seeing such on a small screen that rarely shows things is more difficult than “press this button to the beat” is very, very surprising.

6. Asphalt 9: Legendary and very amazing

Asphalt 9: Legendary and very amazing

Asphalt is a special car simulator that does not claim to be realistic, but offers great graphics and a lot of positive emotions. Asphalt 9: Legends is the most arcade game in the series, and the developer emphasizes this with the TouchDrive autopilot system.

At the beginning of the game you are put behind the wheel of a red Ferrari and show that the race may well become an ordinary runner.

Artificial intelligence automatically controls your wheelbarrow, but it gives you the ability to control the brakes while cornering, mindlessly throwing supercars with the price of airplanes into a skid, press the nitro button, hoping to drive even faster and instantly respond to the choice of direction when the track splits. Fortunately, TouchDrive can be switched to familiar buttons or a gyroscope.

It is worth noting that without autopilot to control the car in the new series of arcade racing is extremely difficult. When you switch control, consider choosing between normal mode and a pro. Good or bad, you decide.

It would seem that between the games is 5 years old, but outwardly they are very similar and do not differ much in gameplay. Both android games show how not to drive and drive in real life.

Driving of the Game

To drive faster, you need as much nitrous oxide as possible. To replenish its supply, you can not only collect bottles of different colors scattered along the way, but also ram opponents or perform wild stunts.

The tricks for the 9th version of the game were actually written off from the 8th. To a greater extent, these are side flips at 360 degrees, which can be performed after hitting special jumps. It seems like this is not an indispensable element of the game, but you cannot go far without a supply of nitro, so you will fly like a DeLorean DMC-12 from a popular movie.

In the game you have to prove that they deserve the status of a legend. To do this, you will pass career tasks, collect parts and cars according to drawings, collect cards. This is not only the most arcade, but also the most dynamic races on any of the mobile devices. Events occur so quickly that you do not even notice how the next track comes to an end. This is definitely not Real Racing 3 with its measured realism.

7. Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force

FoxNet’s Strike Force is a mobile addition to the ever-expanding Marvel Kinematic Universe. In turn-based combat, players control a team of famous heroes from the Marvel franchise to fight the forces of evil, led by the villain Ultimas.

This has been described as the equivalent of Marvel Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, only better. Build your team by unlocking your favorite characters through missions, and train them to become the highest team of super heroes.

Clash Royale, a striking blow to Clash of Clans, one of the most popular “free” mobile games in the world right now. It combines the best elements of the Tower Defense and Action Real Time Strategy genres to create an exciting and highly competitive gaming experience.

Humorous, cartoon animations and sound effects preserve light and fun, and its gameplay mechanics have only the right combination of dating and originality. Clash Royale in the first year brought more than $ 1 billion in revenue, and now the developer of Supercell offers players the chance to win some of that money; Clash eSports Special League was developed for 2018.

8. Asphalt Street Storm

Asphalt Street Storm

Get faster and fiercer than ever with the latest addition to the Asphalt street-racing series android games. In Street Storm, drivers can get a rating for victories in street racing, driving around the most amazing cities in the world, from Paris to New York.

Each release of the Asphalt series significantly improves the version that was before, and they were released at fairly regular intervals from the very beginning of the game on smartphones.

A new part came out, called Asphalt 9: Legends – trailers and footage from the gameplay, but there is no exact release date yet. Keep playing at Street Storm, but remember that Asphalt is even better sent to the App Store near you!

9. Life is Strange

Life is Strange game

The game is distinguished by well-developed three-dimensional graphics, a twisted plot and a number of won awards. Unlike casual games, Life is Strange offers a substantial portion of content, this is an adventure for several dozen hours, and not a one-time time killer.

If the console original bypassed you, then we recommend not to miss the version of the Android games. For lovers of high-quality “walkers” the game can be a real gift.

As for the visual part of “Life is Strange“, then it is just amazing. The game is based on the Unreal Engine, so it looks luxurious on mobile devices. The graphics and characters in adventure are well developed and realistic. From the local visual beauty is breathtaking. Although some people’s movements look a bit unnatural, in general, the “Life is Strange” graphics is at a very high level. What is called, AAA-class. The color palette is rich, and dynamic lighting and weather changes contribute to a deep immersion in the adventure.

The music completely corresponds to the genre of “adventure game” and is completely transferred from the original. Perhaps the only negative is that Life is Strange is entirely in English, there is not even a translation of the subtitles, not to mention the voice replicas of the characters.

The adventure story in Life is Strange revolves around an 18-year-old girl named Max Cowfield. She is studying to be a photographer and has an amazing gift – she can rewind time at any time, which allows her to make choices in the past and watch the so-called, “Butterfly effect”.

At the beginning of the game, Max sees a hurricane approaching in its consequences. You can also use the “quick cancel” to return to the point where a solution is required from the player. Sometimes you have to rewind the same scene several times to get all the valuable information to make a decision. All decisions made in Life is Strange influence the development of the plot.This game has everything to become popular: luxurious graphics, an exciting story and many hours of gameplay.

10. Animus – Stand Alone

Animus - Stand Alone

The Dark Souls series of Android games, an incredibly popular slasher, fell in love with players due to its increased complexity, perfected combat mechanics and ruthless battles with bosses.

Dark Souls, however, did not get to Android, but the Animus – Stand Alone game is in a hurry to take up a niche on Google Play, promising luxurious bloody 3D graphics, excellent fighting and crushing complexity.

The game Animus – Stand Alone takes place in a gloomy and eerie world where everyone wants to mercilessly kill your character, be it a scorpion-like monster or a giant black knight waving a hefty sword slightly smaller than himself.

The goal is to break out of this dangerous location (or die trying to do it) by defeating groups of various enemies, as well as several bosses. Fortunately, helping you will be a friendly and helpful guide, giving hints in the most critical situations.


Immediately after downloading, you can definitely talk about Animus – Stand Alone as an AAA-class game. At least in terms of graphics. Highly detailed three-dimensional models, elaborate monsters, generous special effects.

You can admire for a long time how the sun shines on the armor. By the way, the armor itself is worked out in detail and often represents examples of the skills of the virtual blacksmiths. Fans of cold weapons will appreciate, because “Animus – Stand Alone” gives aesthetic pleasure to one of its graphics.

The style of the original is felt very clearly, so graphically the game is not far away from its progenitor. Visually – poured Dark Souls, not too inferior to the console version of the quality of graphics. By the way, the battery “Animus – Stand Alone” sucks vigorously – if you do not want to quickly put the battery, especially on a smartphone, then we recommend reducing the details and special effects in the settings.


Which of the above android games did you like the most? Share with us in the comments!

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