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The Facelift of the Tesla Model S and Model X Scheduled For This Year

Tesla Model S and Model X

During the last months, there have been numerous rumors and leaks that pointed to the launch of separate restyling’s for the Tesla Model S and Model X during the third quarter of this year.

Rumors that now seem not only confirmed, but also point to the fact that the update will finally be deeper than expected.

According to some media citing confidential sources, the goal of Tesla is to completely update the powertrain of both Tesla Model S and Model X, a renewal to which a new interior design inspired by the Model 3 (flat dashboard and screen in horizontal format) would be added.

Without integrating, although they will maintain a small instrument panel to differentiate themselves from the inferior model) and a light external face wash to keep them current.

Reports of the Tesla Model S and Model X

A few weeks ago we reported that Tesla was developing new electric motors for the Tesla Model S and Model X which would be based on the technology of Tesla Model 3.

This project, baptized as Project Raven, would be part of a complete renovation that will affect the two more expensive models of the American brand, which have suffered a notable drop in sales in recent months, probably as a result of the success of the most economic model of the firm.

Thus, the update of the engines would be just the tip of the iceberg of a profound renovation that will lead to the arrival of new batteries equipped with cells 2170 already seen in Model 3, which will translate into higher capacities than previously seen in the models, which have packs of at most 100 kWh.

Rumors of Tesla Model S and Model X

On the other hand, both will be updated to be able to charge 250 kW of power, which will allow them to take full advantage of the new V3 Superchargers, as well as load faster in ultra-fast charging points such as the IONITY network.

The units destined for the European market will also have a new connector with the CCS Combo 2 standard, another solution from the Model 3 that at the moment is not clear if it will reach other markets.

Both vehicles will mount the Autopilot 3.0 hardware from the beginning, and shortly after its launch, Tesla should release both the v10.0 software update and the Total Autonomous Driving Capacity, which will allow the models of the brand to drive autonomously.

By any type of route. Initially, thanks to this restyling the two vehicles should hold on the minimum market until 2021, when their new generations will arrive.

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