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The Best WordPress Plugins 2019

best WordPress plugins 2019

Best WordPress plugins 2019

The open-source software WordPress is one of the best content management solutions worldwide. Through them you can start your own blog or build a convincingly designed website with little prior knowledge and relatively little time.

The fact that the once-blogging software – which today already impresses with its functional richness from the factory – is so popular owes much to the large pool of plugins.

The useful WordPress extensions are quickly installed and extend the platform with numerous features: The selection ranges from extensions to search engine optimization and higher security via e-commerce tools to social media plugins.


The free best WordPress plugins 2019

WordPress extensions are created by a huge developer community. Whether an extension offered for free download or money is required, is the decision of the respective developer.

Often, there are two versions of a plug-in, the free version is limited in terms of features, so that the user can only when buying the extension on the full functionality.


Yoast SEO

An SEO plugin should be standard in every WordPress project. For even hobby bloggers now know that their own website is only read by users, even if the same is quickly found on Google.

Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress plugins 2019 to improve your own ranking in Google search results. But there are still numerous, also free alternatives such. B. WP Meta SEO.

These plugins affect the most important factors of on page optimization directly from the WordPress backend. Not only can you edit the titles and meta-descriptions with the tools, you can also manage internal links and permalinks and use sitemaps.


Table of Contents Plus

Table of Contents Plus is one of the best WordPress plugins 2019. Tables of contents are a proven means of structuring a blog or the pages of a homepage. They help the reader to grasp the structure of texts faster and also serve the search engine crawlers as grading aids.

A WordPress extension that automatically generates a table of contents on the desired page is Table of Contents Plus (TOC +).

The plugin uses the defined headings (H1, H2, H3 etc.) for this purpose. In the settings, the user can also determine the design and positioning of the content or specify from which number of headings TOC + should even create a directory.


W3 Total Cache

Permanently high numbers of visitors enjoy every website operator – but the technology sometimes reaches its limits.

In order not to lose visitors due to too long load times and limited performance, one uses caching. In doing so one saves once created sides, so that upon renewed call no new data base inquiry must be started.

W3 toal cache is one of the best WordPress plugins 2019. WordPress extension W3 Total Cache helps with the implementation. It generates static HTML pages and thus ensures shorter loading times. So you can improve the performance of your site, and the site visitors remain satisfied.


Broken Link Checker

Non-functioning links are annoying and webmasters only cause trouble for them: their readers are frustrated and for the search engine such links are a negative signal because they make the website unkempt and orphaned.

However, manually checking all links is not feasible beyond a certain size of the web project. This is where the Broken Link Checker helps.

The WordPress extension regularly checks all links on the website (also in the comment section) and reports incorrect links. The operator can then replace or deactivate them directly.


Antispam Bee

Painful spam in comment columns is everyday life for every blogger. But instead of bothering loyal visitors with annoying captcha queries, one should rely on tools such as Antispam Bee: The WordPress plugin blocks spambots before they can gain access to forms or comment fields.

Optionally, the extension can also check already archived pages of a blog for spam. In the dashboard, the daily updated spam statistics show recognition rate values ​​and total blocked comments.



To provide website visitors with a platform for sharing information or getting in touch with questions, problems and concerns, integrating a forum is the perfect solution.

In this way, contributions to various topics and categories can be coordinated and moderated. The WordPress forum plugin bbPress makes your own project a customizable forum or adds one to the existing website.

The operator has in his own hands, whether the forum should be accessible to all visitors or whether an application for reading or writing contributions is necessary.


Contact Form 7

Since WordPress does not provide any contact forms, you always need a plugin that provides the most flexible and, above all, responsive forms for the pages.

Contact Form 7 is one of the best WordPress plugins 2019. The extension can be quickly and easily integrated and has all the important functions. In order to be able to visually adapt the contact form to your own ideas, CSS basic knowledge is an advantage.

Alternatives are z. B. Gravity Forms (charge) or caldera Forms. The latter convinces above all with its practical and intuitive drag-and-drop editor.



Automattic’s AMP plugin adds Accelerated Mobile Pages support to a WordPress project. The aim of the open source initiative is to provide content optimized for mobile devices, which is characterized by a particularly fast loading time.

AMP is one of the best WordPress plugins 2019. Through the use of the AMP extension, AMP-compatible versions are automatically generated by all pages of the web project, which can be reached by appending / / to the end of the respective URL (eg ” one-test.website/amp “).

However, the output of these optimized variants is regulated by AMP customers such as Google.


Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) – Sounds complicated. The WordPress plugin basically provides a very simple but handy feature to list topical posts among blog articles.

This is a simple trick to increase the time visitors spend by offering them more matching content. In order to adapt the frontend visually to your own site, you should have a basic knowledge of CSS.



With the help of the WordPress-Shop-Plugin WooCommerce a complete online shop can be realized. Especially beginners with manageable assortment profit from the possibility to manage all important e-commerce processes – such as the product offer, the dispatch or the purchase – over the usual WordPress interface. T

To meet the demands of larger, professional online shopsTo meet the needs, the developer offers Automattic (paid) premium features for the WordPress Shop Plugin.


The best (paid) WordPress Premium plugins

After our recommendation of the ten free best WordPress plugins 2019 now the top 10 of the paid extensions to follow.

Often, these are also referred to as premium plugins, as they usually offer a wide range of functions as sales products and are often linked to a special support offer from the manufacturer.



A rating function on the website or among the various posts offers a great way of satisfaction to measure the website visitor.

In e-commerce, ratings also serve as a sell recommendation for potential buyers. In addition, ratings that can be presented in the results of Google and Co., also provide added value for the search engine users.

Egypt-based TieLabs has developed Taqyeem, one of the most successful and best WordPress plug-ins, for integrating a user rating system and presenting product reviews (eg through test reports).

These can be personalized, with over 500 Google Web fonts, various typography options, and three rating schemes (stars, dots, and percentages) available.


Visual Composer

WPBakery’s Visual Composer is highly recommended for WordPress users with limited programming skills. The Page Builder plugin adds a powerful WYSIWIG editor to the CMS, allowing front and back end customization.

It does not matter if it’s the default theme or if a custom template is used. With the extension, content elements such as text blocks, icons, social media buttons, picture galleries or call-to-actions can easily be integrated into the existing web project without having to write a single line of code. The WordPress Premium plugin automatically ensures that all pages are responsive.


WPtouch Pro

With the WordPress plugin WPtouch Pro, the layout and functionality of your own website on mobile devices is fundamentally optimized. WPtouch Pro is one of the best WordPress plugins 2019.

The use of this extension ensures that a mobile-friendly version of the desktop version is offered under the same URL – the original edition remains unchanged.

Optionally, the entire content can be transferred one-to-one or customized. For example, it is possible to generate alternative menus or landing pages that are better suited to different mobile devices.

WPtouch Pro is one of the mobile solutions supported by Google, which is why the site is automatically called “mobile friendly “Is marked. Depending on the selected package, you can use the plugin for a different number of WordPress projects (1-50).



If you want to offer your web project in several countries, you usually also need different language versions in order to provide all visitors with the best user experience.

The WordPress premium plugin WPML by on the Go Systems provides the right functions for this. With translation support for posts, pages, taxonomy and menus as well as an automatic browser speech recognition, the basic package offers all the features for a multilingual blog.



Automattic’s Akismet is the premium solution for website spam. The filter service has existed since 2005 and is available to all users who host their project on WordPress.com by default in the basic version.

To be able to use the features of the WordPress Premium plugin for commercial pages, you must also sign up for a monthly subscription.

The two paid packages “Plus” and “Enterprise” are characterized by extended statistics and prioritized support by the manufacturer. The extension is updated regularly to respond promptly to current spam trends.

Restrict Content Pro

To earn money with your own web project, advertisements and affiliate programs are often the first choice. An exciting alternative, which is becoming increasingly important, is the offering of so-called premium content.

These are contents of various kinds that are only available to paying visitors. News magazines in particular now use this model frequently. However, well-structured member administration is essential for offering premium content.


WP Rocket

For many experts, WP Rocket is the first choice when it comes to improving the performance of WordPress.

The premium plugin ensures that all pages of a project are loaded into the cache, which makes them faster to deliver. For this purpose, a special bot simulates the visit of the website at regular intervals.

It also reduces load time by automatically compressing all static files such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS documents. Thanks to the LazyLoad feature, the website visitor’s browser will only load all linked images if they reach the viewport of the user.


Opti Monster

Without returning visitors, a long-term success for your own web project is difficult to realize. Well-functioning lead management therefore plays a very important role in the management of a website.

In particular, operators of online shops and blogs rely on the optimal tools in the fight for regular customers or readers.

One of the best solutions in this regard is the WordPress premium plugin OptinMonster, With the integrated drag-and-drop editor, you can create attractive forms in just a few minutes, for example, to get the user’s e-mail address for initial contact.

With simple A / B testing and detailed statistics, you can also measure and analyze the success of different variations.


How many WordPress plugins can you install?

There is no limit to the additional installable extensions for WordPress. The quantity of plugins does not necessarily affect the performance of a website.

So it is quite conceivable that the project is even as fast as usual even with a variety of extensions. Much more crucial than the number is the quality of each WordPress plug-ins.

For example, even a single malformed extension may significantly degrade performance or cause other problems. In order to avoid technical problems, plugins should always carefully chosen and regularly for their necessity checks are.

Otherwise, it quickly happens that you lose track of the installed extensions – a problem that can be completely avoided with managed WordPress hosting.

With such hosting packages, you have only a set of high-quality, functional plug-ins available.


Install WordPress plug-ins wisely

There are many free WordPress plug-ins, with new ones added daily. But too many plug-ins lead to a confusing backend.

In addition, the danger of unpredictable “interactions” arises. Incompatibility of various programs and components can quickly lead to security vulnerabilities.

So you should only install those plug-ins that you actually use regularly. Many administrative plug-ins can be uninstalled after a single use. With the Security Scanner plug-in, you can check whether installed plug-ins offer security gaps.

You can use these plugins for your blog and you can get best blog ideas from this post.

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