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The Best Truly Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Our comparative ranking of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones is based on our tests and dozens of hours of analysis. The 100% wireless bluetooth headphones give you the freedom to circulate while listening to your music until you forget that you are wearing headphones.

For Apple users, Apple AirPods are recommended because they deliver high quality sound. For those who want to play sports with wireless Bluetooth headphones, we recommend the Jabra Elite 65t. These are comfortable, robust headphones with excellent audio quality.

Which truly wireless Bluetooth headphones to choose?

Tronsmart Encore Spunky: wireless Bluetooth headphones at around $33

Tronsmart Encore Spunky: wireless Bluetooth headphones

The truly wireless headphones come in a wide range of styles that often offer many features. These very modern devices can seem very expensive. There is however possibility to get wireless bluetooth headphones at a very reasonable price.

Tronsmart Encore Spunky headphones are highly efficient, convenient and inexpensive. The Tronsmart Encore Spunky earphones, despite their low price, offer interesting features with high quality sound.

The Tronsmart Encore Spunky are delivered in a design refill box. This pretty round box allows to charge the headphones by micro USB and to transport them easily when traveling.

Two pairs of extra ear tips are provided with the headphones as well as a micro USB cable for charging. Even if it’s a little disconcerting at first, the system of this charging box is ingenious.

Just take the headphones out of the box at the same time to turn them on. A blue LED on each earpiece indicates that it is on. Then in the bluetooth settings of the smartphone, it is possible to select the “Tronsmart Spunky Buds” to pair the headphones. Once this setting is done, pairing with the phone is automatic. To turn off the headphones, simply put them back in their box.

The Bluetooth 4.2 connection offers good stability over 10 m maximum. The integrated microphone also allows the use of the hands-free function for telephony. The headphones are also designed to answer calls with a microphone built into the left earpiece.

To answer a call, simply press the left earpiece. It is also possible to skip to the next song by pressing twice on the same left earpiece. The Tronsmart Encore Spunky headphones are quite light and do not cause any clutter no matter the type of activity.

Once in place, they hold well and provide complete freedom of movement. This lightness does not prevent them from being resistant. The hull is well designed and resistant to unpleasant vibrations.

The quality of sound is acceptable without approaching that offered by headphones of the best brands. Despite their economical price, the Tronsmart Encore Spunky earphones are very durable and can last a long time. You will not need to buy other headphones for a long time since they will not become obsolete. They are immune to most shocks.

Tronsmart Encore Spunky Earphones are manufactured to withstand water and corrosion (IPX5). Of course, they should not be immersed, but for the rest, they will remain insensitive to sweat and splashing. Tronsmart Encore Spunky headphones have sufficient battery life. They offer a range of three hours in music mode to four hours in call mode. They are also compatible with other Bluetooth devices.

Jabra Elite 65t: Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Sport

Jabra Elite 65t: Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

There is a whole range of truly wireless bluetooth headphones and some models specialize in various fields. So, for wireless bluetooth headphones for the gym, the best in their class are the Jabra Elite 65t, designed specifically for athletes and athletes.

As with training and fitness sessions, Jabra Elite 65t headphones are designed so that they do not fall off when you wear them on your ears, even if you make quick movements and sport routines. It is possible to use one earphone or both at will. Once the headphones in place, you will get a quality sound and the connection will be very stable.

The Jabra Elite 65t headphones deserve their elite name. They are perfectly adapted to the needs of top athletes. They are, for example, completely waterproof and resistant to sweat, an essential element to accompany athletes.

In addition to allowing you to listen to your favorite music regardless of the activity, the Jabra Elite 65t are compatible with voice assistant services such as Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. In addition, like the other devices offered by Jabra, the Elite 65t headphones feature a very effective hands-free function.

It is possible to get a perfect listening without being disturbed by ambient noise. If you train outside and want to be attentive to what’s happening around you, just use the Hear Through function, which activates with a touch. You will then be able to hear the surrounding sounds.

In addition to an excellent level of sound, Jabra Elite 65t sensors have a very satisfactory autonomy. Jabra took special care to improve this aspect. Headphones provide up to five hours of battery life. With the housing two additional loads are provided, which gives the opportunity to extend the autonomy over a period of about 15 hours.

Apple AirPods: Best Wireless bluetooth Earphones for iPhone

Apple AirPods

Apple technology no longer needs presentation and the Apple AirPods wireless headsets for calls with iPhone offer a unique experience since they are very easy to handle in addition to offering high quality sound. Nothing is easier than to carry them everywhere with you since there is no particular operation to carry out to connect them. Indeed, the really wireless Apple AirPods headphones, immediately out of the charging case, are activated and automatically connected to the iPhone, just as they can connect with your iPad or Apple Watch.

They are designed to be activated as soon as they are placed on the ears and paused as soon as they are removed. Always in order to simplify the use of Apple AirPods as much as possible, just activate Siri for any task, be it the volume control, a change of music or, of course, a call. It is even possible to get a route on demand with the same Siri function.

Apple has everything planned to make AirPods multifunctional accessories of superior quality. The quality of the devices is based in part on the W1 chip developed by Apple. Optical sensors and the accelerometer enable the wireless bluetooth headphones to detect whether they are on your ears to determine whether they should be on or paused. Whether you use one or both of the earphones at a time, the chip routes the sound as needed while the microphone is automatically activated.

The technology of the Apple AirPods is so sophisticated that you can make a call and talk to Siri while the W1 chip allows another accelerometer to isolate the sound of your voice and eliminate ambient noise, up to what you finished talking. This is just one of many qualities of the W1 chip that also manages the battery so as to save as much energy as possible, up to five hours per charge.

Several additional charges are provided with the Apple AirPods. They can offer a total savings of 24 hours, enough to satisfy the most demanding. If it is absolutely necessary to recharge the battery quickly, you can place the headphones for 15 minutes in the case to obtain an autonomy of three hours. They work with any Bluetooth device. Features are always available on any Apple device.

Selection criteria

The consumer is spoiled for choice in the field of truly wireless headphones. The offer explodes and a number of criteria must be respected in order to choose a satisfactory model.

Everything depends on the needs

The truly wireless bluetooth headphones inherit the best developments in technology and often offer a host of features. However, their main advantage is the fact of being able to enjoy good sound quality wherever you are while avoiding the clutter and discomfort that formerly involved traditional headphones.

The rest of the features depend on personal taste. By purchasing headphones manufactured by companies known for their excellence in the field of technology, we are not likely to be wrong.

But everyone does not have the same sensitivity to the sound. A thinner user may require access to the widest possible range of sounds while another may be satisfied with a good sound and the ability to hear music without the interference caused by the sound. ‘environment.

If you are athletic, the choice will be different as some types of headphones for the gym while other headphones are specifically designed for running. It must be ensured that the headphones are resistant to sweat and weather, just as it may be good to ensure that a heart rate indicator is provided.

Comfort first and foremost

The really wireless bluetooth headphones attract consumers especially for the opportunity they offer to circulate by listening to his music or a sports coach, feeling almost nothing, until you forget that you wear headphones. To achieve this goal, the earphones must fit the ear perfectly and remain stable. Unlike neckband earphones, really wireless headphones are often very small and fit completely in the ear.

It’s all about morphology. It is therefore important to make sure before the purchase that the model is compatible with the shape of your ear. Too big tips can be annoying even if the sound quality is adequate. If they fit badly, you will not capture the bass well.

Budget question

Wireless bluetooth headphones are high-end audio devices and they can seem expensive. Even if there are inexpensive quality models like wired headphones less than $33, do not hesitate to invest in durable and resistant headphones that you will not need to replace.

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