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The 18 Best Subnautica Mods of December 2019

Subnautica Mods


Subnautica is a great game that allows players to explore the underwater world filled with dangerous animals and alluring secrets. And while the game is undoubtedly fun to play, there are Subnautica mods that make it even better. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best Subnautica mods.


1.      More Quickslots

In Subnautica, you get a lot of freedom and opportunity and do what you want. However, it’s rather strange that the game gives you only six manufacturers, especially when you can collect about 10 useful tools.

This Subnautica mod allows you to increase the number of manufacturers to 12, for each of which a hotkey is installed, so that it is easier to distinguish from the rest.

This is a relatively small change, but it greatly simplifies the game and saves the time you usually spend searching for an item, and, of course, this is one of the best Subnautica mods.


2.      No More Vehicle Attacks

Subnautica’s creation mode allows players to explore the most secluded corners of the ocean.

Players can develop and play in the sandbox without worrying about going through the storyline.

Materials and drawings are not required for crafting, and vehicles and naval bases do not require energy to operate and cannot be damaged.

The problem is that playing in this mode, you can still be attacked, so the modding community has added another mod.

Basically, many players do not go far from their vehicle, but if you want to explore the world, even more, the mod will stop the enemies from attacking your vehicle.


3.      Base Clocks

Most often, the most seemingly minor Subnautica mods can make a big difference. And this applies exactly to Base Clocks mod, one of the best mods for Subnautica, which adds custom watches to the builder.

In normal time mode, the clock will display in-game time, and in system time mode, the current system time.

To run the mod, you need QMods and Modding Helper, so be sure to install them before downloading Base Clocks.


4.      Custom Food

Subnautica offers a fairly decent level of variety in its in-game items, but there is always room to grow.

This mod adds 12 customized supplies: six juices and six cakes. But the coolest thing in this mod is that you can change their names, composition, tips, colors, and recipes.

This only increases the choice of food in the game and adds another level of customization for the player.

5.      Prawn Upgrade Upgrade

The Shrimp Suit at Subnautica is a two-legged mechanical suit designed for use in high pressure and zero-gravity environments.

It allows players to quickly move along the seabed and is accompanied by its own beacon. The suit is equipped with a variety of interchangeable hand tools: from drills to grappling hooks.

Typically, the player must exit the vehicle to make improvements and replace weapons, which can be painful given how often you tend to switch between a drill and a grappling hook.

With this mod, players can update weapons while controlling the shrimp costume, which will save a lot of time.


6.      MAP

Another example of a small mod that makes the game more enjoyable. It adds the card to the PDA on the Beacon Manager tab, making access much faster, and is one of the best Subnautica mods.

The map is opened using the M key, and Ping Manager – with N. You can add monitored icons to the map, including icons for wrecks, heat and ventilation holes, and a remote scan of the room map is also available.

There are several types and levels of maps (topographic, biomes, Jellyshroom, Lost River, Inactive Lava Zone, Active Lava Zone), as well as the ability to assign colors to certain areas.

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7.      Docked Vehicle Storage

Inventory management is a large part of Subnautica, as mining is usually removed from research manually.

This mod adds a new locker that automatically retrieves items from the transport storage when you install it on your base.

In addition, a vehicle control terminal has been added to the docking shaft.

This is a huge time saver that removes one of the most stupid aspects of the game.


8.      Vibrant Shader

Functional mods are pretty good, but sometimes you just want the game to look prettier. We speak more beautifully because Subnautica is a pretty beautiful game, representing a rich underwater world with a bright and light artistic style.

This mod adds even more brightness to the world, making it even better, and is certainly one of the best Subnautica mods for when it comes to visual improvements.

It is worth saying that the mod can be easily turned on or off using the F10 key, so it’s pretty easy to see if you need this shader.


9.      Improved Alien Containment

A large aquarium is a large cylindrical aquarium that can be filled with fauna captured or created by the player.

It can be used for breeding animals of the same species (up to 10 species). Vegetation can also be added and can have different effects on the inhabitants of the aquarium.

This mod adds a depth level to the aquarium, which is why it is now necessary for certain plants to be present in the seeder of the aquarium before the eggs can be laid or hatched.

The mod also allows players to power the base using trapped electric eels contained in the aquarium.


10.   Hard Mode Shader

Subnautica has many different difficulty levels available to the player. Survival mode is a normal game setting, with a small penalty for death.

The hardcore mode takes everything to a new level, limiting resources such as food and oxygen, which greatly complicates the process.

This mod adds a dark shader to the game, which makes exploring the world more dangerous and requires the player to use a flashlight.

It adds creepiness to the process, which dramatically changes the tone and perception of the game, as a result of which it becomes more extraterrestrial and hostile.


11.   Upgraded Vehicles

Upgraded Vehicles adds several new vehicles to the game. They are more durable, and some of them do not even require any update-modules.

The mod also adds a couple of new items to improve your survival and reduces damage and is one of the most useful and best Subnautica mods for that you can download.

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12.   Easycraft

This mod simplifies the crafting process in Subnautica, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time clicking on various menu items.

With this mod, you can automatically craft items from drawings, using the ingredients and resources that you may have in your nearest store.


13.   Blueprint Tracker

This is a very simple mod that will help you track the materials needed to craft an item.

All you have to do is attach a drawing of the item you want to create, and the game will track what materials or resources you need to complete the manufacturing process. Nothing special, but convenient.


14.   Autosortlockers

There is nothing more depressing than returning to your base and then trying to find a specific item in your storage containers that you really need.

AutosortLockers mod will automatically remove all garbage in your containers, which will help you easily find what you need.


15.   Seamoth Storage Access

Pretty simple but effective mod. To make it easier for players to access inventory and make it more convenient overall, Seamoth Storage Access allows you to access the Moth’s storage compartments from inside the Moth itself, so you no longer need to leave the vehicle to interact with them.


16.   Fish Overflow Distributor

If you want to have fish in Subnautica, then you can consider installing this mod. When you breed fish in an aquarium, it will be automatically transferred to bioreactors at the same base as soon as the aquarium itself is full.

This will allow you to continue the breeding process without any additional steps.


17.   Decorations Mod

This mod was created specifically for those who like to decorate something. He adds a constructor that allows you to create new items for your base.

The following items will be available for crafting:

  • 5 different posters
  • 7 different glass containers
  • Three different types of laboratory equipment
  • Three types of laboratory supplies
  • 3 different computers (customized)
  • 10 different boards
  • 5 different bottles
  • 2 different cups
  • 3 different dishes
  • 7 different stationery
  • 6 different leviathan dolls
  • 6 different parts of skeletons
  • 3 different accessories
  • 4 different toys


18.   Vehicle Module Fabricator

If you are tired of the need to constantly go into the docking shaft to upgrade your transport, then this mod eliminates all these troubles and inconveniences.

Vehicle Module Fabricator adds a new constructor to the game for modules and vehicle upgrades so you can upgrade your vehicle regardless of your location.

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