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How to Download Scribd Documents for FREE? Easy tips

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Hello guys! I know why you are here, you have probably found a book on Scribd and you want to download that book, but it costs you, so you have been searched on Google scribd downloader and how to download that Scribd book for free. If I’m right, you’re going to download that book for free, because I’m going to share the Scribd Downloader that will help you download Scribd documents for free.

You usually use torrents or any other website to download the ebook you want to read, but at some point you won’t find your ebook on your favorite websites that you want to download, I’m sure this also happened with you.

Well, do you know where experts download any kind of digital book or ebooks without surfing the Internet a lot and wasting time? You may have been aware of the place where you can download all kinds of written books, yes! It’s the scribd.

On the Internet, everyone is looking for the free method to get something without spending a single dollar and you need a free way to download documents from Scribd or in other words, you need the Scribd downloader that can download the book. So today we will explain you how to save Scribd documents for free on your computer. It is the generation of soft copies and you will not really like to load and read those thick and heavy books, it is so boring … That’s why we all use Scribd to read our favorite books.


What is Scribd Downloader?

It is a great platform to read the variety of books and, if you like a book, you can also download it by paying a subscription fee. Scribd has 80 million registered users and Scribd has been referred to as “The Netflix for books”

Scribd services are also available for Android and iOS devices, as well as Amazon Kindle Fire. Overall, Scribd is a huge and best platform to read and download any book, but everyone must pay a membership fee, but here we have shared 3 methods that will help you download any free book using Scribd, so read on.

how to download scribd documents


Advantages of using Scribd Downloader

As I told previous, the Scribd is the NetFlix of books, so millions of readers use it in the world. If you also read Scribd books, you may need a downloader to save these books on your computer to read them later or share them with others.

That’s why you should use the Scribd download program to save documents on your PC for free. Here I mentioned some advantages of using a downloader over online reading.

  • This is free, safe and easy to use.
  • It does not require any software installation.
  • This is just a trick and not a downloader in itself.
  • If you are in a hurry and do not have time to read a book, you can use it to save the book for future reference.
  • You can access any book for free.
  • It is not necessary to pay premium membership.
  • And much more.


How to download documents from Scribd Downloader

Well, as I told you before, we will not share a tool or downloader similar to a utility or something else to download Scribd documents, but we will show you some easy methods that work 100% now and you can follow one of them, whatever suitable for you So here I will share 3 working methods to save Scribd documents on your computer.



1: By charging method

There is a gap in the Scribd system, so you can download any document for free and save it on your PC without buying your membership plan.

To apply this method, follow the steps detailed below. Now you can read your document and enjoy it, making it the easiest method to download from Scribd and you have seen that we do not use any Scribd downloader. We just downloaded just loading a document.


2: Download Scribd documents using the password

  • Open Scribd.com, open the page of the document you want to download for free
  • now right click on that page and then click on the View Source Code
  • and now press Ctrl + For + Fand look for the access key, now you can easily identify the key, copy it anywhere.
  • Now replace access key and document_id in the following URL and then open this URL after making changes. Http: //d1.scribdassets.com/ScribdViewer.swf? Document id = 108992419and access_key = key-13davbcdewnewn9m5w02
  • Now the document must be loaded, once it has been fully loaded, print the document and save it in PDF format

So this is another method to download paid Scribd documents for free and it works as an online Scribd Downloader. That’s it! You can now download a document without buying the plans. If this method does not work, check the third method below.


3: Download Scribd Books using the GreaseMonkey script

This is the third and last method to download Scribd documents for free. You know what is best about this method, you do not need to log in to your Scribd account, this method is based on a GreaseMonkey script, and so you must have the Firefox browser installed on your PC or Mac if you have not already done so. Download Firefox and install now! So follow the steps below carefully to download free documents.

  • Download the Firefox browser from the previous link and install it, then install the add-on called GreaseMonkey
  • Now download the GreaseMonkey script and then install it in GreaseMonkey (you can search Google how to install the script in Greasemonkey Extension)
  • Now go to the page of the document you want to download, press the Download and now you will see the magic that the subscription page will get the bypass and you can download your Scribd document for free.


4: Download Scribd Books through Python Script

This is the new method to download Scribd documents. It is a Python script that works as a Scribd downloader. It is created by Erik Fong , all credits go to him.

The best thing about this script is that you can download the document even if it is blurry or requires authentication, it works perfectly. This script can download the text and images of the desired documents separately. Then, if you wish, you can combine images and text in a PDF using any suitable tool. Follow the steps below to download any document.

  1. Open the COM
  2. Then enter the URL of the document
  3. Now click on the Generate Download Link button
  4. Then wait a few seconds, now you should get a download link that can download your document to your computer

This is how the script works, I hope this works for you. If you liked this script, so appreciate your hard work to do this script and support it on Github.

how to download scribd documents


5: One month free subscription to Scribd

There is a way to download Scribd documents for free but in limited time. Yes, you can get the 1-month trial subscription of Scribd. Everything you need to create a Scribd account and five details of your payment, but it will not cost you. It’s just a trial account, they only ask for the security purpose, but you can also use your Paypal account.

  1. Create an account on Scribd.com. You can log in with your Facebook or Google account too.
  2. Once you have created your account, now claim your 1-month trial subscription. You will be asked to enter the details of your card or Paypal account.
  3. Now select the PayPal payment method and log in.
  4. Then look for the document or book you want to download / read. Download that document if the author has already given permission to view / save the document.

This is another method to download Scribd documents, but it is not as effective as the previous methods. Therefore, you must try all these methods one by one to download the document.

GreaseMonkey Script

This is another easy way to download whatever you want. The best part about this method is that you don’t need any account login or your Facebook ID. You don’t even have to upload a document to Scribd. All you need is Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, a computer, and these steps, and you’re good to go.

  1. If you don’t have the Mozilla Firefox, the browser, you can download the latest version from here. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/
  2. Then add the GreaseMonkey add-on or Tampermonkey from the official Add-on repository on Mozilla. Click download, and it will install automatically.
  3. Next, go to the following link and copy the GreaseMonkey Script. https://userscripts-mirror.org/scripts/show/160374
  4. Install it within GreaseMonkey.
  5. Then go to your desired document on Scribd and click the download option. This custom script will automatically bypass Scribd’s payment page without any requirement to pay for the subscription.



So, guys, these are the 3 best and easiest methods to download your favorite document or Scribd book for free or without paying them money. If your friend also wants a digital book and is only available on Scribd, then stop spending your money buying the Scribd book instead, share this post with your friend.

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