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Samsung wireless chargers Released with Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung wireless chargers

Samsung is about to launch its wireless chargers for the Galaxy Watch and for smartphones. These chargers are expected to be announced along with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Here is all the information about Samsung wireless chargers.

Details obtained from the FCC

It is from the FCC that several details have been obtained. The rest is being built through the connection of the points.

The product code for the charger that appears on the FCC site is EP-OR825. The model number mentioned internally for the next Samsung Watch is SM-R825.

The next connection is the mention of the name ‘Renaissance’. Again, Samsung Watch 2 has the code name ‘Renaissance’.

Brand applications for watches

There are other means of gathering information. Samsung has been submitting applications for trademark registrations and one of them mentions Digital Bezel, Touch Bezel and Touch Wheel.

These, by themselves, may not reveal much. However, there are many possibilities to be hinted at, one of which is that the company can opt for a digital bezel instead of a mechanical one in the previous model.

The other fast wireless charger for smartphones

The latest wireless fast charger launched in 2018 bore the model number EP-N5100 and was rated at 15 W. This was launched along with the flagship product launched at that time, the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Now there are indications that the South Korean company is on track to launch the successor model to be called EP-N5200 and could have a higher rating of 20W.

The current understanding is that this new wireless charger could be presented at the event when the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be released by the company.

It is rumored that this event can be held in New York on August 7. Much of the above information is in the realm of speculation and expectation.

There is no official confirmation. If they are not confirmed, there is no way to guess what kind of prices Samsung will announce these new generation quick chargers.

You will have to wait until August to know those details.

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