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Samsung Galaxy Buds Test: Better than AirPods

Samsung Galaxy Buds

No, it’s not just the Galaxy S10 in terms of news at Samsung. The Galaxy Buds are also part of the catalog of new products of the brand. Samsung Galaxy Buds are not necessarily the cheapest True Wireless in-ear headphones on the market, but they also have a lot to offer. In this test, we explain why Galaxy Buds are better than Apple AirPods.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

  • Comfortable and comfortable to wear
  • Very good sound quality
  • Wireless charging possible
  • Good autonomy

Samsung Galaxy Buds are not really cheap

Samsung offers the Galaxy Buds at a price of 149 euros, a rate that remains lower than what Apple asks for its AirPods. If you have pre-ordered a Galaxy S10, you could even get them for free if you registered in time – stocks are obviously exhausted at the moment. Three colors are available: white, black and yellow.

Comfortable Headphones with Exceptional Sound

Comfortable Headphones with Exceptional Sound

Samsung stays true to its design, the Galaxy Buds are very similar to the Gear Icon X. But it does not matter, on the contrary, because the small headphones are well designed. Samsung offers the Galaxy Buds in the colors black, white and yellow, the two light variants are quite showy (they are always more discreet than the AirPods, which protrude far from the ear. While pure appearance is always a matter of taste, the Galaxy Buds beat the Apple AirPods by far in terms of comfort, and this for one simple reason: they can be adapted to virtually any ear with different silicone parts, while AirPods are hard plastic. 23 grams per earpiece, that is, as light as a feather.

Nevertheless, the Galaxy Buds are not only comfortable, but they are also very good in the ears. During my two weeks of testing, they never even fell. A nice performance because it is a defect found on many in-ear wireless earphones.

Galaxy Buds are operated in two ways: via the corresponding application or via a button on the sides of the inner ears. The touch is practical, the slight delay between listening and response is noticeable with all Bluetooth headphones and nothing special. In the app, you can adjust the sound in five different modes, set apps for notifications, make software updates (I’ve had two so far), and do other things. The application is good for using Galaxy Buds but is not mandatory for its use.

The Sound of Galaxy Buds is Excellent

The sound of Samsung Galaxy Buds convinced me from the beginning of the test. Whether it’s all-round music or podcasts, small headphones offer everything you’d expect from such in-ear headphones. The volume is more than enough. If he were even stronger, you would break your ears! The quality of the Bluetooth connection depends on many factors but generally works well. If the signal weakens for a short time, you will notice a slight echo that usually disappears after one or two seconds.

Although the sound is great when I listen to music, I do not really like it when I’m on the phone. Often the other person does not understand me, and it does not seem particularly natural to me in the ear either. So, if you want to use your headset to make calls, you have to keep searching – most similar internal Bluetooth ears do not offer better in the field.

Samsung Galaxy Buds eliminate ambient noise very reliably and protect the wearer. This is particularly pleasant in the office or on the train, but it can be dangerous in road traffic. If you wish, it is then possible to activate the transfer of ambient noise in the application. Here you can always set whether the voices should be left and how loud the ambient noise should be. It’s very useful.

Standalone and Wireless Charging

Standalone and Wireless Charging

Samsung promises a six-hour battery life with Galaxy Buds. An autonomy that has been confirmed in reality. When the power is turned off, the headphones in your case are turned on again. If you leave them there for half an hour, you’ll have enough juice to listen to music for a few hours.

Galaxy Buds can be loaded wirelessly via Qi. It may take a little longer, but it’s comfortable enough. If you’re using a Galaxy S10 or Huawei Mate 20 Pro, you can even charge the headphones on the back of your smartphone. Of course, you will have to be patient.

Final verdict: Galaxy Buds are a Bargain

After two weeks, it’s simple, I do not want to give up Galaxy Buds. Samsung’s new in-ear Bluetooth headphones are worth every penny of their price for me if you’re looking for such headphones. The large headphones are not very suitable for sports, especially running or cycling, where the “True Wireless” play their trumps.

I can easily do without measuring the pulse in the ear, especially since the most seasoned athletes probably already use another gadget to measure it, such as a belt around the chest or a connected bracelet. In short, the Galaxy Buds are a very good deal!

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