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Samsung Galaxy A50: The Cheap Alternative to the S-Class

Samsung Galaxy A50

The Samsung Galaxy A50 was described by us as the “reasonable alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus“. Can the smartphone, which is now available for less than $390 live up to this claim? That’s what I tell you in the test of the Samsung Galaxy A50.


Samsung Galaxy A50: technical data at a glance


display 6.4 inches, Super AMOLED display, 2,340 x 1,080 pixels (Full HD +)
processor Octa-core, max. 2.3 GHz, Exynos 9610
random access memory 4 GB
data storage 128 GB (expandable)
main camera
  • Main sensor: 25 MP with f / 1.7 aperture
  • Second sensor: 5 MP with f / 2.2 aperture
  • Third sensor: 8 MP with f / 2.2 aperture
front camera 25 MP
battery pack 4,000 mAh (fast charging function)
connectivity LTE, WLAN, USB Type-C, NFC
operating system Android 9 Pie + Samsung’s One UI
To dye Black, white, blue, coral
particularities Triple camera, fingerprint sensor in the display



With the Samsung Galaxy A50, the South Korean company wants to stir up the middle class. As usual with Samsung mobile phones, the suggested retail price of $390 was not long.

Just a few weeks after the market launch, a price of $390 reached, making the Galaxy A50 a real hot iron in the middle class. Not only by the low price but primarily because of the extensive equipment. But even the new design is not to be despised.


Samsung Galaxy A50: almost borderless

Rarely has the optics of a Samsung smartphone promised me as much as the Galaxy A50. Well, the notch on the display will not be for everyone, mine is definitely – at least more than a side hole in the display.

Samsung installs an almost huge 6.4-inch super AMOLED display in this smartphone, which does not seem so huge. We owe that to the narrow edges around the screen. Except for a small chin, the phone is almost borderless.

The display is good despite the resolution of 2,340 x 1,080 pixels. What annoys something is the dirt sensitivity of the glass. This is higher than a flagship smartphone. Presumably, the coating for dirt in the premium class is simply better.


The fingerprint sensor in the display

The Samsung Galaxy A50 has an optical fingerprint sensor under the screen. He did not work properly after the April update.

About 20 to 30 percent of my unlock attempts were detected correctly. Usually after several attempts and with a significant delay. That was not fun. Samsung has meanwhile released the May update and noticeably improved recognition.

It is not nearly as good as with a classic fingerprint sensor on the back, but the detection rate was noticeably increased with the update.

Now only the activation of the mobile phone must be faster. This usually takes two to three seconds. Although I welcome the update, I would have wished it had been that way from the start.


Samsung Galaxy A50 is nice and light

Despite the large screen size, the Samsung Galaxy A50 fits comfortably in your hand. This fact is positively influenced by one important factor: the weight. The cell phone brings in spite of the big battery only 166 grams on the scales, which is almost nothing in size.

One reason for this is likely to be the choice of materials. The back is made of plastic and has a very familiar color combination in my test device.

Depending on the light incidence, a different color gradient is created. Do you have to like it – or get yourself a case? The latter I would generally recommend a glossy plastic case.

If you choose a transparent case, the effect remains, but you protect the smartphone from scratches. The back also attracts dust like a magnet. In the above picture, I have cleaned the smartphone before nice, a few minutes later it was then full of dust.


Samsung Galaxy A50 with triple camera in the test

Since we are looking straight at the back of the Samsung Galaxy A50, we can directly rate the triple camera.

Overall, the camera leaves the Samsung Galaxy A50 in good lighting conditions a useful impression. As it gets darker, the quality of the picture also drops.

In the price range, the performance of the four sensors is good. If you are looking for a better camera, you have to go for a Galaxy S10 – but pay a lot more for it.


Software and Performance

From the general performance of the Samsung Galaxy A50, I was quite disappointed at the beginning of the test. The smartphone with the “One UI” based on Android 9 Pie has really worked very slowly.

There were delays everywhere, apps did not open right away, and the delay in taking pictures was just annoying. Since the installation of the May update, the performance has improved noticeably.

It is still not perfect, but the smaller delays can be accepted in the price range.

We know the software from high-end smartphones. Samsung has optimized the “One UI” for large screens and makes operation easier. Anyone who has always used a Samsung smartphone will find their way to a small acclimatization phase.

For many, the Samsung Galaxy A50 but also the very first smartphone will be and they feel immediately without prior knowledge in good hands. The menus are well thought out, the operation is easy and you find an easy to understand the structure.


Samsung Galaxy A50: The small flaw

Of course, in a price range of $390 you have to downsize your expectations for a smartphone. There are some features that I miss:

  • Notification LED
  • Waterproof properties
  • Stereo speakers

For example, if Samsung did not use your in-display fingerprint sensor and gave me stereo speakers, I would be very happy. Waterproof properties can hardly be expected in the price range.

A notification LED is probably not included in the borderless design – which is also missing in the Galaxy S10 models. Too bad, because the always-on display sucks the battery noticeably faster empty, so I turned off this feature.


We liked the Samsung Galaxy A50

  • Price-performance ratio
  • Battery life
  • design
  • Super AMOLED display
  • memory
  • mass

We did not like that on the Samsung Galaxy A50

  • General performance only after two updates satisfactory
  • The fingerprint sensor in the display
  • material selection

Good to know

  • The smartphone is not waterproof.
  • There is no notification LED installed.
  • The smartphone cannot be charged wirelessly.
  • The software is almost the same as the Samsung Galaxy S10, so you can use our tips and tricks to optimize the Android interface.


The conclusion

  • The Samsung Galaxy A50 is a good midrange smartphone that has convinced me in many ways.
  • The Super AMOLED display is bright, sharp and offers a good presentation. With the almost borderless design, it does not look too big and is also pleasantly light.
  • The performance is meanwhile good with two updates and the battery life is noticeably higher compared to the Galaxy S10.
  • Samsung may like to improve the picture quality of the camera and the fingerprint sensor in the display.
  • The price-performance ratio of the Samsung Galaxy A50 is very good.

Who would have thought a few years ago that you could buy a Samsung phone with triple camera, 128 GB of internal memory, fingerprint sensor in the display, great design and a large battery for less than 300 euros? So not me.

If you do not need a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and can do without some of the gadgetry of flagships, then you’re in good hands here. Those who attach great importance to the choice of materials and a very good camera, however, must continue to resort to S-class.

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