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Pokeball Plus Review – A Cool Gadget for Kids

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I wish I was 10 years old! Pokeball Plus, or the Nintendo Switch console accessory, replaces the joystick in the Pokemon GO Let’s GO, a fantastic toy worth every dollar. Unfortunately, adults see too many flaws in it.

What is Pokeball Plus?

Pokeball Plus is a new accessory that can be connected to a Nintendo switch. In the middle, there are motion sensors, a vibration motor, and speakers. The device replaces the controller and allows you to play in a new way in Pokemon GO. Let’s play with Pikachu and Pokemon without touching the Joy-Con.


Simple Development

Already in the basic version of Pokemon Let’s GO, developers have implemented an excellent control model using one Joy-Con.

Thanks to this, the player can add another player at any time or join the fun, supporting the owner of the game in battle and catching strange creatures. Pokeball Plus is more than that.


The round two-color ball is stylized as an object used by the inhabitants of the Pokemon universe. He has only one analog joystick for controlling character movements and menu navigation, which can be pressed to confirm a choice. Nearby is one additional button – it serves (most often) to deselect.

After connecting the switch to the screen, simply take the Pokeball Plus in your hands and you can start the adventure. And it is a lot of fun! Thanks to motion sensors when catching Pokemon, the player should make a noticeable throw of Pokeball.

pokeball plus

Sensors Detect Direction

Pokeball Plus vibrates and sounds like captured Pokémon. This incredible action increases immersion in the game, although the graphic design here is normal, not photorealistic. You will almost feel that a living being has fallen into a plastic ball, and not just a few bytes of information.

You do not need to be afraid of broken TVs. Ball Plus has a built-in wrist or finger strap (it will prevent children from throwing it on the TV screen). An excellent solution, you can simply release Poke from your hands at any time, for example, to take the phone without fear that the accessory will be damaged.


Pokeball Plus Features

In terms of control, the accessory behaves similarly to the Joy-Con, enriching the game with additional sounds.

But, Pokeball Plus does not stop there. A player after ending a game session on a Nintendo switch can turn off the console, put it back in a backpack, or take the selected Pokemon with him for a walk in Pokeball.

Pokemon is locked in the controller. After pressing and holding the analog stick, the color LED lights up in the color of the Pokemon you selected. The toy begins to vibrate, and the sound of a creature is heard from it, which, after returning from a walk, receives bonuses.


Pokeball Plus is compatible with Pokemon GO

This new accessory is able to work in tandem with Pokemon GO, similar to the Pokemon GO Plus accessory, released two years ago, but with improvements.

The only problem here is that, like the previous accessory that I had, it is not possible to attach the Ball Plus to the belt. Pokeball Plus must be held in the palm of your hand. However, for people who have never bought Pokemon GO Plus but play Pokemon GO, this is a very useful gadget.

Furthermore, Pokemon GO is fun to play as you get free rewards using promo codes. For all the available and working promo codes, check out Pokemon Go promo codes.

toy game

There are inconveniences in Pokeball Plus

The game Pokemon Let’s GO allows you to simultaneously control the avatar through the Joy-Con only in the mobile mode – instead of throwing a ball, a button is pressed here, when catching creatures.

Unfortunately, after connecting the console to the TV, the game forces you to use one Joy-Con or Pokeball Plus.

In stationary mode, you cannot play with two Joy-Cons associated with a frame or with a Pro controller.

Nintendo blocked this option, and creatures can only be caught with a hand movement.

Perhaps the fact is that players using Joy-Con waved them, for example, showing the game to friends – but the developers probably did not think about it.


Apparently, they forgot that people with disabilities who cannot make sudden movements will also want to play. But, they will be forced to do this only in mobile mode. I hope that Pokemon Let’s GO will be updated and in the future will provide support for a pair of Joy-Con and Pro-controllers in both modes.


Final Words

I think the guys from GameFreak did a great job. Despite some reservations, this is a very successful product.

Pokeball Plus is the combination or quintessence of the fact that Nintendo can make even adults enjoy stupidity with simple things.

I just regret that I did not have access to such a toy a few decades ago when I was a child and first played Pokemon Yellow on Gameboy. I had a great time with Ball Plus, a little envious of the kids who are exploring the world of pocket monsters today. This is a cool thing!

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