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Pixel 3a & Android Q: What to Expect From Google I/O 2019

Google I/O 2019

Google I / O 2019

There are just a few days to go before one of Google’s major events of the year. The Google I/O 2019 conference is aimed especially at developers, but is also marked by announcements of services and products that will be used by millions of people.

This year, the opening of Google I/O 2019 happens on May 7 (Tuesday) at 14h and should also bring news.

Some of them are traditional of the event and others were revealed accidentally by Google itself, but all come with something interesting.

As always, TecMundo will make a live broadcast of the event, bringing all the news that is announced during the presentation.

Check out what we can expect from Google I/O 2019.

Android Q

Google I/O 2019

Some Brazilians are already campaigning for the next version of the operating system to be christened Android Quindim, but Google does not usually reveal the name of the next Android so soon.

Anyway, Google I/O 2019 is usually the first time we have any contact with the system used in mobile phones. Among the most anticipated news for users is a possible native dark mode.

Google should also give you more control over the privacy options, allowing you to block application access to the location when they are not being used.

New Google Pixel 3a cheaper

Google Pixel 3a

Although it always stands out by having one of the best cameras in the industry, the Google Pixel line of smartphones is not selling as well as the company would like.

The solution to this may be in the new Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, models that promise to have more modest settings and focus on cost-benefit.

Much information about these devices has been released ahead of time, including possible pricing that will be practiced in the United States. The smaller model is expected to cost $ 399, while the Pixel 3a XL would go for $ 479, lower than the $ 599 and $ 899 charged at the launch of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL respectively.

If you can even include a camera with the same quality of the Pixel 3 in devices in this price range, Google should become a major competitor to other manufacturers operating in the market for intermediate phones.

Nest Hub Max Smart Display

It seems that even the smart displays equipped with virtual assistants have arrived. The Amazon also has the type devices and Google should continue to invest in this segment.

The company has accidentally unveiled a revamped version of the Home Hub, which can display videos, photos, calendars, and more search information, all with Google Assistant support.

The accidental spill also indicates that Google will use the Nest brand to launch the new smart display. This means that it will probably have more integration functions with other devices in the home, such as thermostats and security cameras.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia

We still do not know much about Google’s bet on the gaming market. During the announcement event of Google Stadia, the company stressed that it will focus on streaming games, but left many questions on the air.

There is no information on price, business model, games that will be available or even if there is a forecast for a launch in more countries.

Maybe the company will take advantage of Google I/O 2019 to talk more about the platform, but there is a possibility that it will save all this for E3, which happens only in June.

Google Maps, ChromeOS and ARCore

Google Maps, ChromeOS and ARCore

Minor updates to various company services are also often announced at the event. For this year, Google must bring news to ARCore, a development kit designed to build augmented reality applications.

ChromeOS should also appear during the presentation. It may be that the company has already prepared something for Google Maps.

The navigation application should receive more investment in the coming years as it is seen by many analysts as a service with the potential to generate more return for the company.

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