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Pillars of Eternity Mods – The Best Ever Mods

Pillars of Eternity Mods

Everyone has long known that the classics are immortal and always come back. And the guys from Obsidian Entertainment successfully continued this trend: the developers created Pillars of Eternity, an RPG that has become a worthy heir to classic video games. And we decided to gather the best Pillars of Eternity Mods.



IE Mod is a pack of additional Pillars of Eternity mods, the purpose of which is to make Pillars of Eternity as similar as possible to old games on the Infinity Engine.

It combines a user interface and game mechanics settings. The modification offers a customizable user interface, disabling interaction, only one hint at a time, blue circles for neutral NPCs, loot during battle, adjustable circle thickness, autosave before a transition, quick reconnaissance mode, walking mode and much more.


Super Ultimate Portrait Pack

This is a portrait pack, originally created for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, but modified specifically for Pillars of Eternity with the permission of the author. Images are slightly adjusted to avoid stretching. In addition, portraits are more diverse.


Baldur’s Gate Portraits Poe

The previous mod added new portraits to Baldur’s Gate, but this collection transfers the original portraits from the game to Pillars of Eternity. The latest version includes 70 new portraits and covers all races.


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Censorship Be Gone Original Memorial Text

Let us censor and return a specific piece of memorial text back to the game. Two versions of this mod are available: you can simply return the changed limerick or add a replacement with censorship to it.


Druid Spiritshift

Druids are a special class that has the ability to transform the spirit. Now we can eliminate the terrible injustice committed against them, and the druids will be able to remain in their spirit-changed forms forever, or at least until we manually change them back.

There are two versions of the mod: leave the character transformed until the battle is over, or constantly change the spirit during and outside the battle as a modal ability.


Lore Friendly Memorials

This mod changes almost every memorial to one that corresponds to the legends of the game. There will no longer be any tombstones.


Shaders of Eternity

This preset from SweetFX reminds all players that the grass is green and the fire is red, unlike Obsidian, which when developing the game minimized color tones. This is a radical change in terms of visualization and, of course, not everyone will like it.


Sharp and Furious

If you add a whole rainbow to the Pillars of Eternity color scheme – this is too much, then this mod is aimed at making the textures more clear and detailed. The mod is ideal for those who like the visual tone, but would like it to be a little less “blurry” or smoothed.


Silent Kana

This mod replaces the singing of Kahn with silence. This applies only to singing, and all the other abilities of the character remain the same.


Pallegina’s Portrait Fix

This small correction Paledzhiny portrait. In the original portrait, her left eye is too low. Thus, the author has redrawn the left eye of the heroine to match the perspective on her portrait.


This was our collection of the best for Pillars of Eternity mods. Let us know in the comments if you have any queries.

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