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Netflix Secret Codes of 2019 – Unlock Everything



Watching your favorite movies and TV shows using mobile applications is a great opportunity to entertain yourself on the road or away from a personal computer. This material will tell about Netflix – what kind of program is this, how does it work? Many Netflix users want to know about Netflix secret codes to watch free movies.


What is this app?

Netflix is ​​a mobile application for Android that provides access to a huge number of TV shows and movies in excellent quality and without restrictions.

The question immediately arises – why is it needed when there are a thousand and one pirated sites, a torrent in an emergency?

First things first – the program was developed by the campaign of the same name, which in recent years has won a huge number of positive reviews due to the production of high-quality and really worth watching video works.


How is Netflix different from other TV channels?

One of the main differences between the Netflix models for working with television content is to order an entire season.

Typically, channels spend millions of dollars creating pilot series of projects, many of which will never see the light of day. But Netflix is ​​launching the entire series.

Thanks to this approach, the viewer can watch the whole season at once (in the West this is called binge-watching – viewing in one sitting), without waiting for a new series every week.

netflix codes

How does the market react to Netflix?

It’s believed that Disney’s attempt to buy 20th Century Fox’s film and television projects is nothing short of a reaction to Netflix’s booming market share.

They say that planning meetings on many TV channels begin with the questions “What should we do with Netflix?”

Only Disney is ready for the answer so far: the conglomerate intends to launch its own streaming service in 2019.

It is strange that large corporations cannot understand the simple logic of Netflix, which the service adheres to development gives rise to further development, giving rise to growth.

Facebook and Amazon have long understood this concept. When Netflix adds content, it attracts new subscribers and forces existing users to watch more content. While viewers watch, Netflix collects data on their habits, honing their future programming.


Let’s come to the point. In this article, we explain the complete Netflix secret codes as well as Netflix category codes.


Netflix Secret Codes

Learn these Netflix secret codes and viewing on the service will be doubly pleasant and convenient. You can examine the catalog of each genre by entering its unique number after the web address: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/X, where X is the code. So the next time you scroll around the homepage for a long time, navigate to the desired category using one of these special shortcuts.

netflix secret codes


If you are looking for something for children – Secret Netflix Codes

  • Depending on the age and interests of the child, you can enter the following codes:
  • Films for children and family: 783
  • Disney: 67673
  • Educational videos for children: 10,659
  • Family: 51056
  • Children’s TV: 27346
  • Films based on children’s books: 10056
  • Movies for children from 0 to 2: 6796
  • Movies for children from 3 to 4: 6218
  • Films for children from 5 to 7: 5455
  • Films for children from 8 to 10: 561
  • Movies for children from 11 to 12: 6962

If you want to laugh – Netflix category codes

  • When you are short of KVN, turn on the following:
  • For when the new Ellen Degeneres special is not enough:
  • Comedy: 6548
  • Cult Comedy: 9434
  • Dark comedies: 869
  • Carbon Comedy: 10256
  • Standups: 11559

If you want to cry – Netflix Secret Codes

  • Stock up on napkins and get ready to sob from movies from the category:
  • Melodrama: 6384
  • Emotional films: 4136

If you want to watch something on a date


  • A cozy evening with your loved one is guaranteed thanks to these genres:
  • Adventure movies: 1365
  • Adventure Comedies: 43040
  • Biography: 3179
  • British movies: 10,757
  • British TV series: 52117
  • Drama: 5763
  • Book-based drama: 4961
  • Real-life drama: 3653
  • Mystery: 9994
  • Plays: 12123
  • Science Fiction: 6926

Sometimes Netflix tries to promote its product

  • Classic Films (31574)
  • Classical Comedy (31694)
  • Classical Drama (29809)
  • Classic Series (46553)
  • Cult Movies (7627)
  • Cult TV Series (74652)

If you want something light in the background to play

  • Not in the mood to watch movies with a complex plot? Then, these codes are for you:
  • Food and Travel: 72436
  • Food and Wine: 3890
  • Reality show: 9833
  • Everything for the house: 3293
  • Science and nature, documentary video: 2595
  • Science & Nature, TV Series: 52780
  • Traveling, documentary video: 1159

For fans of series:

  • Classic Series: 46553
  • Crime Series: 6146
  • Adventure TV Series: 10673
  • Comedy Series: 10375
  • Drama series: 11714
  • Mystery: 4366
  • Science Fiction: 1372

When you are drawn to romance

  • Romantic movies: 8883
  • Top romantic movies: 502675
  • Romantic Drama: 1255
  • Hot romantic movies: 35800
  • Classic Romantic Movies: 31273
  • Romantic Comedy: 5475
  • Romantic movies for Christmas: 1394527
  • Book-based romantic movies: 3830
  • Actual Romance Movies: 3963

Horror movies (8711) Netflix Secret Codes

  • Series B Movies (8195)
  • With creatures (6895)
  • Cult Films (10944)
  • In deep waters (45028)
  • Foreign cinema (8654)
  • Comedy Films (89585)
  • With monsters (947)
  • Serial killers (8646)
  • Supernatural (42023)
  • Horror Movies for Teenagers (52147)
  • Vampire Movies (75804)
  • Werewolf Movies (75930)
  • Zombie Movies (75405)
  • Satanic Stories (6998)


Music (1701) – Hidden Netflix Codes

  • For children (52843)
  • Country & Western / Folk (1105)
  • Jazz (10271)
  • Latin Music (10741)
  • Urban & Dance Concerts (9472)
  • Concerts around the world (2856)
  • Rock & Pop Concerts (3278)

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