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The 13 Best Mount and Blade Warband Mods

Mount and Blade Warband Mods

Turkish game developer TaleWorld in 2010 released the masterpiece Mount & Blade Warband, which attracted many gamers, especially role-playing game lovers.

A single-player campaign sends players to a huge open world with many opportunities. But this is not the reason for the longevity of the game, which celebrates its first anniversary next year. Considering the technical condition of the game, which even by the time of launch was five years behind, it is surprising that oblivion did not suffer the game.

Outdated graphics and sound engines of stars from the sky do not grab. But there are two things that still appeal to players: the first is excellent gameplay with a low entry threshold, but achieving high results in the game is not so simple, and the second is a huge community of modders.

Since the release of the game, developers have supported the modders in every way and they have access to all kinds of modifications, which has allowed to create thousands of different Mount and Blade Warband mods.

If you are one of those who regularly play in Warband, then we have prepared for you a list of the best Mount and Blade Warband mods, among which you will definitely find something interesting.


1.      The last days of the third era of Middle-earth


The last days of the third era of Middle-earth

One of the best Mount and Blade Warband mods that transforms the game was created for the original Mount & Blade game, and later ported to Warband.

As you might guess from the title, we will talk about the events of the book saga “The Lord of the Rings.”

You can play for any of the fractions, as well as many side tasks and entertainment available to you.

In fashion, each race has its pros and cons, and all equipment and items have references to Middle-earth. If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings, then this mod is definitely worth buying.


A significant change is that in the game there is no money in the usual sense and you do not need to create your own empire.

Instead, you increase the rank of the selected fraction. For completing quests and killing enemies, you will receive a unique currency – dwarf dollars that cannot be spent on elf lands, they are a reflection of your social and economic reputation that you trade.


2.      Cut and shred

Cut and shred

Mount & Blade: Warband has a simple-looking, but difficult to learn combat system. Each attack and parry test your reflexes and luck.

Therefore, a perfect hit in the neck makes you feel real satisfaction, but how to strengthen these emotions?

By name, you can guess that the mod allows you to shred enemies, chopping off their heads and limbs.


3.      Bear force 2

If you do not have the original Mount & Blade, then you will not be able to play its magnificent mod dedicated to the Star Wars universe, Bear Force II eliminates this annoying omission.

This purely multiplayer mode, is a tactical shooter, the actions of which unfold in the universe of Star Wars.

There are 6 fractions in it, each of which contains different classes and a unique shooting system, as well as its own Strengths.

From simple foot soldiers to Sith and Jedi using the Force, the game has a wealth of details and engaging content that will surely delight Star Wars fans.


4.      Full invasion 2

If you are bored of playing Warband alone, then the Full Invasion 2 mod can cheer you up with its cooperative survival formula.

You team up with other players and confront countless waves of enemies and bosses, you have to hold out as long as possible.

There are various cards, classes, types of enemies and bosses. This is one of the best cooperative Mount and Blade Warband mods, so it is not surprising that he repeatedly won the title of the most popular multiplayer mod for Warband.


5.      Blood and steel

The Blood and Steel mod is one of those that does not completely redo the game, however, it changes many things of the original without creating a new story or universe.

It changes the balance of many mechanics, improves the visual style, and creates a new economy with hundreds of new items. If you are tired of playing the original campaign, then try this mod.


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6.      HOTD

If you are bored with the medieval style of the original game and you want something completely different, then try the HOTD mod (short for Highschool of the Dead, Death School). This is one of the craziest Mount and Blade Warband mods.

You find yourself in Japan, teeming with zombies, and try to survive with a variety of weapons, surrounded by various characters and enemies.

The game has 4 fractions: high school students, the police, and the Takagi family and, in fact, the zombies themselves. The mod is not without glitches, but if you want to turn Warband into something completely insane and unrecognizable, then this is exactly what you need.


7.      War sword Conquest

If you are wondering, “Are there such fantasy worlds that have not been transferred to Mount & Blade?”, then the answer is most likely not.

The War sword Conquest mod completely transforms Mount & Blade: Warband, transferring the action of the game to the world of Warhammer.

There are races in fashion such as orcs, gnomes, elves, vampires, skavens and lizards, and you can play for any of them. As in any other similar mod, you will receive new weapons, armor, and items. If you have a Warband and you like Warhammer, then there’s nothing to think about, you have to take it.


8.      The world of ice and flame

Another great mod for Warband, the world of ice and flame, as you might guess from the name, takes us to the universe of Game of Thrones by George Martin.

You create your own home, challenge the seven kingdoms and try to take the Iron Throne, fighting with opponents and betraying them.

Today, the latest version of the mod is dated June of this year. Many new weapons, armor, and items are in fashion, the map is completely redone in accordance with the world of the Game of Thrones. Fans of the series should definitely try this mod.


9.      Pandora’s Prophecy

Mount and Blade Warband mods

Unlike most of the mods listed here, this does not try to copy any universe but creates its own and it does pretty well for it. He is trying to find a balance between the Middle Ages of the original game and fantasy themes, without overdoing the latter.

You play as a hero whose goal is to help Lord Pendor unite all the lands and become the sole ruler. Here’s how developers describe their mod: “Enter the world of Pendor and accept the challenge of prophecy if you dare”.


10. American Revolution of 1776

The name speaks for itself, the mod transfers the action of the game during the American Revolution.

You do not have to play on the side of the rebels, you can choose the side of Britain or even join the Native Americans, for whom both sides are enemies.

As usual, the mod changes weapons, armor, and objects according to the era, and also replaces the map with a piece of North America.

This mod turned out even better than the official expansion Mount & Blade: Warband Napoleonic Wars.


11. Set of Mount and Blade Warband mods from Floris

If you are interested in the original game, and not large-scale alterations, then we left for you a set of mods. He will combine a huge number of small mods together.

It improves gameplay, graphics and more.

The mod is divided into three parts: basic, gameplay and advanced, each of which is responsible for its aspect, and you can choose only what you need. In addition, this mod updates the graphics in the game better than others.


12. Battle of kings

There are several mods for Mount and Blade: Warband dedicated to the Game of Thrones / Song of Ice and Fire, but without a doubt, the best single-player mod is the Battle of the Kings. Other Mount and Blade Warband mods are far behind, they lack the details of the Battle of the Kings, which is very significant.

The whole map is redone according to the book of the same name. In fashion, the actions of the Warriors of the Five Kings take place, and you can choose any for the passage.

Also, this mod has one of the most convenient interfaces, especially the methods and options for controlling the game process that have been particularly successful.


13. The Last Sighs of the Calradian Empire

Prior to that, fashion was released about the Calradian Empire, but this one is perhaps the best. It is significantly redesigning the map, adding new fractions and changing your idea of ​​the game.

Also, some cities are shown in a different light, in the form of small villages, they will become cities much later.

Added new units, tactics, detailed cities, qualitative changes and much more. In the end, the size of the Calradian Empire at the beginning of the game and the many factions involved in the war greatly shake the gameplay and lead it into an unusual direction.

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