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Monster Hunter World Tips and Tricks


Monster Hunter World is already out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Here we explain monster hunter world tips for the beginners and experienced hunters.


Monster Hunter World Tips for Beginners

We defined the easy monster hunter world tips and tricks for the beginners. After completing the initial locations of Monster Hunter World, you will be taken to Aster. This is something like the “Tower” in Destiny or “Normandy” from Mass Effect – here the player returns after missions, improves weapons, takes tasks and this place progresses.

At your disposal, the best number of the city, and the householder will be able to provide you with a separate site for training.

As you progress through missions and pumping the hero, the city of Aster will develop, new NPCs and functions will appear.

Spend your time here, study the location of objects – this will save a lot of time. And do not forget about the elevators.

In addition, it is important for you to understand by what principle the quests in Monster Hunter World follow each other.

Monster Hunter is not like other RPGs where you were given a task and you went on a big trip – instead, you will be sent to a large location with a clearly defined task and limited time, and how to act depends on you.

The quest always begins in Aster with the fact that you take the order from the bulletin board or from your Explorer.

Monster Hunter Tips for the Experienced Hunters

Hunter world


When you visit the forge, you can select the equipment creation tab. After that, you can proceed to forge and select the type of weapon that you want to make.

At first, you will be able to create only the main weapon, but over time you will gain access to a large number of weapons.

If you want to update your weapon, you will be taken to a screen with a significant tree of modifications of a particular weapon.

Screen improvements are intuitive and understandable. For example, the base knife of a hunter II can be upgraded to a knife of a hunter of level III or you can upgrade to a specific modification (poisoning the enemy, water weapons, and so on).

After that, the weapon will have a new update tree. The choice of your first weapon is entirely up to you. Here you must take into account the strength of the monster you are hunting and the prices for improvements.

If you do not have materials for improvement, then you should look for alternatives and choose another type of weapon, for example, a fire hammer or something like that.


What weapon to choose at the beginning of the game

We have already established that all game weapons are basically the same. Now it’s time to choose your preferred weapon to start the game and which will be easy to learn. Personally, I have a couple of favorites:

  • Dual weapons – quick attacks, fast combos, and significant mobility. The only thing that needs to be dealt with here is the demon mode, which increases the power of attacks, but I do not recommend using this ability thoughtlessly, because it can harm you. If you want to become an agile warrior and hate heavy combinations/movements, then this choice is ideal.
  • A sword and shield are a fairly quick and flexible combination. You can throw yourself in the air, impose negative effects on the enemy and close with a shield if the situation smells fried.
  • A light rifle is, in my opinion, an ideal and light ranged weapon. You need to have enough ammunition and do not forget that you need to keep a distance. If you don’t like melee, you can try this combination.
  • A long sword is the best heavy weapon. Good range, strong attacks, and excellent mobility. The combination and mechanics of the weapon are very light, so any beginner will understand this weapon.



During the game, you will get access to special amulets that can improve your character. Such items can improve your combat abilities, defense or open access to jump attacks without interrupting the combination.

Improving these items is similar to a system for improving other items – you need a certain amount of materials to be able to forge one or another talisman.

best game monster hunter

I cannot defeat the monster! What to do?

As you progress through the game, you will encounter more powerful opponents. At some point, your predator status may switch to victim status and you will be stuck on a particular monster. If this happens, then try the following:


The best armor

Your current armor may be a bit outdated. If the damage done by a monster seems unusually high, then you urgently need to visit a blacksmith.

Before that, you need to visit weaker monsters to get new materials. You can also try updating your reservation.


The best weapon

Each weapon has its own tree of improvements. If you have exhausted the possibility of improving weapons, then try to remake this weapon in another option. And also do not forget to compare the elemental damage from your weapon with the type of enemy.


Additional Accessories

I advise you to think about creating bombs, traps and other items that can blind/stun enemies and so on. This can come in handy during difficult battles.

This combination will give you some precious seconds needed to create a more powerful combo. Some items can seriously increase the damage done to your character, as well as take other parameters to a new level.


Use the Environment

Vulnerabilities of animals go beyond the standard elements. Many monsters are susceptible to special types of damage from a particular type of weapon or take additional damage if you wear a suitable type of armor. A limb can be cut off from the beast, this will make it less dangerous.

In addition to the usual attacks on the forehead, the hunter can jump or climb a monster to get to the most vulnerable spot. However, the most formidable weapon against powerful animals is the environment.

The world is full of natural dangers and traps that can be turned in your favor. You can use environmental elements to lure a monster, heal, or put a negative buff on it, but remember that all this can turn against you if a trapped animal can, for example, destroy a trap.

You need to understand if the wall next to the hunter is strong enough to hold the monster and be careful.

Do not forget that not all monsters of the location are friendly to each other. One of the best ways to destroy the beast is to set another and stronger on him.

You can just stand and watch the battle, but for this, you need to feel good whether the desired monster is angry and understand how to bring it to the goal. Do not neglect the traps to carry out the plan.

Monster Hunter World Tips for Beginners

Is it possible to complete the game alone?

Is it possible to complete the game alone? The answer is very simple – yes, absolutely. Moreover, if you do not have a group of friends or reliable companions, then playing solo may be the best option.

The hunt can end quickly if one of the hunters turns out to be weak and cannot avoid the deadly attack of the monster.

You can easily go through the game and storyline campaign alone. Some hunts can be really difficult and this means that you need to continue to develop your combat skills and choose equipment according to the strengths and weaknesses of your victim.

I advise you to create at least a dozen mega potions, antidotes, and items that can give a temporary boost.

However, if you encounter an extremely strong mission or monster, then you should consider using the SOS signal flash. In this case, other hunters will come to your aid. This action is especially useful during the final assignments, where the difficulty increases significantly.

Monster Hunter World can be walked alone. However, you have the opportunity to invite other players to any hunting point.

How to capture giant monsters – Best Monster Hunter World Tips

Monster Hunter World Tips

In addition to hunting and killing monsters, your hunter can also weaken the beast and capture him. This is an alternative way to accomplish the task. For this purpose, you should knowledge about the monster hunter world tips.

The monster must be critically weakened – the beast will begin to limp or run away into its nests. Stop all attacks and start chasing the monster.

You can also place a shock trap on the ground. Lure the beast to this trap and enjoy the show. And also you can place a trap under a sleeping monster. After that, you can use tranquilizer bombs and throw them at the monster.

The number of bombs to put to sleep depends on the type of monster but for a large monster, you will need significantly more bombs – throw a few extra ones to make sure that the monster has fallen asleep and will not wake up at the wrong time.

For capturing the monster you will be given several additional materials. This means that you will receive a more valuable reward.

The task will end after the successful capture of the monster. A little later this beast will be delivered to Aster. Please note that in the arena you can go through a special mission with a previously captured monster.

Monster Hunter World Tips & Tricks

Monster Hunter World Tips – Experienced Hunters Must Know


Orders and investigations

Investigations – New to the Monster Hunter series optional hunting quests that can bring extra items. This means that now less time will be spent on grinding in the same uninteresting conditions.

Orders are small additional quests that are carried out during the main hunt. They replaced the boring tasks like “Kill 10 small animals.”


Specific main tasks

Now in Monster Hunter World, it is much more convenient to understand which quest you need to complete to continue the story thanks to a well-developed list of tasks.


Daily bonuses

When you start the game, you immediately receive a gift or item. Of course, these are not unique and expensive things. A trifle, but nice.


A wish list

If you mark a thing that is needed for crafting or your blacksmith, then the game will help you collect it, indicating where it is easiest to find the necessary location. It is very convenient and eliminates the need to constantly monitor yourself.


We explain the best Monster Hunter World tips and tricks for the beginners and for the experienced hunter.

If you are the best player and read these monster hunter world tips and tricks, tell us in comments what you like the most.


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