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Microsoft: Outlook Dark Mode for the Web is ready

Outlook Dark Mode

Microsoft has revised the web version of Outlook and fine-tuned it in the last 8 months. Now the new Outlook Dark Mode for the web is ready.

Microsoft spent the past 8 months perfecting the new web version of Outlook. Test users were able to submit feedback that went into their work.

Now Outlook.com is finally finished – towards the end of the month it should be available to all users.

Microsoft confidently advertises its redesigned mail service with the adjectives “faster” and “more modern.” At the core is the mail function – logically, after all, Outlook is exactly made for it.

Users can now create favorites that are clearly visible in the sidebar and allow quick access.

These can be contacts, groups or categories. Favorites are synced to the mobile version of Outlook.


Categories ensure order

With the “Categories”, emails can be marked with clearly visible keywords, such as “Important” or “Project World Domination”.

An e-mail can be marked with several categories, these can be seen directly in the inbox.

Outlook now opens new messages in its own tab. This is useful if the user types several messages at the same time or generally likes to jump from one mail to another.

This is comparable to the mail client Thunderbird, which also opens emails in tabs.

So that the messages do not have to remain text deserts, the developers have Emojis and GIFs built into Outlook.

These “expressions” can be easily inserted into emails. A snooze feature shifts the answer to a mail later-Gmail users already know that.

After a while, the mail appears again as unread in the inbox. Microsoft has also introduced features designed to improve time management. In addition, Outlook can now search for multiple calendars for people, keywords, or locations.


It’s getting dark

New in Outlook is the Outlook dark mode which dips the entire user interface in gloomy colors with blue as an accent color.

The dark look is to protect the eyes, because the colors are not so dazzled, especially in poorly lit environments.

Numerous apps such as Skype, various browsers and operating systems now have dark modes.

The darker colors are not healthier for the eyes, but they can spare the battery, at least for devices with OLED displays.

The Outlook designers aspired to deliver the “best Outlook dark mode of all leading e-mail clients”. Whether this has actually succeeded, the users may decide themselves promptly.


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