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Microsoft Office 2019 – New Office Product Update

Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 – the most popular office solution that exists today. This software package offers users everything you need to work with texts, graphics, tables, mail and presentations, which makes it a universal solution in many areas of professional activity. The end of 2018 gave us an updated version of Microsoft Office 2019. So, what will we see in the new release and what have our favorite programs become? We will understand this article.

Overview of Microsoft Office 2019

The new version of the office suite from Microsoft for MacOS and Windows includes all familiar software products: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook. At the same time, Windows users will also be able to install Project, Visio, Access and Publisher, which will not be available on MacOS. In Microsoft Office 2019, you can highlight a number of key benefits:

  • One-time purchase. Today, in an era when most software products are purchased by subscription (the user must renew the subscription in a certain period), software under a one-time license is rather an exception to the rule. Microsoft Office 2019 is just such an exception. To use the updated office suite, you don’t have to pay Microsoft every month – all you have to do is pay only once.
  • Simple and regular updates. According to Microsoft, it will actively support its new product, providing users with regular update packages, which can be installed in just a few clicks. Thus, you can always use the current software with a full range of functions.
  • Full upgrade. The new Microsoft Office 2019 package has received an updated design, and also boasts higher performance, stability and security. This should make the use of the product even more convenient and comfortable for users.
  • Customizable ribbon toolbox. Surely, everyone who has worked with any specialized software at least once knows how important it is that all the tools are at hand. The developers of the new office worried about this, expanding the possibilities of setting the ribbon of tools. Now everyone can add, move or remove unnecessary icons from the panel, optimizing the interface for their own needs.
  • Mode of concentration. Working with documents in Word or with huge amounts of data in Excel requires care, so Microsoft developers have added a concentration mode to the new product. It will allow you to limit third-party alerts on the screen, allowing you to focus on work.

Of course, it was not without flaws. Unfortunately, the software package will be available only to users of Windows 10. On the 7th and 8th versions of the operating system, Maykrasoft Office 2019 will not be available.

According to Microsoft employees themselves, such a decision is not at all unreasonable, because in the new product they want to achieve a higher level of security and reliability, and the old operating systems do not allow this.

Apple’s PC and laptop users are more fortunate – they can freely use the software on any version of Mac OS X and later.

Now let’s talk a little more about what new developers have introduced in office products.

Microsoft Word 2019

Microsoft firmly believes that the future belongs to a PC with touch screens, so the developers in the new Word have significantly improved their work with the stylus. Now, in order to draw a drawing or make a note, you will not need to go through all 7 circles of hell to connect a new input device – just take the stylus in your hand, bring it to the screen and start drawing.

Also, the developers have improved the speech recognition system – now the spoken text will be converted into characters more accurately and without errors. If we talk about the visual part, then Word got a black theme. With it, the page stands out better than the interface, which makes it easier to type and execute various commands.

Microsoft Excel 2019

Excel has received even more updates. As in the case of Word, the program improved the system of working with stylus. In addition, the following additions have been introduced:

  • New kind of charts Funnel Chart.
  • Added graphics cards. For example, you can create a table with data on the number of people in countries, and the program itself will transfer all of this to the map using Bing.
  • Added new functions and variables for various calculations.

Excel version 2019 has become much more adaptive and functional.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

PowerPoint 2019 is also developing in accordance with modern technologies. The new version of the software for creating presentations received support for SVG and 3D models, as well as the ability to export 4K video.

In addition, the developers have added new stylish transitions between slides, which will make your presentation even more spectacular. Also PowerPoint 2019 is more adapted to work with stylus – with their help, it will be possible not only to draw, but also to move objects.

Microsoft Outlook 2019

The information manager Outlook in the new version has learned to use references – for this it is necessary to put an @ (“dog”) sign in the text. In addition, the developers have improved contact cards and added new categories of filters.

Microsoft Office 2019 is a logical continuation of Microsoft office products. The software package was supplemented with new functionality that better meets modern needs and technological capabilities, while maintaining the interface with virtually no changes. This will allow you to easily upgrade from the old version of the product to the new one!

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