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Microsoft Accelerates Its Carbon Footprint Reduction Goals

Microsoft Carbon Footprint

Microsoft is stepping up efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Microsoft says it is stepping up efforts to reduce its carbon footprint in response to the increasingly dramatic changes in the global environment.

The computer giant unveiled Monday a business plan to accelerate the achievement of its goals for sustainable development, including accelerating the transition of its data centers to a 100% renewable energy.

The company hopes to reach its target of 60% by the end of the year and reach 75% in 2023, exceeding its previous target of 70%.

“The scale and speed of environmental change around the world is showing more and more that we need to do more, and today Microsoft is taking steps to do that,” said Brad Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft in a statement.

“We are taking steps to put our house in order, while increasingly addressing the challenges of sustainability around the world by harnessing our strongest assets as a company – our people and our technologies.

“At the heart of Microsoft’s efforts to achieve its goal is increasing the company’s internal carbon tax to $ 15 per metric tonne on all carbon emissions, nearly double the $ 8 to $ 10 previously paid by its business units. The company introduced the internal carbon tax in 2012 to make its divisions financially responsible for reducing carbon emissions.

The renewable energy supply of its campus in Puget Sound, Washington, and accelerated research on its Earth-based AI program to help people adapt and thrive in a changing environment, also contribute to reducing its carbon footprint.

Microsoft is not the only company in Silicon Valley to deal with climate change. Apple is committed to using 100% recycled materials for its products, Google uses millions of solar panels to power data centers, and earlier this month, thousands of Amazon employees signed a letter open invitation to the giant e-commerce to take more aggressive measures. On climate change.

“The time is too short, the resources are too lean and the impact too great to wait for all the answers to be taken into account,” Smith wrote. “Acting on climate change with data and technology is an incredible opportunity.”

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