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Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo: Explore this world!

Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo can be your home away from home, providing typical Mercedes comfort and transforming into a bedroom.

Summer is just around the corner, which means that the time of organized tours and travels of savages with family or friends is near.

It’s time to think about ways to get to the sea and the sun under its own power. And maybe even go on a long trip to cities and countries.

Marco Polo

One of them is the slightly updated Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo 2019 model year, which is not offered overseas due to too small dimensions for the American market, but the Europeans are just right.

However, for those who are not an avid traveler and who are not particularly interested in stuffing minivans, this version of the single-container with a “three-beam star” may turn out to be a dark horse.


The Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo version is based on the commercial Mercedes V-Class.

Benz V-Class Marco Polo

It is a unique model among classmates in the premium segment and expands the familiar limits of perception of Mercedes-Benz products.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo is a comfortable and cozy camper, prepared for traveling and long journeys overnight. Americans usually invest in this concept a huge bedroom, the area is much larger than the Mercedes V-Class.

Yes, and the camper in the States is often a huge bus or trailer that tows a car the size of a Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo. In Europe, this is a minivan with four berths.

It may sound like something exhausting and horribly cramped, but the Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo is a well-designed car for travelers.


Comforts of Marco Polo

Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo

And how comfortable the minivan will be for you to decide. Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo comes standard with cabinets, a stove with a pair of gas burners, a refrigerator, a wardrobe, a table, a sink with containers for clean and wastewater, and an electric pull-out roof with a small double bed (not much different from the Volkswagen California camper).

Simple transformations of passenger seats in the rear of the cabin turn them into another double bed. If a sleeper on the road is more important than anything else for you, then your option is the Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo Horizon without furniture in the cabin, which looks in every sense like a regular five-seater minivan. Behind the driver’s and front passenger’s seats, rotated 180 °, there is a three-seat sofa.

An even larger gallery in the unfolded state forms the flat surface of a double bed of a suitable size. The equipment also includes blinds, a pair of folding chairs for camping, and a folding table and if you want a folding canopy from the sun or rain.

All this is great thought out, well arranged and placed in the cabin. At the same time, the convenience of landing, as well as the quality of the finish, fully corresponds to the large Mercedes emblem on the radiator grille.


Marco Polo – Camper Small Size, But High Quality

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

The internal lighting of the camper is organized no worse than in any nightclub, and the built-in furniture placed in the cabin turns it into a kitchen on wheels rather than a family car. Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo – Camper small size, but high quality.

The car also has an autonomous heater, which will help you spend the night in comfortable conditions, even if it is cold outside.

We during the test drive did not fail to take advantage of this convenient and useful feature. Next to us is an excellent hotel, but we spent the night next to it. Right on the parking lot. Coffee on the stove and pot of boiling pasta next door.

It would seem that still need to be happy? But in Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo there is no bathroom, which means that on a long journey you will have to do without water treatments or stay overnight in campgrounds equipped with showers and toilets.

And if you are somewhere in nature far from civilization? However, at least there should be no problems with the toilet.


Marco Polo is More Convenient

Marco Polo is More Convenient

This Mercedes is more convenient than its few direct competitors. Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo is a familiar minivan during the day and a cozy bedroom for four people at night. You hardly want to live in it for several weeks, but it is perfect for several nights.

And, by the way, most of this review was also written in the cabin of the test Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo. So, the German minivan is also perfect for the role of a mobile office. Using it is really very simple.

It is convenient for single travelers and for couples because it allows combining living room/kitchen/ dining room/office in the lounge on the first level with a double bedroom on the second. And you will raise its transformable top at almost every stop, because it allows you to walk around the car, straightening up to its full height.

Of course, provided folded mattress beds in the roof. Layout this bed and you will not be difficult to climb on it to rest on a more than comfortable mattress.

At hand will be a USB-connector for charging gadgets, LED ceiling lighting and lightning in the fabric walls, to “open the window” and breathe in the fresh air of the surrounding nature. Mercedes engineers really thought of everything here. Their Marco Polo turned out to be a truly multi-purpose vehicle.


Marco Polo Turned Out To Be A Truly Multi-Purpose Vehicle

Marco Polo Multi-Purpose Vehicle

It takes only a few minutes to put it all in and turn the mobile home with a bedroom in the attic into a regular minivan for everyday trips.

On the road, Marco Polo does not feel bulky and cumbersome. At least it is not so big that the driver experienced difficulties with his management and maneuvering. And in this “Mercedes” has everything you need to ensure adequate safety on the road.

The driver has a comfortable vertical fit, as well as a huge windshield in the spirit of the IMAX screen, to the envy of many owners of crossovers and SUVs.


Marco Polo Minivan

Marco Polo Minivan

Among the innovations of the Marco Polo minivan, which was slightly updated by the 2019 model year, is the same 2-liter diesel “turbocharger”, which can be found under the hood of the E-Class sedan. Together with her works the same smoothly changing gear 9-speed automatic transmission. In the 300d version, the camper accelerates to hundreds in 8.6 s due to the return of the power unit of 239 forces and 500 Nm.

If you are not in a hurry on long journeys and traveling and do not want a mess in the cabinets located in the rear of the cabin, then pay attention to the version 220d with a 163-horsepower diesel engine.

In any case, Marco Polo rides so easily and quietly that once again you want to check whether the cutlery is set correctly in the bedside table so as not to hear them ringing on the road.


Marco Polo Commercial Origin

Marco Polo Commercial Origin

However, there is something that gives Marco Polo its “commercial” origin. This is how the camper rides. It is undoubtedly good in comparison with ordinary commercial vans and minivans, but in the movement, there are still shakes on the bumps and vibrations from the chassis that deprive the car’s ride comfort and delicacy.

And do not expect the appearance of “charged” AMG-versions of this house on wheels. The maximum that you can count on is the corresponding exterior design performed by AMG Line. Perhaps to someone it will seem too small, but to someone too expensive.

Nevertheless, Marco Polo can become a home away from home for everyone, offering in one car a living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, office and taste it all with a spirit of adventure. In short, this is a great car for the rest, which is able to delight and impress you throughout the journey.

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