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Mass Effect Andromeda Mods – All You Need to Know

mass effect andromeda mods


Mass Effect Andromeda is so far the last part of the popular franchise, for which we had to wait five years. The game was notable for the fact that it was the first time Captain Shepard was absent because the developers said that his story was over, and the title itself was devoted to the study of the mass effect andromeda mods.

Last month, modders released a modification for the second and third parts of Mass Effect, which allows you to play in the first-person mode. Time hands of the fans reached the Mass Effect Andromeda.

As in the case with the previous parts, this mod changes the location of the camera and the field of view outside the battlefield, due to which the sensations from passing are significantly different. The change of mode occurs by pressing a single key.

Given the popularity of the entire Mass Effect series, the community was not idle, creating different type cool mass effect andromeda mods, and that’s why we decided to create a list of the best of them:


Frosty Tool Suite

Frosty Tool Suite is a set of tools for editing games running on the Frostbite engine. Currently, it consists of an editor for creating mods and a manager that allows you to run games with already installed add-ons.


Romance for All

Love has no limits. So let’s get rid of gender conventions and live as we want. This mod allows Scott Ryder to seduce the gentlemen with whom he interacts, while Sarah Ryder is not averse to courting lovely ladies.

In addition, the mod allows the player to have a relationship with several characters. Also, do not forget that changing the sex of love interest for the protagonist can lead to the removal of some points from the cut scene.


CC Overhaul – Best Mass Effect Andromeda Mods

Beauty is an important thing, although when you go on a long journey through space, your appearance sometimes leaves much to be desired.

However, there is no need to put a paper bag on your head, as there is a mod that changes the appearance of the characters.

We are talking about blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, and lipstick – a deadly combination that, when used skillfully, can bring even the cruelest opponents to their knees. Do not forget about the contours.


Shorter Landing Times

We live in an era in the development of the gaming industry, in which the cinematic universe plays one of the main roles, and sometimes even prevails over the game itself.

Remember how many times you hit the space bar or Esc key in the hope of missing a boring cut scene?

Mass Effect Andromeda mods are no exception, and after installing this mod the cinematic component will decrease by 90%.


Road Rage

Foolishly driving a buggy through the desert and ultimately crashing into the unfortunate life form that got in your way when this happens in Mass Effect Andromeda, only minor damage is inflicted.

Download the Road Rage mod to strengthen your damage when you crash into enemies in vehicles.


Shut Up Sam

This Mass Effect Andromeda mod removes annoying comments from the game about the level of temperature, radiation, resources and life support.

Nevertheless, it will still notify about failures in life support, because this is quite important information.

Better Squad

This mod improves the offensive and defensive skills of squad members. Now teammates inflict at least some damage to enemies and do not die so quickly.


Hyper Mobility

Surely there have been cases when you really wanted the Ryder to be quick, and this mod significantly improves the speed of the protagonist, as well as the height and range of the jump.

However, do not forget that you need to carefully watch where the character is running, as he can easily fall into a large abyss.


We Had the Blueprints

Tired of constantly lacking funds to perform very important research? Prepare your little thing, dear players, because this mod will reduce the cost of conducting such studies, making them very cheap.

The cost of already cheap research fell to 2 RP, while the more expensive – to 5 RP.


Flying Mod

If you were not impressed by any of the previous mods on this list, you might like the addition that allows you to fly. Whenever a player gets tired of wandering around, like a blockhead, there is an opportunity to rise upward, just like Iron Man. Sounds cool, right?

Control the flight by turning the mouse, easily increase and decrease altitude and even activate supersonic flight mode.

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