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Mass Effect 3 Mods – Best Mods for the Best Game

Mass Effect 3 Mods

It seems impossible to talk about Mass Effect without touching on the topic of its controversial ending or the dissatisfaction of gamers with its publisher, Electronic Arts. This time we are going to discuss about mass effect 3 mods.

Nevertheless, we always liked this game, and judging by everything, only fond memories will remain about this classic of the RPG genre over time. Of course, now the game has been over seven years old, and this age is becoming noticeable.

Luckily for PC gamers, some of the most loyal members of the Mass Effect community have done an amazing job to make everything look and play decent here in 2019.

Therefore, before you start the next nostalgic walk through, take a look at our list of popular mass effect 3 mods that will be more pleasant to play.


A Lot of Textures for Me3

If you have time to install only one modification, most likely you will choose this one. It perfectly replaces the textures of all objects, from Commander Shepard and his comrades to weapons, armor, surroundings and much more.

This mass effect 3 mod was originally released in 2015, but it continues to be updated and improved.

The creators of the mod very carefully introduce new textures into the game so that they are combined with its visual style. Everything here corresponds to the setting and atmosphere.


EGM – Expanded Galaxy Mod

This is one of the ambitious mass effect 3 mods. It adds several new missions, restores cut content and provides a huge number of customization options.

The most impressive of these opportunities are decisions that a player can make regarding the look and work of the Normandy and its crew.

In addition, there are new weapons and armor that give the novelty. If you need a fresh vision of the game, this mod will provide it.


Alliance Warpack

If you install the Expanded Galaxy mod, we recommend that you also take a look at this collection of eight armor sets for Ashley, Kayden, James, and Susie.

Their design is true to the Mass Effect spirit and looks amazing. You rarely see armor that manages to look so superbly massive and at the same time stylish and elegant. But keep in mind, without EGM this mod will not work.


Bonus Power Packs

This mod adds abilities previously only available in multiplayer to the already impressive arsenal of Commander Shepard’s abilities from single player mode.

If you are a fan of these abilities in multiplayer or never played on the net at all, this mod opens up a new facet of depth and quality of gameplay.


Single Player Native Controller Support

If you are interested in the modifications of Mass Effect 3 mods, but you played the series only on consoles or just prefer to play the controller, this mod is for you.

It adds a gamepad support in a single player game and, for compliance, changes the interface style to the default one on consoles.



Modder’s spent a lot of time in many games, fixing bugs missed by developers. This mass effect 3 mod is proudly continuing a long tradition.

In addition, it fixes some stability issues and restores the cut dialog. You may not even notice his work, but that’s the point – he works behind the scenes to improve your gameplay.


Tali Full Face

Tali is gorgeous – perhaps only Garrus can compare with her in the ranking of companions. It is simply unbelievable how much empathy and personality the scriptwriters, animators and voice actress could put into it, not allowing the player to even see her face.

This modification removes this obstacle to a greater extent. Tali still wears her helmet, but now she has a fully animated face, which became visible thanks to a slightly more transparent mask. A very setting-friendly method is better to see the quarian beloved by many.


Casual Jack

Jack in Mass Effect 3 is also very popular. Her growth as a character compared to the second part is simply amazing – it is very cool to see how she herself becomes a leader.

However, many people do not like its appearance in this game. This modification changes the combination of a weird jacket and medical bandages to a biker-style outfit. He’s great with Jack’s character and looks cool.


Aria T’loak Outfit For Dr. Liara T’soni

Liara’s base armor in Mass Effect 3 doesn’t look very much like Jack. And although many may argue with this, everyone will agree that Aria T’Loak is one of the best characters in the series.

Maybe dressing Liara in her clothes is not in the best way with the setting, but definitely gives the heroine’s style a spark corresponding to her transformation from a naive scientist into a calculating spy.


Shorter Dreams

Someone likes the dream videos in Mass Effect 3. But if you involuntarily grimaced, remembering them, this modification will allow you to never again experience this pain.

It allows you to skip the finale of each dream. You will no longer see a sad, slowly running child.


Better Dreams

But maybe too dull the pain is not enough for you? This mod simply replaces dream scenes with more hectic, but vibrant and emotional flashbacks of various eerie scenes from the series.

The child remained, but only as one of many terrible memories that Shepard will have to relive in his dreams.

These scenes are consistent with the setting and really cool done. They are definitely worth evaluating, even if standard dreams do not disgust you.

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ELE Default Femshep Replacer

Changing models has long been a classic in the Modder RPG communities, but everyone likes the different looks of the characters.

This mod for Mass Effect 3 is noteworthy in that it significantly improves the appearance of the Shepard’s female version by default, while not moving away from her iconic appearance.


Hair Mods As Dlcs

If you need more opportunities to change Shepard’s appearance, this mod contains dozens of different hairstyles for male and female characters.

Some of them definitely look better than the rest, but there are so many that everyone will like at least a few.


Tank Top and The Jacket

Most of the casual wear for Shepard’s female version looks surprisingly chilling. Clothing from this modification will be her perfect replacement: friendly to the setting, with high-quality textures and a perfect match for Commander’s personality.

Download this mod if you want to relax a bit while chatting with friends on board the Normandy, but look great.


Alien Aliens

Last, but not least, this mod replaces the textures of models of all alien races in the game. Its author said that he wanted to make these characters a little more ethereal, but in addition to increasing the detail, they remain true to the originals.

Like other texture modifications coordinated with the setting, Alien Aliens does not make drastic changes to the game, but will increase the level of quality and immersion in the process.

If you liked the mass effect 3 mods or want to get acquainted with other opportunities that the mod effect community Mass Effect can provide you, visit the game page on the Nexus Mods website.

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