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Made in Abyss Season 2 Release Date & Characters

Made in Abyss season 2

Few anime viewers look forward to as much as “Made in Abyss.” The first season ended in 2017 at the most interesting place, and the fans had a lot of unresolved issues. All this time, the creators worked on two films created based on the events of the first season: “Made in Abyss: The Beginning of the Journey” and “Made in Abyss: Wandering Twilight”. As soon as the continuation of Made in Abyss season 2 comes out, you can watch all episodes online on the site.


Production: Japan (2019)

Original title: Made in Abyss Season 2

Genre: Detective, Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Fantasy

Status: Announcements (for 2019)

The series consists of:

  • Created in the Abyss Season 1 – Series (2017) 13 of 13
  • Created in the Abyss Season 2 – Series (2019)


Storyline of the anime “Made in Abyss

At all times there were courageous people who were not afraid of danger. They enthusiastically rushed to study the mysterious and unknown.

Centuries ago, in the middle of the sea, an island was found, at the base of which was a deep hole. It was believed that there were innumerable wealth hidden.

Curiosity and thirst for profit moved the first daredevils. As a result, the treasure theory turned out to be true.

But it turned out to be very difficult to get them. The abyss, as its locals called it, was inhabited by a large number of unknown terrible creatures.

They killed people descending into it, and no one had yet reached the bottom and returned alive. The descendants of the first researchers founded the Orff settlement near the hole.

Rico early lost her mother – a brave explorer of the depths. Remaining an orphan, she ended up in a shelter. And she dreams of becoming the same heroine as her mother.

In the guild of researchers, she is still a student. Once she went down to the cave on her own, but the monster she met on the way began to threaten her life. A strange boy came to her rescue, literally from nowhere.


The main characters “Made in abyss season 2”

  • Ricois an orphan girl. Although she is distinguished by her good heart, at times she is too persistent in her beliefs. She doesn’t sit still forever. She wants to get a white scroll to become a full member of the Seekers Guild.
  • Reguis a cyborg in human form. The boy suffers from complete loss of memory. Rumor has it that he came from the Abyss itself.
  • Bondrudis a scientist who is completely keen on studying the pit.
  • Lisa “The Annihilator”is a legend among Researchers and part-time mother of Rico. She went to the Abyss and did not return when she was just a baby.

Made in Abyss

Made in abyss season 2 Release Date

The release date for season 2 has already been rescheduled once. Initially, the creators promised to release the first series in November-December 2018. And now fans of anime are called the premiere date of 2019.

Made in Abyss Dawn of the Deep Soul release date is scheduled for 17th January 2020. The worldwide premiere date for the United States and other nations has not yet been announced.

Batch number Title Release date
2x Season 2 2019


Interesting facts

  • The anime is based on the Akizito Tsukushi manga released in 2013.
  • The first episode of the first season was released in early July 2017.
  • The creation of 2 seasons and two films is Masayuki Kojima, who took such masterpieces as: “Heroes of the Six Petals”, “Clockwork Spirit of War: Aldemarin in the Sky”.
  • The studio where everything is being developed is called Kinema Citrus.
  • Anime has a second name on domestic sites, except for the official one. It is called Born in the Abyss.

Graphic arts

This is worth telling separately. The creators of the picture did not stint on a detailed drawing. Each character (main or secondary) is cute and looks absolutely unique.

As for landscapes, here artists excelled themselves. Many viewers note that when viewing, they literally rested their souls thanks to stunning backgrounds and realistic art style. Flora and fauna in this world are simply mesmerizing, and even from the scenes in the cave there are goosebumps.



Musical accompaniment is an important part of any anime. And in this case, it is impeccable. The music is matched almost perfectly. It perfectly reflects the state of the hero, complements the scene and makes you feel the moment deeper.



It is advisable to watch such an anime in high resolution in order to fully enjoy the graphics and atmosphere. As for the story of little Rico and her friends, she will no doubt find a response in the heart of any viewer.

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