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How to Watch Love Island Online 2019

Watch Love Island Online

Watch Love Island Online

It’s time for the fifth series of “Islands of Love” to appear on our screens, but with an episode that happens every night for almost two months of summer, how will you watch it if you go on vacation? Here we explain how to Watch Love Island Online in 2019, and also tell you when you can expect Love Island to begin.


When does Love Island 2019 start?

ITV has not yet announced the official start date for the island of love, but most likely it will start in early June. We will make our bets on Monday, June 3 for the first episode, which will air on ITV 2.

Shooting has already begun, and host Caroline Flack recently showed on Instagram that she is working with a new actor in late April.


How to Watch Love Island Online

You probably already know that you can watch Love Island on ITV2 on TV in the UK. But if you cannot get to the TV screen, you can also watch it live on the ITV website, through the ITV Hub app (for Android here or for iOS here) or on TVPlayer.com.

If you miss this and want to catch up on the Internet, you can do it through the ITV website or the ITV Hub application.

If you want to download the episode for offline viewing, for example, on the road or in flight, you can subscribe to ITV Hub +, which is available with a seven-day free trial, which is charged at $5.20 sterling per month. Downloads are only available in the iOS app, but additional benefits include free tracking for all users.


How to watch the Island of Love abroad

The ITV Hub + app also allows you to catch up on Love Island and other shows when you are abroad. However, there are restrictions, including the exclusion of live broadcasts and a restriction that allows you to watch only shows from EU countries.

There is a way around this, but it is important to note that these methods conflict with the terms and conditions of the ITV.

To view Love Island from anywhere in the world you need to use a VPN. VPN changes the location of your IP address, so you can connect to a server in the UK to watch Love Island online.


NordVPN or ExpressVPN

Our VPNs are NordVPN or ExpressVPN, but you can find more of our favorites in our review of the best VPNs.

After installing and logging into the VPN and selecting a server in the UK, you can go to the TVPlayer.com website, the ITV website or the ITV Player application and log in to watch Love Island from abroad.

ITV can block VPN operation at any time, so it may not always work. You should be able to contact your VPN support team to find out why.

First, you should check that you do not have access to the location in the ITV Hub application, because it can also cause problems with using VPN. Go to the ITV Hub settings on your phone or tablet to check.

Most VPN networks will work on desktop or mobile devices, and there are ways to install and use VPN on devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick and game consoles.

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