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How to Uninstall ReShade from PUBG Game?

How to uninstall ReShade

ReShade is a program that allows you to decorate graphics in computer games. Unfortunately, it was blocked in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, as a result of the game does not start, after installing the program. In this article, we are going to discuss how to uninstall ReShade from the PUBG folder?

ReShade after adding the selected game to the folder allows you to decorate it by introducing new post-processing effects, changing the brightness, contrast, gamma level and more.

You can add Depth of Field effects, tighten colors, introduce additional anti-aliasing – super sampling (SSAA), and also increase the sharpness of the image when it is slightly blurry by default. Unfortunately, in PUBG we will not play with the included ReShade.


Why was ReShade blocked in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Sharpening in PUBG, which plays with low definition, is not a bad thing, is it? Unfortunately, the players took advantage of the expansion to gain an advantage over the opponent.

All graphic changes made through this add-on are based on filters applied to the screen. They work exactly like filters on Instagram (therefore, ReShade also overlays the interface, not just 3D graphics).

There are many filters in the add-on, and among them you can find those that allow you to stylize the screen accordingly, for example, to get a retro effect.

Find here the filters of the CRT monitor and TV emulator, as well as ZOOM, which brings the picture closer.

Players used this filter to enlarge the image, which allowed them to see opponents from afar and shoot more accurately even without an optical sight.

In addition, many players used ReShade in PUBG to more easily detect opponents through maximum color rendering and extreme image sharpness.


Thus, each element on the screen stood out better against the background of others and did not merge with the background.

It’s a little sad because of the honest use of the program allowed to get, of course, better image clarity without twisting the extreme settings in order to facilitate tracking the enemy.

As a result, the developers decided that this add-on gives an unfair advantage over other players, as a result, ReShade was blocked by the latest security update against cheats in PUBG.

In fact, it is not known whether this was a deliberate action against this add-on or also other programs that got a rebound as a result of the new security version.

How to uninstall ReShade from PUBG and other games?


Removing the presence of this add-on is quite simple. ReShade installs directly into the game directory, creating a folder with filters, DLL, INI and configuration files with our set of settings.

List of files and folders that the program creates after installation:


Files and a folder are always in the game directory, where * .exe is located.

Regarding PUBG, the program is installed in the folder:

Steam / steamapps / common / PUBG / TslGame / Binaries / Win64 /

If you try to start the game after the last update, you will see a BattlEye Launcher error. The error indicates that dxgi.dll has been blocked and the game cannot be started. It remains only to completely remove the add-on.

To do this, remove the “reshade-shaders” directory, as well as dxgi.dll, dxgi.ini and dxgi.log from the directory.

The directory may contain another file with the * .ini extension containing our “preset”, that is, a set of parameters. Its name is individual because they themselves created it or downloaded it from the Internet.

If such a file is in the directory, then it must be deleted. But, nothing will happen if you leave it – it contains only information about which filters you need to use and without the rest of the DLL is useless.

After removal, you can enable PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Now it will start normally, without graphic effects.

So, above is the complete information about how to uninstall ReShade from PUBG and other games. If you have any queries regarding this please let us know in comments.

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