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How to Transfer WhatsApp between 2 Phones?

How to Transfer WhatsApp between 2 Phones?

Transfer WhatsApp between 2 Phones

You have just acquired a new mobile phone or you are about to do it. You are now wondering how to transfer your data from the old smartphone to the new device.

What to do especially when it comes to keeping the history of his WhatsApp discussions. Finished the puzzle, you can achieve this maneuver in a jiffy thanks to Dr.Fone.

Here is how to How to Transfer WhatsApp between 2 Phones?

Advantages Offered By Dr.Fone Software

How to Transfer WhatsApp between 2 Phones?

First and foremost, the crucial question for any WhatsApp user who wants to go through personal content backup and restore software is security.

Indeed, the news regularly deals with the problem of pirated data on the Internet and the largest companies and online service providers do not seem safe from danger.

With Dr.Fone, there is no need to worry: the computer on which the software is installed remains the only place to receive any trace of your history.

Thus, there is no risk of losing or stealing your data since the process only works in read-only mode. In other words, Dr.Fone is content to scan your social networks to ensure total control of your social networks.

Hardware and Technical Specifications for Backing Up

Hardware and Technical Specifications for Backing Up

A large majority of devices running iOS that allow the use of WhatsApp are supported by the software:

  • Recent iPhone models such as iPhone X or iPhone 8, but also older models such as the iPhone 4
  • IPad tablets : iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad
  • The iPod touch 5 and 4.

Regarding content, be aware that Dr.Fone is able to retrieve chat messages, videos, images and any attachment format shared with WhatsApp.

Finally, the software has been designed for installation on both Windows and Miscomputes.

How to Back Up and Restore WhatsApp Content from an Ios Device

WhatsApp Content from an Ios Device

Beforehand, download Dr.Fone and follow the installation instructions.

  1. Click the Backup & Restore feature and connect your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable.


  1. The software will automatically detect it and you will only have to select the content you want to save. After a few minutes, a message will appear to notify you of the end of the process.


  1. View the saved content. Whenever you make a backup, it will be kept and will appear in Dr.Fone’s history. You will be able to consult the details of each content kept by clicking on the “Show” button.


  1. To restore a backup on your computer, choose from the list with the “Show” button. Backup data will appear in minutes. This is the entire content of your messaging applications that you can then select as categories. It will then be up to you to restore the information on your iOS device or export it to your computer by setting the path where the data will be stored.


How to Transfer WhatsApp Content from an IPhone to an Android Device

How to Transfer WhatsApp Content

If you do not have Dr.Fone on your computer yet, download and install the software.

  1. Click the “Restore Social App” function and connect both devices to your computer using USB cables.
  2. The detection will be done automatically and you just have to click on “Restore WhatsApp messages on your device“.
  3. Make sure you are ready to overwrite any existing WhatsApp content on the destination device. The transfer will start once you have launched it and a message will indicate the end of the process.

Other Social Networks Supported

Other Social Networks Supported

WhatsApp is just one example of email applications that Dr.Fone can help you transfer to another device. Indeed, the software also supports all chat history on LINE, Wechat, Viber and Kik.

Thus, you can find on your new iPhone or Android messages, photos, videos, stickers and other audio files that you have shared in these messaging applications with other users.


Still wondering How to Transfer WhatsApp between 2 Phones?

Other Ways to Transfer WhatsApp Content between an IPhone and an Android

 WhatsApp Content between an IPhone and an Android

With Wazzap Migrator, you can recover your WhatsApp content from an iPhone to transfer to an Android without even having to connect both devices simultaneously.

  • You just need to extract the content with this application and save it somewhere. Using a USB cable or an online storage service will allow you to transfer later.
  • Backuptrans offers a similar solution. But it does not just transfer a WhatsApp history from an iPhone to an Android, it offers the added benefit of doing the opposite.
  • Because of its powerful algorithms, it may also be the software that ensures the best fidelity of merged data.
  • If you do not want to go through an intermediary program, you still have the possibility to transfer your WhatsApp content by e-mail.
  • Just show the discussion on the screen and press “More “. By choosing “Email Chat “, you will be able to send the history, with or without the media files, to the e-mail recipient.
  • Finally, know that the transfer of WhatsApp content can be done by means of an internal functionality of the application.
  • It can be accessed from Settings> Discussions> Backup> Back up now. Continuing, you will create a backup on your iCloud (Apple’s cloud service).
  • You can then install WhatsApp on your new device, enter your phone number.
  • Tap Restore chat history to find all your

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