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How to Solve LG G8 battery problems?

LG G8 battery problems

Since the new LG G8 smartphone launch, customers have given different reviews about LG G8 battery problems. If you have had LG G8 battery problems, here are some tips that can help you solve the LG G8 battery problems.


Disable the power of hungry apps

The LG G8 is an amazing phone that, like everyone else, has the ability to run many applications at the same time.

With a 6GB RAM memory and an Octa-core microprocessor, it is capable of running many applications in the background.

Some of these applications may be energy-intensive applications and may be absorbing too much juice from the battery.

The best way to stop this is by disabling the applications so that they only run when you start them.

To disable the applications, go to Settings> Battery and power saving> Battery usage.

From there, you can see the percentage of battery used by each application. If you find that an application is having a very high percentage that is certainly the culprit.

You must be careful when disabling applications. Only disable the applications you are sure of because you may end up disabling an application that supports your phone’s operating system.


Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions are some of the most important components of all smartphones.

In fact, one of the most important functions of any smartphone today is Wi-Fi.

But, as much as these two components are important, they can become a big burden on the battery if they are not properly managed.

If left constantly on, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will automatically search for nearby devices with which they can connect.

This will cause the battery to run out very quickly because as they perform the search they increase the speed at which the battery loses charge.

Always check if these two functions are disabled because sometimes we use them and forget to turn them off.


Disable the GPS

As Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, GPS is also a wireless feature that can cause the battery to lose its charge very quickly.

To increase the life of the battery, always make sure that the GPS is off when it is not in use.


Turn on battery saving

The battery saver will make your battery last longer by controlling some background function. This can be useful, especially if your phone is about to shut down.

When switching to battery saving mode, it will give the battery an additional time.

To do this, go to Settings> Battery and power saving> Battery saving.


Change from 4G to 23G

It is known that 4G networks consume a lot of battery power from phones compared to 3G networks.

This is mainly because when your phone is in 4G mode, the radio transmissions between your phone and cellular networks are done very fast.

This increases the speed at which the battery loses charge since all the radios of your phone must be constantly awake with a constant power source, which is the battery.


Optimize the brightness of the screen

Another thing you can do to make the battery last longer is to reduce the brightness level of the screen to approximately 30% -40%.

This will reduce the energy level of the battery used to illuminate the screen. You can also reduce the power consumption by setting the brightness of the screen to automatic.


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