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How to Send WhatsApp Voice Messages without Touching the Mobile

How to Send WhatsApp Voice Messages without Touching the Mobile

WhatsApp has been crowned for some time as the most used instant messaging application worldwide and it seems that the competition will cost a lot to remove the halo of the head.

And is that since Facebook acquired it, nothing more than keep gaining daily users. One of the most used functions in WhatsApp is to send audio notes, but we can use the voice for something more than that.

And it is possible to send text messages on WhatsApp by voice, without having to use the keyboard of the mobile. Do you want to know how to send WhatsApp messages by voice without touching your mobile? Well then keep reading.

How to send WhatsApp voice messages on iPhone

In the case of Apple phones, we will use your assistant, “There”, to send messages to our recipients. For this we must have the assistant activated, if we do not have it, we will have to access it through Settings> General> Accessibility>

With “There” running, we will press long on the home button or say “Hey, There” to ask for the action and then we will simply say “There, send a WhatsApp message to (enter the name of the contact we want here)” and “There” will ask what we want to say.

Next we will tell you exactly what message we want our recipient to receive, “There” will play it and ask us for confirmation before sending it and that’s it, our message will be sent without the need to just use the keyboard, but to open the application itself.

How to send WhatsApp voice messages on Android

In the case of Android phones, we will take advantage of the “Ok Google” function to carry out our mission.

To activate it, we will open the Google application on your mobile and click on the menu in the upper left corner (with three bars). We will now go to Settings> Voice> OK Google Detection and activate it. You can also use the Google Assistant.

Once we have it active we will say “Ok Google” and when we answer, we will say “Send a WhatsApp message to (enter name of the contact we want here)”.

If we have several contacts with the same name, Google will ask us to choose which one and after we say the message we want to send.

As happened in iOS, Google will ask us to confirm the message before reading it, so if we agree, we will only have to confirm it by saying “send it” or if we want to edit it, say “change it” to generate a new one.

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