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How to sell items on eBay – A step by step Guide

How to sell items on eBay

The sale on eBay can be a fantastic way to get rid of unwanted or unused items and, of course, make some money at the same time, especially if you have closets full of “junk”. However, starting your way in the maze of selling items on eBay can be daunting, especially for less experienced users. That is why we have compiled some of the best practical advice about auctions by experienced users to make their sales experience enjoyable and above all profitable. Here are our best tips and tricks to know how to sell items on eBay.

Here are the tips you should follow to get to sell more and better on eBay:

How to sell items on eBay – First things first

Take lots of photos. People will be able to tell the difference between images and the genuine article, and that including real photos in the sale announcement will give potential buyers confidence by being able to better appreciate the actual state of the article.

So make sure the photos are of good quality. In addition, it is now possible to add up to a dozen of them.

Similarly, the details of the article are super important. Nobody is going to buy your items, if they can’t find them, so you must give eBay all the information so you can help your item appear in the search results.


Optimize the title

The title is the element of the description of the most relevant article to ensure that other users will find it, so we must choose a striking title and according to the product or article we intend to sell.

Use popular keywords and specific details instead of unnecessary descriptive language to ensure your ad reaches the top of the search results.


Do not avoid descriptions

We know it can be tempting to put an iPod almost destroyed by a “little used”, but an honest description of the condition in which the article is will give you a good score of buyers, thus gaining prestige and reliability on eBay.


Become familiar with language

Many eBay users want to save time and optimize their searches by using abbreviations such as BNIB (new in box) or BNWT (brand new with tags). If we know these abbreviations of eBay jargon, it will help us appear faster in searches and save a lot of time in writing.


Feedbacks are a very important feature on eBay

New users have total votes equal to zero, which can often make buyers more cautious when buying products from these new sellers. Acquire some positive comments (feedbacks) before selling an item, by buying some cheaper items, and then you can sell some more expensive items and you will already have a better reputation.


How to sell items on eBay

If you are not sure if the value of your item is within the market value, try to take a look at similar ads that have been made. Run a search for your article, and in the options on the left, select “Finished Ads” to see the final price of other auctions that have already ended.


Take care of your expenses to how to sell items on eBay

When you see eBay and Paypal prices from sellers and shipping and packaging, you can often find that some low-value items actually end up costing much more money than they were originally sold. So make sure that all expenses added are within reason.


Stay away from PayPal

ebay PayPal

If possible. While it is a great system for buyers, it adds other charges to sellers at the top of eBay. Each seller has to list the payment methods, but if an item is a collector’s item, let the buyer know that he prefers cash to get additional savings.

Leave your own opinion – Best tip to know how to sell items on eBay

Remember that you should always leave your own opinion. Whether for the purchase of items from other sellers, or for your own sales, don’t forget to leave an honest feedback. This will help your reputation of being a good member of the community and encouraging others to do the same. Chain of favours!


Never underestimate what people are going to pay

One person’s trash can be another’s treasure, and eBay is full of people who are fond of buying used, obsolete or even defective items to fix theirs or sell them to third parties, so don’t be afraid to try to sell something seemingly worthless .


How to sell items on eBay

If you want to get an item sold quickly, consider adding a ‘Buy it now!’ Option. This means that users can totally ignore the auction by paying a fixed price for that product.

This can prevent an item with few buyers interested in your purchase from being sold for a value much lower than expected. In addition you will also eliminate the possibility of a bidding war.


Selling at low price

If there is something taking up space and you want to get rid of it, try selling it at a ridiculously low price as a “single collection” – the buyer will have the item for a ridiculous price and you will have some money and one less object taking up space in your house.


Be sure to take into account shipping cost

Royal Mail can sometimes be expensive, so make sure you know how much it costs to ship your item with packaging.

You can also look at alternative delivery services such as UPS, DHL or Seoul to be able to compare prices and hire the best and most economical shipping service.


Make sure the postage is as fast as possible

One of the most common ways to make a buyer bother is that after payment of the item, delivery takes longer than specified. This will cause a bad valuation in your profile as a seller and therefore will negatively impact your reputation. To avoid this, it is necessary to meet the deadlines.


Do not be afraid to return

If an insufficiently packaged item arrives damaged, or that you did not describe accurately, creating a dissatisfied customer; Reimbursement is almost always much less annoyance than being able to get a negative vote, which can be more problematic in the long term.


Know your price range

If you are trying to sell something that is easy to find, try reducing your starting offer to be a little more competitive. Or if it is a very special collector’s item, the price must be high to avoid knowing buyers of its real value with it at a price well below the market value.


Know the best time to offer your products

According to eBay, the period of time with more activity by buyers is Sunday night, so it is advisable to schedule your auctions to end around that time. Avoid times when most people are going to be busy, such as weekdays, or any big event like sports meetings or TV show finals.


Manage your calendar

No one is looking for winter coats in July, or a swimsuit in January, so make sure you have the time of year in mind.

Alternatively, sometimes you can earn a lot of money by filling in the gaps in the market, in search of smart buyers who try to buy what they will need at another time of the year, before prices increase when it is the high season of that product.


Save your receipts

Sometimes buyers claim an item that they never received and request a refund, so sometimes it is worth paying something extra to get some kind of follow-up service as proof of postage, so we can unmask any opportunists unscrupulous.


Get the most out of free ads

Each seller receives 20 free ads per month, but eBay also regularly offers some “free weekend ads,” where you can sell unlimited items for free. On top of that, unsold items can be put on sale automatically three more times, at no additional cost.


eBay is not the only option to sell your stuff

Gumtree is good for items that cannot be offered on eBay or that are too expensive, since this platform does not claim any kind of fee from the seller and is more focused on collectors. However, it also means that we will not have the protection of the eBay seller, so beware of potential scammers.


Do not artificially inflate the price

Such as with family and friends to bid on items in order to raise the price. This is known as ‘fraudulent bidding’, and apart from being totally illegal, it is also a crime that is taken very seriously by eBay and what can lead to a lifelong suspension.


Research the available tools to know how to sell items on eBay

There are countless free services to help sellers, starting with mass upload tools like Turbo Lister and ending with Goofbid focused on the analysis of search patterns. Research online to find the tools that best suit your needs.


Only sell to those buyers with whom you feel comfortable

Go to the My Account page, and then enter Preferences and then from the menu options select the sell option. From there, you can set a minimum score in the votes of the buyers that must be met so that they can place bids on your items.


Self-promotion is important

If you are selling a lot of items in the same category, why not include a note or an addition with recently sent items to alert the customer of other products they might be interested in. This type of personal strategy can work wonders in promoting the sales of your business.


Always be willing to answer the questions

If a buyer or potential buyer communicates with you through messages about your ad, responding quickly and friendly will earn points at will and a good reputation, and will make the experience faster, easier and more enjoyable for all concerned.


How to sell items on eBay if you receive a negative vote

If you receive a negative vote, you have to be careful how you handle it. Don’t be afraid how to sell items on eBay if receive negative vote. If you are honest and criticism is constructive, be kind and understanding. It is important not to get into the mud of discredit and insults, even with the most unpleasant opinions. A reasonable polite attitude will mark and show everyone that you are a good seller.


Create packs

If you have a lot of smaller items that are not worth being sold individually, it can be a good idea, to group them in a pack to increase their value and also the possibility of being bought. Another good idea may be to include them as gifts of larger associated products. This gives a greater sense of value for money, and also helps to get rid of less attractive items.


Take care of your money

If you are thinking of making a serious trade on eBay, it might be worth opening a separate bank account for your business to make sure that you can accurately keep track of money coming and going, and accidentally avoiding cuts in your earnings.

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