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How to save your favorite sites in Google Maps?

Save your favorite sites in Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the services that the giant search engine offers to everyone for free and that, moreover, is undoubtedly the most used when we want to find a place, an address or Save your favorite places in Google Maps.

In addition, among all the functions of this popular tool, there is one that is quite interesting and that perhaps many users are not taking advantage of it yet.

Save your favorite sites in Google Maps

We refer to the possibility of saving your favorite sites in Google Maps so you can find them quickly from any device.

Surely on more than one occasion, we have looked at Google Maps where it is or how to get to a certain site from the computer and then we have to look again at the mobile to help us get to that location.

However, the Google service allows us to save our favorite sites to find them later faster, even from other devices.

Steps to follow to save your favorite sites in Google Maps

In order to save favorite sites in Google Maps, the first thing we must do is verify that we have logged into our Google account, regardless of whether we are going to do it from the PC or the mobile phone.

If we are going to do it from our mobile, then we open the Google Maps app, search for the site in question and once the application finds it, we touch on the name or address of the site and select the Save option.

Next, we will be shown the available lists where we will have the option to indicate that we want to save that site in favorites.

We can also select the place we want to keep by touching a marker or by keeping the finger pressed on the exact place on the map. Next, we will do the same thing that we have done if we have done a search.

If we are on the computer, then we go to the Google Maps website, we log in with our Google account if we have not done it and we look for the site we want to save, or we select it directly on the map. Then we click on Save and choose the list of favorites again.

How to see, search and get directions to a saved site

After saving a site either it is professional web development services or webhosting site in your favorite lists of Google Maps, when we want to see it from the application later, what we have to do is open the Google app, touch on the menu button shown in the top left and navigate until the option Your sites> Saved and select the list of favorites .

To search for a saved site among your favorites in Google Maps, open the app, tap the search square that appears at the top and start typing the name of the saved site.

When we see the search suggestion of the site we touch on it and directly it will take us to that site.

If what we want is to obtain the appropriate indications to reach one of the saved sites, we open the application and touch on the option Go that appears inside a round icon in blue.

Next, we slide with the finger on the screen to scroll down and there we will find the recently saved sites.

Therefore, the only thing that remains is to touch on the site that we want so that Google Maps begins to give us the opportune indications to get there.

Delete any of the sites saved as favorites in Google Maps

  • To remove any of the sites saved as favorites in Google Maps, open the app and go to the option your sites> Saved from the main menu.
  • Next, we select the list of favorites, we look for the site in question that we want to eliminate and we touch on the Edit button that shows the icon of a pencil.
  • Finally, we touch on the option to delete, icon with the cross that is shown next to the site, or we choose the option Remove site from the menu button, icon of the three points, which appears next to each saved site.
  • Either way, we’ll see how the site will be removed from our list if everything went correctly.

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