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How To Play Teamfight Tactics – Secrets of Champion’s League of Legends

How To Play Teamfight Tactics

Riot Games just released their own look at the Auto Chess genre, Teamfight Tactics. It features many champions and items found in League of Legends. But it replaces the MOBA gameplay with an Auto Chess signature. And an incredibly aggressive round of automatic battle. Explore Teamfight Tactics how to play teamfight tactics.

Teamfight Tactics is also not a complete copy of its competitors. In particular, there is a unique mechanic that gives struggling players a chance to retaliate. And also there is a large polished process.

For those new to the Auto Chess genre, Teamfight Tactics can be a frightening prospect. Below we have put together a page that we hope will fix this. And it will help you get used to the game faster.

It is worth noting that Teamfight Tactics is currently in a closed beta. Therefore, there are probably many changes on the horizon. Be patient while we work on updating this guide. And stay tuned for more information as soon as the mode enters the open beta.

Our “how to play teamfight tactics” guide contains everything you need to know about the game. Tips for managing items and gold, information about champions and much more.


How to download and install Teamfight Tactics?

To know how to play teamfight tactics you first should download it. Teamfight Tactics is currently in a closed beta state. That is, only those who have access to PBE (Public Beta Environment) will be able to try out the game.

In order to access the PBE, you must have a League of Legends account. With honor level 3, without any prohibitions or restrictions.

You can check your rights on the official confirmation page .If your account is in good condition, you can register for a PBE account. After that, you need to download the PBE client through the official Riot support page.

If you are unable to access the PBE for any reason, Teamfight Tactics should open beta in the next week or so. As soon as this happens, we will update our pages with all the latest.

How to play Teamfight Tactics?

How To Play Teamfight Tactics

If you are not familiar with the Auto Chess genre – or auto-battler – this is what you can expect from Riot game mode.

  • Each of the eight players in the match has its own game board with tiles for placing units.
  • The gameplay takes place in a series of combat rounds between these game fields.
  • Using gold currency, you recruit new champions in your team at the beginning of each round. Then you place these units tactically.
  • When the battle round begins, you either visit your opponent’s board, or they visit yours. And the units of both teams fight automatically.
  • After the battle you will receive gold, which can be spent on more units.
  • Heroes can be improved by buying more of the same type and combining them.
  • You will need to create a team based on specific strategic interactions. To have the best chance of success.
  • If you lose all your player’s health, you will be knocked out of the game. It is a fight to be the last player on his feet.

Of course, these are just the basics, and we will not go into details. For  a closer look at the game mechanics of the battle tactics in the team. As well as beginner tips and tricks, we highly recommend that you visit our blog how to play teamfight tactics.


How do champions work in Teamfight Tactics?

At the beginning of each round you will be presented with a random selection of champions. You can buy them for gold.

They will cost different amounts, have different abilities and backgrounds. And also belong to different classes. And there is also a carousel that rotates every few rounds. From which you can get the champion of your choice.

If you find all this information a bit overwhelming, we won’t blame you.

For a better understanding of the champions in Teamfight Tactics, take a look below:

littlelegends_league of legends

How many champions are there?

Teamfight Tactics has a total of 50 champions.

As more than 100 champions live in the League of Legends, it is likely that we will see how several new champions enter the pool, and some from the pool. Riot has not provided specific information about this yet. But we see that this is a seasonal function.


Do champions have abilities?

Each champion has an active or passive ability. Active abilities are played out when the champion’s mana bar is full and there is a short cooldown timer before they can use this ability again. Mana is generated when a champion attacks an enemy.

All champions obey the so-called “mana castle”. This is the amount of time that they cannot gain mana immediately after casting a spell. The default mana lock is one second, however, some champions block longer while casting spells.


Can champions be updated?

Each champion you buy will have one star. If you buy three identical star heroes, they will turn into two-star. Combine three two-star units and you will create one three-star unit.

Upgraded units are stronger in every way, as they will have an increased base and characteristics.

It’s clear that this is a bit confusing, so be sure to check out our How to Update Champions guide, as it will explain further and give you a better idea of ​​the process.


What about champion classes and background?

Each Champion belongs to the Class and has Origin.

Follow the requirements of class and origin, and they will provide special bonuses. For example, the presence of two demons (class) on the board means that each of your demons now has a chance to burn all the mana of the enemy and cause so much true damage.

You can also have two Blademasters (Origin) on the board at the same time, which means that they now have a 35% chance to deal additional damage with each attack.

Creating a strong composition means taking these bonuses into account whenever you buy a champion. Since the right mixture can create an irresistible force.


Does it matter where to place the champions on the board?

All champions fit into different archetypes. They can be tanky, cast spells from a distance or not have large health bars, but inflict huge damage.

It’s about taking these qualities into account when you put the champion on the board.

Place your tanks on the front line, as they are designed to absorb damage and distract aggro from your vulnerable rear line.

In the meantime, we would recommend placing champions in ranged combat, such as Ash, on the back line, to deal as much damage as possible from a safe distance.

It will also cause your enemies to close the gap if they want to get to one of your primary damage dealers, and potentially end up in an unfavorable scenario in the process. Place it right in front of your composition, as it will be instantly destroyed. And thus, there will never be an opportunity to inflict some damage or use its ability.

Do not be afraid to place the assassins at the far edges of the board to give them enough space to track the enemy line. These high DPS, often melee-oriented champions, are ideal for identifying vulnerable enemies and quickly destroying them.

In general, take into account each role of your champions and arrange them so that they can fulfill this role to the best of their ability.


Why is gold so important in Teamfight Tactics?

Gold is your main resource in Teamfight Tactics, and you will use it to perform many different actions in the game. Here is a summary of its use:


Buy Champions

You will use gold to buy champions in the store, which will appear at the beginning of each round. This choice is randomized, so you will not encounter the same pool twice. With this in mind, we recommend that you use every opportunity if you see it, otherwise you may miss it.


Refresh Store

Spend two gold and you can upgrade your store selection. We would not recommend this at an early stage of the match, since it is extremely important to preserve our gold reserves and begin to grow our economy.



You can spend four gold to buy EXP pieces and speed up the pumping process (you will also receive a small EXP at the end of each round). The higher your level, the more champions you can put on the board. Moreover, you will also increase your chances of meeting rarer, more expensive units.

Here’s how you will earn gold:

  • Passive income  – You will earn a certain amount of gold at the end of each round, and it depends on how well you performed.
  • Interest.  If you have a significant supply of gold, you will receive up to five percent of gold at the end of each round.
  • Winning / losing bands  – the bonus gold will be yours if you are on the winning or losing strip.
  • Chests.  Sometimes a chest full of gold will appear in the upper left corner of the screen after defeating the enemy. If this happens, make sure you pounce on him with your avatar to get a reward.
  • Pirate Synergy  – If you place three pirate champions on the board, you will receive a pirate buff that gives you extra gold at the end of each round.

How do elements work in Teamfight Tactics

How do elements work in Teamfight Tactics?

Items will drop out of Creep waves, or they will come pre-equipped for the champions that you acquire in the carousel.


  • Any items you purchase will be displayed as a glowing cuboid in the lower left corner of the screen. Hover over them to see what effects they will have and drag them onto the champions to equip them.
  • Items have all kinds of effects. Some may increase attack damage, while others may increase magic resistance. Powerful items can even give champions increased critical damage, extra auto attacks, and more.
  • If you point an item at a champion who already has an item, a pop-up window will show you what the combination of the two items will produce.
  • When you equip items, carefully consider how this will benefit a particular champion and his abilities. For example, items that increase maximum health will suit tanks, while mana regeneration items will suit spellcasters.

We highly recommend visiting our “Cheat Sheet for Items” page, as it contains a list of all items, their characteristics, and all recipes for item combinations.


How to play Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics is currently only available on the League of Legends Test Server. To get an account there, you need to have a LoL account with at least a third level of honor.


What is Teamfight Tactics? What is all this about?

Teamfight Tactics is a clone of the very popular DOTA 2 mod  called  Auto Chess  . The game can be called MABA – a multiplayer automatic battle arena (or LoL Chess). It consists in building an army of heroes.

The idea is to create an army of heroes who will defend themselves from subsequent waves of enemies. But we do not play alone.

Up to eight players take part in one game, each of which has its own part of the card for defense. The winner is the one who can stand the longest and will be the last to stand up.

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