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How to Get Car Insurance Information Statement?

How to Get Car Insurance Information Statement

Relatively unrecognized, the car insurance information statement is a legal document that “follows” every insured motorist, even when changing insurers.

This paper lists a set of data about its driver history, bonus-malus, vehicle characteristics. How to request your statement of information?

When do you apply?

Is it possible to change your car insurance policy without a statement of information?

Let’s do a check-in.


What is the car insurance information statement?

The car Insurance Information Statement is a legal document that follows each driver, including when changing insurers.

It is simply a paper gathering a set of information about you: you (as well as other drivers possibly mentioned in the insurance contract), your vehicle and your current car contract.

The statement of information retraces your history over the last 5 years (or more, according to insurers) and allows, in case of change of company, to assess the “risk” you represent.

The Insurance Code is very precise as to the information that must appear in the statement of situation:

  • The subscription date of your car cover,
  • The full name, date of birth, license number, and date of receipt of the pink paper of each driver mentioned in the contract,
  • Information on the insured vehicle (make, model ),
  • Your history (claims and share of responsibility of the insured driver),
  • Your bonus-malus car insurance, that is to say, your reduction coefficient markup.


How to apply for a car insurance information statement?

Your car Insurance Information Statement is sent to you automatically every year at the end of the policy term (ie, its anniversary date of signature). You can apply at any time, even during the year, even if you do not intend to cancel your car insurance to change insurer or contract.

In case of termination of your car contract, the statement of information about you is published automatically, and this regardless of the party to the denunciation of the insurance policy.

To do this, simply request the document from your insurance company:

  • By telephone,
  • Online (from your personal space, where possible),
  • By mail.


What is the purpose of the car insurance information statement?

The car insurance information statement allows your new insurer, when you change companies, to know who they are going to insure and for which vehicle. This is the reason why you will be systematically asked if you were already covered by the car.

All information contained in this legal document, including your history and bonus-malus, will be used to evaluate your “risk profile” and offer you the price of the corresponding car insurance. This will allow the insurer, for example, to know if he is dealing with a young driver or not.

Your behavior on the road is very important, not only because it determines your coefficient of reduction-increase but also because in case of change of insurer, it will be taken into account when calculating your car insurance premium.

The new insurer will, therefore, look at whether claims have been reported in recent years and what your share of liability has been. Events that you are not responsible for (eg if your vehicle is stolen) will not be considered.


Can I subscribe to car insurance without an information statement?

Some drivers do not have an information record, mainly in two cases:

  • They have never been insured individually by car,
  • They have not been insured for more than 2 years.

We are talking about drivers “without antecedents”.

Other cases are also possible, for example, if one of the spouses was declared as a secondary driver on the car insurance contract of the other. It may also be a driver who has always driven in a company car insured by the latter, for example.

Be that as it may, the driver without antecedents will not benefit from insurance companies since he does not, of course, have any bonuses. That said, they can, of course, be insured.
In addition, this case also applies to car insurance for young drivers, who will have to bear a significant premium.

When to ask for an information statement?

When you change your car insurer, you will be asked for your statement of information. This is when you will need to contact your former insurer. The document must at least cover your last 24 months of insured.

Indeed, the law allows you, since 2015, to change insurer freely and at any time after 1 year of insurance, all without fees or penalties. This means that you no longer have to wait for the term of your car policy to terminate it.

In addition, under this legal device, it is your new insurer who will take care, in your place, of the formalities of termination with the old one. He will also ensure that the new contract takes over from your previous coverage, and it smoothly.

Regarding the information statement, it will then be automatically transferred to your new company, as part of the administrative steps it will perform for you.


The standard letter of request for an information statement car insurance

Reassure me offers you a model car insurance statement request letter. You can fill in this type of mail or just get inspired.


How to change car insurance with his statement of information?

The law allows you, as said before, to change car insurance every year, if you find elsewhere a contract cheaper or more complete for an equivalent level of contributions.

Take the opportunity to regularly watch what is being done on the market. Check out the car formulas offered, for example, by banks or insurers. It would be a shame to miss out on a product with a better quality of coverage/price ratio.

In order to facilitate this competition, Reassure me offers its online insurance comparator online, free and without commitment.

This allows you, from a single form, to access an objective and personalized selection of the best car insurance contracts, given the criteria that we consider the most important: premium level, Guarantees included options, deductibles. You no longer have to request quotes one by one whether online or, more time still, by phone or agency.


What is a vehicle information statement?

The Insurance Code, sets the data to be included in the information statement. These will not only relate to the insured person (history, bonus-malus) but also the vehicle to cover. This information will allow the new insurer to calculate its rates based on your risk profile but also, of course, the specific characteristics of the car you want to insure.

The data relating to the vehicle which will have to appear in the document are (in particular) the following ones:

  • Mark,
  • Model,
  • Type of use (personal journeys only, commuting …),
  • Date of the first circulation,
  • Fuel,
  • Registration.

In view of these elements, the insurance company will be able to determine the cost, for example, of an optional guarantee against theft (in the context of a third-party or intermediate formula).

Similarly, in all risks, you will be covered by a guarantee “all damages”. Knowing the type of car will, therefore, be essential for the insurer to assess the risk.


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