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How to Export Bookmarks from Chrome?

How to Export Bookmarks from Chrome


Each Internet user has a set of bookmarks that they use constantly. They load automatically with the launch of the browser. But from time to time, the PC owner is faced with the need to reinstall Windows, switch to a new computer. For this purpose they should know how to export bookmarks from chrome?

Often, updating the browser itself is required. In the process of this work, all bookmarks are lost, and with them important information that should always be at hand.

How to prevent this from happening? The only answer is to export bookmarks correctly in Chrome. Consider this issue in more detail using the Google Chrome browser as an example Step-by-step instructions and related useful information will allow even an inexperienced PC user to perform these works on their own.


How to export bookmarks from Chrome: options

Exporting bookmarks from Chrome is a simple and affordable way for everyone to save all the important information when reinstalling Windows or the browser itself. There are two ways to export bookmarks:

  1. Using the Bookmarks file(through the so-called bookmark manager).
  2. By creating a Google account.


Let us consider in more detail both of these methods.

A bit about Google Chrome

The creation of Google Chrome is one of the most successful projects of the search engine of the same name. It is notable for its simplicity in work, the absence of various widgets, plug-ins, free accessibility, and wide functionality. Increased convenience ensures that the formation of a search query and the transition to the entered address is carried out in one line.

It also allows you to create shortcuts for network applications, providing the ability to download them without launching the browser itself. Tab dynamism is another significant “+” of this web browser. They can be dragged outside, to create new windows. The option of “instant bookmarks” is provided. They, along with passwords, can be imported from different browsers.

All of these features have made Google Chrome so popular worldwide.


Export via Bookmarks

Follow the step-by-step instructions for saving bookmarks in Chrome:

  1. Log in to the browser.
  2. Click in the upper right corner of the window on the menu button (three horizontal stripes or dots).
  3. You will see a dropdown menu. In the proposed list, check the “Bookmarks” item, go to the “Bookmark Manager”.
  4. A window will appear on the screen, visually divided into several parts with a central unit – “Management”. After you click on it, a small list will appear in which you will need to select the “Export bookmarks” item.
  5. Format – “” HTML text.
  6. This will load the standard Windows Explorer or Finder window (for Mac users). You need to select the folder where you want to save your browser bookmarks.
  7. Automatically it will be given the name Bookmarks with the current date, but you can replace it with any other if necessary.


Those who plan to reinstall the operating system should save the file to the cloud or to a USB flash drive.

In this way, you can also export bookmarks from Chrome to any other Web Browser.

In order to pull up all your bookmarks after completing work, select “Import bookmarks from HTML file” in the window of the bookmark manager. Specify the path to the document and click on the “Open” button.


Export bookmarks via Google account (sync)

Another advantage of the Google Chrome browser, which was not mentioned earlier, is the ability to use cloud technologies. Having your own Google account, you can easily open your own bookmarks on each computer, get mail on Gmail, the ability to work with the Play Market, etc. All information will be stored on the cloud and can be opened on every PC.

If you already have an active Google account, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Google Chrome.
  2. Enter your Google account information (username and password), if this is your first time doing this, write it down.
  3. Now you can open on any device everything that will be bookmarked from this minute. The only thing you need is to enter your own account information.
  4. When the “Enable Sync” window appears, confirm the intention by clicking “OK.”


Now you can safely reinstall the operating system, knowing that the information will be tightened at your first request.

This is very convenient for those who travel a lot and would like to always have important data at hand without the use of flash drives and removable drives. Be sure to check the Chrome sync settings section.


Now you know 2 ways to save bookmarks in Google Chrome. Which one to choose is an individual affair and everyone makes independent conclusions for himself.


What’s more important to know: where Chrome stores bookmarks

Similar questions arise for users using the mobile version of Chrome. Is it possible to save and import bookmarks here? You can, because this browser has long been switched to mobile platforms. It allows not only displaying any kind of sites on the screen of smartphones, but also provides the ability to synchronize bookmarks between a PC and the version of Google Chrome for Android.

Another issue that has not been given enough attention: where does Chrome store bookmarks. There are also 2 options:

  1. In the browser interface. Launch a web browser, click on the button with the image of three parallel stripes (or dots) located in the upper right corner of the screen. Select the Bookmarks button in the menu that opens, and you will see all the attachments that were previously saved.
  2. The folder on the drive From the computer: Username \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default (or, alternatively, C: \ Users \ [username] \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default \). It is at this address that the system stores local bookmarks.

We hope that the information about how to export bookmarks from chrome provided will help each user to easily and quickly export bookmarks from the Chrome browser in both the computer and mobile versions.

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