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How to Enable Auto Update App For IOS 12?

Auto Update App For IOS 12

Auto Update App For IOS 12

Many devices now require constant updates. The iPhone and the iPad, as well as the apps installed on it, are no exception.

However, so you do not have to manually start each update to install it, Apple has been offering you a cheap alternative for some time, keeping both your iOS device and apps up-to-date.

We will gladly explain what settings you should make for extra comfort.

Auto Update App For IOS 12

: Enable automatic system updates

In order for your iPhone to automatically update itself in the future, Apple has included a new feature in iOS 12 to relieve some of your workloads and make using your iPhone more comfortable. The new function can be activated in a few simple steps.


First, open the settings on your iPhone and then tap the “General” entry. Then select the option “Software update”. After a short time, “Automatic Updates” will appear at the top. Tap and drag the slider to the left. You can leave the settings again.


Note: Before an update is installed, you will be notified. To have the update automatically installed, you should plug your iPhone into the charger and connect it to Wi-Fi. The update then takes place overnight.

Update apps automatically

Similar to a system update, updates to your installed apps are also regularly due. Of course, you can manually update them via the App Store and the “Updates” tab via a tap on “Update All” or leave it to the iPhone.

For years, the option “Updates” can be found in “Settings> iTunes & App Store” under “Automatic Downloads”.

It can be activated with just a tap. Do not forget that sufficient residual charge, as well as a Wi-Fi connection, is necessary to install the app updates.

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