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How to Earn Money Selling Second Hand Products Online?

Earn Money Selling Second Hand Products

Technology has been for years leading to the possibility of multiplying the possibilities of online buying and selling . Nowadays, you can use geo location to sell on hand near your home, use large long distance platforms such as eBay, advertise in specialized portals in certain segments or make transactions conveniently from your smartphone. Now here are the step by step tips how to earn money sealing second hand products online.


Key tips for earn money sealing second hand products online


Rate your product

The essential starting point is to price your product, specifying what the shipping costs will be – they may be included, vary according to the country, the type of shipment or whether the mail is urgent or certified.

To do this, three guidelines are advisable: find out what price they have similar or similar items on digital platforms, consult experts – especially in the case of antiques, vintage objects or collector’s items.


Describe in detail the object you are going to sell

The more information you can provide the seller, the better. In the case of technological objects, it copies the technical sheet and includes all the specifications.

For clothes, do not forget to indicate the material and dimensions, and in books, discs or toys it is important to highlight if they are new, have little use or are in good condition.

Label those products that are collector’s items or difficult to locate as such.


Strive to take a realistic and quality photograph

Do not throw away catalog images or forget to add an image of the item you want to sell.

Lacking it induces confidence to the vast majority of users and arouses reluctance to buy.

On the contrary, a photo with good resolution and that reveals the status and characteristics of the product is the main element that will awaken the attention of users.

If you can photograph the box, the label -something useful with the `brand ‘products- or the object from various angles , much better.


Depth cleaning and proper presentation

The product used must be in optimal visual conditions. If you still have a warranty, please remove it, as well as the various accessories that may be included in the package, such as the cover, accessories or user manual. If you have the original box, it is an extra plus.


Work on the SEO of your ad

Optimize with the keywords you consider necessary the title and description of your ad, taking care that there are no spelling mistakes.

Customer service

As an online seller, you must be available to answer any doubts customers may have about the product, the shipment or the price. Always request feedback and make payment as easy as possible.

If you grant the possibility of paying by bank transfer, cash payment, cash on delivery or PayPal, better than better. By diversifying the shipment -urgent, certificate, etc- you will also win the users. It is important to have high ratings and positive comments to build trust as a seller.

Contract of sale for expensive products

If you are going to sell a high-value product such as an antique, a car, a piece of furniture or an appliance, experts recommend making a small sales contract  that collects the main data of the buyer and seller, as well as of the sold item and its amount.

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