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How to Draw a Straight Line in Photoshop?

How to Draw a Straight Line in Photoshop


Do you want to know how to draw a straight line in Photoshop? In itself, the process of drawing a straight or curved line in Photoshop is pretty straightforward, but a novice user will want to learn some basic line drawing methods.

In this lesson how to draw a straight line in Photoshop, you will learn basic ways to create lines, most often using the Brush Tool, Pen Tool, and Line Tool to create simple straight lines.

Draw a line with the Brush Tool and Pencil Tool the easiest way to draw a line in Photoshop is with the Brush Tool.

To make the line in Photoshop smooth, then hold down the SHIFT key and you will draw a straight line in Photoshop.

This allows you to draw straight horizontal and vertical lines. You can also draw diagonally, for this you need to left-click once on the area where the line begins, the second time where it ends (with SHIFT held down). Thus, a straight line is drawn in the given coordinates.

There are several ways to draw straight lines in Photoshop, giving them color, thickness and other styles. Usually the following tools are used: Brush, Pencil, Pen, Line, Rectangular area.

Which tool is best suited for the task is up to you. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.


How to Draw a Straight Line in Photoshop with the Brush Tool

The easiest way to draw a line is with the Brush Tool. Create a document in Photoshop ( Ctrl + N ) with an arbitrary size, I have 800×600 pixels :Activate the Brush Tool. Hot tool call key – B.

In the upper tool settings panel, if necessary, change the size and hardness of the brush:

Draw a line:

Some kind of it is not quite even, you will reasonably notice, right?

To draw a perfectly straight line, you need to hold the Shift key before drawing draw a line and release the key.

The method with holding down the Shift key before starting to draw a line helps to draw a strictly horizontal or vertical line at an angle of 90 degrees, but if you need to draw a line, for example, diagonally, you must first click the mouse button at the beginning of the line, hold down the Shift key, draw a line, then release the mouse button and Shift .


How to Draw a Straight Line in Photoshop with Pencil Tool

Tool Pencil (Pencil Tool) is in the same group of tools, and tool Brush, hotkey tool call – Bed and.

Drawing a line with the Pencil Tool is similar to Brushing – make a mouse click at the beginning of the line, hold down the Shift key and draw a line.


Draw a line with the Pen Tool

In order to draw a line with the Pen tool, it will take a little longer than in previous cases.

Activate the Pen (Pen Tool), hotkey tool call – P.

Remember to make sure the Pen tool is in outline mode. You can see this in the top tool settings panel:

Create a new layer, click on the layer creation icon in the layers panel:

Draw a straight line – just put two points. To draw a horizontal or vertical line, hold down the Shift key again:


To start drawing a new line, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the canvas, if this is not done, the lines will be created continuously.

We draw arbitrary curved lines and at the end we hold down the Ctrl key with a mouse click on the canvas to complete the lines.

Line ready, but unfortunately, they are only visible in Photoshop tab Contours (Window-circuit (the Window-the Paths), if you save the image, for example, in jpg format *, the line will not be displayed.

In order to make them visible, we return to the Brush tool, in the upper tool settings panel we adjust the size, brush stiffness and, if necessary, select the brush itself. We will need a round brush:

Choose a color:

We activate the Pen tool, click RMB on the canvas and select the option “Stroke Path”:

The following window will open, in which you need to select “Brush” as the source, and it is advisable to uncheck the “ Simulate Pressure ” checkbox to get smooth lines:

If you leave the tick “Simulate Pressure”, the lines to the ends will become thinner:


Draw a line with the Line tool

One of the most common ways to draw a straight line in Photoshop is with the Line tool.

The great thing is that you can easily adjust the color and line thickness:

With SHIFT held downI draw straight lines. They are created by means of a figure from a vector. You can easily draw a vertical, horizontal and straight line at an angle of 45 degrees.


Straight line using Photoshop selection

It so happens that I do not want to bother with the settings of vector shapes and brushes. Therefore, you can simply select the desired area in Photoshop, for example, in the form of a line and fill it with color.

  • There is a Rectangular Selection tool in Photoshop:
  • For example, we need a long and thick line in Photoshop. Select the desired area:
  • Select the Fill tool and set the color for the future line.
  • Fill color selection and deselect CTRL + D.

Here are such simple ways to draw a line in Photoshop. We hope you find this information useful! Good luck in your work and good mood!

The Photoshop graphics editor is rightly considered a fairly complex program. He has a large number of tools, and therefore is able to perform many tasks.

Well, in order to deal with all its nuances, you need to make every effort, spend a lot of time and, of course, have a great desire, otherwise nothing will work.

Of course, not all teams are capable of a beginner, for example, but this is only at first. But you need to start somewhere! I suggest starting with a simple, but at the same time very necessary lesson: how to draw a straight line in Photoshop? So let’s get it right.


Brush and Pencil Tools

You can draw a regular straight line in Photoshop in several ways, it all depends entirely on the preferences of the user. By the way, there are several ways too.

To begin with, I would like to introduce you to the tools that are not very obvious for these purposes: Brush and Pencil.

Please note that if you hold down the key before drawing, the line will not turn out to be strictly straight, so do not forget to perform this simple action.


Line tool

This method of creating a straight line is perhaps very obvious, and lies on the surface, and, nevertheless, beginners may not know about it.

The bottom line is that this tool consists of a group of others called up by the U button on the keyboard. You can also call it manually, for this, on the vertical panel, click on the “Rectangle” button with the right mouse button. A small menu will drop out with a list of possible tools, among which the “Line” we need.


Straight line

To create a line in Photoshop, there are several options using various tools. All the basic construction methods are given in one of the existing lessons. Therefore, we will not linger in this section, but immediately move on to the next.


Broken line

A broken line consists of several straight segments, and can be closed, making up a polygon. Based on this, there are a couple of ways to build it.

  • Open broken line.
  • Closed polyline.

As we said earlier, such a line is a polygon. There are two ways to construct polygons – using the appropriate tool from the “Shape” group, or by creating an arbitrary shape selection with subsequent stroke.


Curve line

Curves have the same parameters as broken lines, that is, they can be closed and open. You can draw a curved line in several ways: with the Pen and Lasso tools, using shapes or selections.

  1. Open

Such a line can be depicted solely by the “Pen” (with the outline of the outline), or “by hand”. In the first case, a lesson will help us, the link to which is above, and in the second only a firm hand.

  1. Closed


How to draw a line in Photoshop online

I know that not everyone is ready to install a cumbersome program on their computer, so we will try to get by with a special service.

In fact, drawing a straight line or a broken line in Photoshop online is not difficult, simply because this version is highly neutered, there are very few ways.

The first way is that you will need to select the Brush or Pencil tool and poke anywhere in the canvas to create the starting point.

Now hold down the SHIFT key and poke the one where you would like to see the end point. After that, you will form a straight line. This method is similar to what we did in the program.

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