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How to Download 4K Video from YouTube Using Telegram Bot?

How to Download 4K Video from YouTube

The YouTube service does not like when videos are downloaded to watch it without the Internet, they even came up with a paid subscription, and “Red” is called.

By a Red-subscription, you can watch videos offline, but this method does not suit me. And not even because I don’t want to pay for a subscription, and on my player connected to the TV, there is no authorization in the YouTube service.

That is, to watch the video is NOT on the computer, I need to download it first. Anyway, it happens that you need to crop or rotate the video 90 degrees.


Here are some tips How to Download 4K Video from YouTube Using Telegram Bot?

How to Download 4K Video from from VideoFrom Program

Videofrom program for Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7:

  • Able to download regular videos from YouTube, Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, etc.
  • Video UltraHD (UHD) 4K 60 fps with sound, resolution 3840 × 2160, FullHD 1920 × 1080
  • Only sound can be downloaded
  • Choose the right quality to upload the video to your phone

To download the video:

  • Copy the link to the video from the address bar of the browser
  • The program will automatically pick up the link or insert the link in the field
  • We choose with what quality we want to save the clip

The list of available download permissions depends on the specific video.

2160p (4K UHD): it makes sense only if you have a 4K TV or monitor, takes up a lot of disk space, can slow down on weak hardware, not supported by all set-top boxes for TV.

1440p (WQHD): Suitable for displays with a resolution of 1440 vertical dots (2560 × 1440).

1080p FullHD): Editor’s Choice!  The most versatile FullHD format, suitable for watching videos on a computer.

720p (HD): Choose 720p so that the video downloads faster and takes up less space than 1080p. On diagonals up to 32 inches from a distance greater than 2m, the difference may not be noticed.

480p: for smartphones, for example, to quickly download a series to your phone. Also suitable for CRT TV.

360p, 240p, 144p: my opinion is that these formats are needed only for a specific application, when there is “nowhere to go.”

Audio M 4A: only audio in AAC format, better sound quality.

Audio MP 3: MP3 audio only, compatible with any audio player. Although, you can then pull out the soundtrack.

YouTube uses MP4 and WEBM containers, and if there are two identical resolutions with different formats, then it is better to choose MP4.

After the video is downloaded, click on the icon with the folder, the explorer with the downloaded files will open.

By the way, on the History tab, a list of all downloads remains. The folder for saving can be changed on the Settings tab.

Immediately set the “Default Quality”, so as not to select each time from the list.


How to Download 4K Video from YouTube?

The list of available permissions in the online service is limited, maximum 720p. But you can easily send a link to download the video to your phone.

To do this, click the “Download this video to phone” button and scan the QR code on your smartphone.

Open the resulting link in a browser and save the video.

Life hack: add the letters “vf” to the video link on YouTube and press “Enter”. The video-from site will open with the link already copied.

Also, it’s convenient to download from the phone via the Telegram messenger! Add @videofrom_bot to your contacts and launch the bot.

Now you can throw links to videos in messages, and the bot will respond with download options.

True, the maximum resolution is also 720p, for full quality you need to install the program.

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