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How to convert YouTube clips to MP3?

How to convert YouTube clips to MP3?

Convert YouTube clips to MP3

Most people are lovers of music. Indeed it is very rare to find someone who does not like music at all. In addition, the time we spend working or commuting is long. If someone listen music on youtube he can also want to convert Youtube clips to Mp3. But the question is how to convert Youtube clips to MP3?

To pass this time, the majority of people prefer to listen to music. Others while working or going for a jog enjoy the pleasure of music.

All this is good, but the downside comes when you find the music. Certainly there are platforms that offer to listen to music on their sites.

But often these platforms are paying. So on these, every piece you listen you pay a certain amount. Certainly there are many sites that offer us free videos.

The most popular of these sites is surely YouTube where there is an impressive number of video clips. However, the problem still remains.

How to have these video clips in MP3 format? It must be said that it was a headache for many people but for some time many solutions exist for convert YouTube clips to MP3.

What solutions can we use to convert YouTube clips to MP3?

There are now many ways to convert clips to MP3 regardless of whether you’ve downloaded the clips to YouTube or not.

The first and most classic solution is to download the clip on YouTube. Then you download a converter software, and finally you use this software to convert the video clip to MP3.

The second solution is to use already ready-made software that offers video clips directly in MP3 format. One of the most popular is Youzik software which allows you to have YouTube clips directly in MP3 format.

The third solution is to use one of the many online sites that exist for conversion. Here too, the process is quite easy. We will briefly introduce the use of the last two solutions.

First solution: The use of Youzik software

With this method, getting MP3 video clips from YouTube really becomes child’s play. The first step is to download the software. If you are on a laptop just type Youzik in one of your browsers.

You find a multitude of links that offer you the download. However, if you have a smartphone, you can download the software from the Play Store or the Apple Store.

After installation, type the name of the clip you want in the search bar. The clip comes and you just have to download it directly to MP3.

Second solution: Use a conversion site

There is a variety of conversion sites on the web. To find them, you can do a simple search. The operating principle of these sites is the same. First you go to YouTube and you click on the video you want. Then you copy the link that you will copy to the conversion site. Finally you simply download the clip in MP3 format.

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