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How to Compress a Video without Losing Quality?

How to Compress a Video


When a video file takes up too much space on the computer, it becomes necessary to compress it, and it is desirable that how to compress a video without losing its quality.

If you like to watch movies on your player, tablet or mobile phone, you can’t do without video compression.

As a rule, the capacity of memory cards of portable devices is very limited, and these devices themselves only support video of a certain format and with certain characteristics.

It happens that the video is played on a mobile device without preliminary preparation, but often the playback quality leaves much to be desired: the video is played irregularly, “slows down” and “freezes”.

To upload a video to the Internet, in many cases it also needs to be prepared and compressed in a special way.

Usually there are a lot of difficulties in this process: you need to choose the right format suitable for online broadcasting, for example, FLV or MP4, in addition, the video should be relatively small in size so that even users with a low Internet connection speed can watch it.

The desire to compress the HD 1080p media file as much as possible while maintaining high image quality and reducing “weight” has given rise to many programs for compressing video files.

Let’s see how to compress a video in the two most popular applications. The process consists of several simple steps and does not require specific knowledge from you.


How to Compress a Video with VideoMaster

Adding a video file

To know how to compress a video with VideoMaster program, install it on a computer.

In the window that opens, a prompt will appear with a brief sequence of actions. Pay attention to the laconic design and convenient location of all function keys.



You should click the “Add” button to select or download video for conversion using one of the proposed methods.

Specify the path to the file that requires conversion, and click the “Open” button. The image of your video will be added to the application menu.


Convert and compress video

The type of conversion format affects the quality, volume and its compatibility with various devices.

The conversion format is selected in two ways: using the icon button located to the right of the name of the selected source, or in the “Convert to format” drop-down list located on the lower control panel.

You will immediately find lines for conversion in popular video formats: mp4, avi, wmv, mpeg, mkv, etc.


Fine tuning

In addition to the format, you can choose a file compression method, models of smartphones, game consoles, players, or formats of one of 12 popular web resources.

The selected options apply to all files if you select the “Apply for all” box. The video resolution and other settings of the output file are automatically adjusted to the most optimal parameters recommended by the device manufacturer / site developers.


Extra options

In our case, the settings selected by the program are considered optimal for maximum compression without losing high quality in the mp4 file format, but additional opportunities have been prepared for experiment lovers: choose a codec, container, format, and change the frame rate.

Highlighting one of the selected files and clicking the “Duplicate” button you will get a copy of the source, taking into account high resolution.



Experiments are carried out using tools such as: removing an additional audio track, trimming the beginning or end of a video clip, as well as controlling other subtle parameters of the video, processing some fragments, etc.

Correct settings will reduce the size of the video file several times without loss of quality. Visually, the difference will not be felt.


Folder selection

The folder to save is selected in the lower control panel. We recommend that you choose the outgoing directory not on the system partition, also ignore disks on which there is no space and remember that the encoding buffer is large.

Even if you want to receive video on your phone, leave at least 3 times more free megabytes on drive C than the original record had. If everything is ready, you can start the process of reducing the size – click the “Convert” button


Conversion and Shutdown

It will take from a few minutes to a couple of three hours, depending on the type / size of the source and the options selected. The process can be paused, interrupted, completed by turning off the device or uploading material to a channel on YouTube or another popular website – Facebook etc.


How to compress a video using an application from Movavi?


Adding a file

Movavi is a freeware video file compression program with the ability to convert audio, work with photos and mount clips.

The user-friendly interface of the application makes it easy to get started and reduce the file size without unnecessary prompts.


Process start

To compress using Movavi, select “Video Conversion” and specify the source path by dragging it to the screen (drag-and-drop), or add it to the program by clicking on the image in the middle of the screen or on the “Add Files” button.


Format selection

After adding the source, you must select the codec and the desired video quality using the prompts in the interface.

At the bottom of the window is a list of the most commonly used extensions and presets available, sorted by model of popular mobile devices.

To the left of it is an icon button that brings up the advanced video reduction settings window.


Source Editing

In the field of the selected file on the video tab, additional encoding options are also available: the desired file size, control of audio tracks, cropping and cropping, adding effects, such as time-lapse photography. Using the editor, reduce weight not only by standard conversion, but also crop your videos, glue fragments, remove unnecessary ones, etc.


Select a save folder and start conversion

Select a folder to save the converted files and click the “Start” button. If you are using a trial version, a warning dialog box will appear before conversion. Users are notified that the video will play with a text insert in the middle of the screen.



The process may be interrupted or suspended by the user. No additional options.


How to compress a video using the application from AVS?


Getting to know the program

Video compression without loss of quality is far from the only function of AVS Video Editor.

The program contains a built-in video editor that allows you to qualitatively change the desired video in any format, adjust the color and contrast settings, add effects, titles, watermarks, sound in the video, and then quickly and efficiently compress the video to achieve an acceptable size and good quality for portable devices.


Automatic and manual compression settings

In the next window, the program will ask you to determine the compression method. If you like to watch movies, videos on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, you can safely click on “Devices”.

In most cases, this is the best option, because the program offers presets with a pre-configured compression ratio, bitrate, and frames per second, resolution for a specific screen.

The fact is that AVI, MOV, mpeg2 made under the codec, divx, h.264 take up a lot of memory space, because they are designed for high screen resolution. By compressing, we only reduce it and change the format to compatible.


Final adjustments

Now, in order to maximize the quality of the video, select the brand and model of your gadget, or as close as possible to the characteristics. The required format must match.



In the final, in the main window, write the name and save folder. Click Create and wait for the operation to complete. If you are going to leave home, you can configure your PC to turn off automatically.

To download video to the device, use the bundled USB cable and the corresponding software.

As you can see, there are many ways to compress video online, making it quick and easy. Choose a program that will be more convenient for you personally – and do not worry about quality and size. You will get a good video with which there will be no problems when transporting or storing on any of the devices or media.

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