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How to Choose a Fitness Tracker?

Fitness tracker

What kind of incentive does a person need to maintain fitness and a healthy lifestyle? Is the desire to be slim and energetic? As practice shows, the best incentive is to know about your results and achievements (how many kilometers you walked, how many calories you spent, which record you set or anti-record). Such devices as fitness trackers can tell about it.

What is a Fitness Tracker?

Fitness tracker

Fitness tracker is a gadget that is most often worn on the wrist, like a watch. With it, you can track physical activity (steps, calories, distance traveled, sleep duration). The basic component of the tracker is an accelerometer; it is he who reacts to movement. Information collected by the accelerometer is later processed and converted into various indicators of activity.

From a similar category of goods – smart watches, fitness trackers differ in the absence of a full-fledged operating system. For this reason, they have a narrower set of functions and an important advantage is lightness and compactness, which allows you to wear them around the clock, without feeling discomfort. The market of fitness trackers today is diverse – in the KEY online store you can see more than 80 models available for ordering. How to choose the right one?

Basic Functions

Counting steps, calories, kilometers, sleep control are basic functions, they are present in almost any device, even in the most budget models. So, if you are interested only in these parameters, you can immediately proceed to the next stage of choice, that is, read about the form factor and design. If not, let’s see what else the fitness trackers are capable of.

Pulse Measurement

This parameter is undoubtedly important if you want to monitor the state of your heart rhythm. Trackers allow you to do this, both at rest and during training. Most devices consider the pulse at the user’s request, but there are also such gadgets that they do it automatically and around the clock. In this case, you can monitor the measurements and get detailed daily statistics.

Moisture Protection

This option may be key if you plan to use the tracker in the pool. Then you need a model with the highest degree of moisture protection. If the pool you visit regularly, do not worry – almost all models of fitness trackers have minimal protection from splashes and rain.

The presence of GPS- Module

This feature may be relevant for those who are running or cycling, as it allows you to more accurately measure the distance traveled. Examples of trackers with GPS-module can serve as models of the middle and high price category.

Screen and Notifications

All fitness trackers are able to synchronize with smartphones, and most are able to send notifications about received SMS, messages in social networks, missed calls. If this parameter is of fundamental importance to you, you may want to pay attention to such a category of goods as a smart watch . These gadgets have advanced functionality and a more convenient screen for working with notifications. If this function is not so important for you, do not chase the tracker with a large screen, it will quickly consume battery power.

Design and form Factor

In appearance are distinguished: – trackers bracelets – they usually have a removable strap. And their manufacturers offer a wide range of these accessories (made of plastic, metal, silicone), different designs for any style (from sports to classics) and mood. The screens of the bracelets are usually elongated rectangular shape, repeating the shape of the strap. But there are also those whose screen is round, like a clock (for example, some MyKronoz models). – trackers, clips – they have different options for wearing: you can attach in clothing or put in your pocket. – trackers-suspension – And why not? The tracker instead of jewelry can be hung around the neck.

Price Range

In the KEY assortment, you can meet fitness trackers costing from 900 to 16,000 rubles. The simplest trackers with basic functionality and small LCD displays fall into the category of budget devices, while devices with Amoled screens, a GPS module, an improved heart rate monitor, and other additional options belong to premium devices.

Premium models are able to independently recognize various types of activity (climbing stairs, skiing, playing golf) and types of steps. In the budget models, these functions are either absent, or the user must independently choose the type of activity in the application, and then start training, then the bracelet will be able to correctly collect data.

Also, more expensive models can notify about the need to start training / walking, sending special messages to the fooled owner.

Popular Models

  • Xiami Mi Band2– perhaps the most popular model on the market. The reason for this is the necessary basic functionality plus a stylish appearance, a large selection of interchangeable straps. The tracker can count steps, calories, hours of sleep (also determines the phases of sleep), measure the pulse. The key drawback is the lack of a GPS module, if you are riding a bicycle or walking with a sidecar (that is, your hands are at rest), the tracker will not be able to correctly calculate the steps completed. In other cases, the device perfectly demonstrates its capabilities.
  • MyKronoz ZeFit 4HR

Slightly more expensive device. The large round tracker display allows you to display several important indicators at once on the screen (steps, pulse, time), and you will not need to scroll through the carousel of screens like the Mi Band2. Additional features include: stopwatch, camera control, music, “anti-theft” for a smartphone.

  • Samsung Gear Fit2 Prois a premium category gadget. It boasts a Super Amoled-display and inactivity tracker. Waterproof (counts not only distance, but also circles / strokes by hand). It works with both the Samsung Health app and Speedo On (it allows you to create a personal training plan and gives a deeper analysis).


Chinese Xiaomi – one of the leaders in sales of fitness bracelets. Budgetary and productive, they practically captured the market of wearable gadgets. Another Chinese brand Huawei, in addition to smartphones and tablets, also released a range of trackers, the most popular among them was the Honor A1 line. Swiss brand MyKronozquite fully represented in KEY, including its popular ZeCircle series.

These are devices of the budget and average price segments. MyKronoz is a direct competitor to Garmin, a company known for its navigators, and today closely involved in the conquest of the fitness tracker market. Korean Samsung is also active in the fitness device market. And although the range of Samsung bracelets is not great, the user is offered a worthy choice: simple Charm and professional Gear Fit.

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