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How to Change Gmail password? Six Easy Steps

how to change gmail password

How to change password on gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular email services of today, offering huge storage possibilities while providing services such as Hangouts chat, Google Drive or the ability to synchronize the account with different devices to backup the information, save photos in the cloud, etc. However, as a good email account it is important to maintain maximum security and change the keys periodically, so we explain how to change Gmail password, have a look on these steps!

It is a recurring advice that we often remember, but very few we put into practice: all-important passwords must be changed often.

Among our entire collection of annoying, but necessary keys, the Gmail password is one of the most critical. Shortly after we use Google mail we will accumulate names, addresses, mobiles, passwords of other accounts and personal data that could make us in a hurry if someone steals them.

It is advisable to change the password Gmail at least once a month. It is the same password as the Google account, so we will also strengthen the global security of all the services we access with that account.


Steps to follow how to change Gmail password:


 Step 1

To know how to change Gmail password, periodically is important to maintain our security, so we guarantee that not everyone accesses our email account, which usually has personal and sensitive information.

Step 2

To begin the process of changing the Gmail password you will have to log into your account and go to the upper right, where your photo is located. Click on the photo and you will see two options: “account” and “privacy”. Select account.

step 1

Step 3

Once inside you can see your account information. At the top, you will see several tabs; you will have to select the second “security”.

How to change gmail password

Step 4

Once inside the system it will offer you four alternatives, select the first one located in the upper left side of the screen: Change password.

changing gmail password

Step 5

By selecting this alternative, you will be able to access a screen where it will be possible to change your Gmail password by typing the current password and choosing the new password. Remember that it is important to choose safe and complex combinations that you can remember and that allow you to maintain security in your email account.

last step

Step 6

In addition, what happens if you always enter your email with a password stored in the system and you do not remember what it is?

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