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How to Block a Number on iPhone?

How to Block a Number on iPhone

There may be nothing worse than annoying calls or messages from phone numbers we don’t want. Here we explain how to block a number on iPhone. Fortunately if you have an iPhone with iOS, you should know that you can prevent a specific phone number from contacting you.

This way you can block incoming phone calls, any text message or even video calls and calls through FaceTime from a specific phone number on your iPhone.

An interesting thing to keep in mind about how iOS blocks people who call you is that it actually sends the caller to the voicemail but does not really exist.

Similarly, your attempts to send text messages and attempts to maintain a connection via FaceTime simply cancel.

The owner of the phone number that you block on your iPhone will never be notified of that lock. So the blocked user will reach a limbo in which he probably does not realize that he is actually being blocked.

Also, you should know that as an iPhone owner, you can also block any incoming call from a phone number.

This option can be a bit risky, since it will not allow you to receive calls from any phone number that you do not have stored in your contacts directory.

Here are the two existing options to block calls from phone numbers as well as SMS, or Facetime calls on your iPhone with iOS:


How to Block a Number on iPhone?

  • The first thing we will have to do is access the Calls app to locate the contact from the call list or from the contacts calendar of your iPhone.
  • Once the contact is located, you will have to select it or click on the “i” icon.
  • When the contact details are displayed you should scroll down until you find and select the option: Block this contact.
  • This will show a small menu where you will have to select the option: Block contact.

This will add the complete phone number or contact to the iOS block list, avoiding all phone calls, text messages, iMessages and FaceTime connection attempts of the blocked user’s phone number, email and / or Apple ID.

This really encompasses everything, which makes this configuration a very powerful setting. As already mentioned, no notification is sent to the person who has been blocked.


How to Block a Number on iPhone? (You will not receive anything from block number)


This is not the traditional method of blocking calls by phone number, but it is a solution that uses do not disturb mode and your contact list to prevent unknown people from calling your iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and select the “Do not disturb” option
  • Here you will have to activate the switch located just to the right of: Do not disturb.
  • Now you will have to scroll down until you find and select the option: Allow calls from.
  • In the following configuration screen we can select between two options:
  • Favorites : if you just want to receive calls and notifications from your favorite contacts.


  • Contacts: This option will allow you to receive calls only and exclusively from the numbers you have saved in your iPhone’s contact list.
  • Exit the Settings check as now no unknown number can call you to your iPhone.

Remember: choosing Contacts will prevent any phone number or address that is not in the iPhone contact list from being able to communicate with your iPhone.

Do not enable this option without a complete understanding of what this means, otherwise, you may miss calls from unknown numbers that could be really important.

It should also be noted that the Do not disturb mode also has other restrictions because when we activate and customize it, we will also prevent applications from showing us notifications on our iPhone.

It will be the user who must weigh the advantages and disadvantages that this option could entail for the same.

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