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HongMeng Huawei Operating System is 60% faster Than Android

HongMeng Huawei Operating System

According to Ren Zhengfei – CEO and founder of Huawei – said last weekend, the HongMeng Huawei operating system is 60 percent faster than Android and would connect through multiple smart devices, from cars to phones.

Speaking to the French publication Le Point, Ren said that the new system has a processing delay of only 5 milliseconds, which means that it is also faster than Apple’s MacOS.

While Huawei hopes to resolve the controversy with the United States, it does not stop developing the operating system that allows it to stop being dependent on Alphabet.

Very especially, of the operating system for mobiles designed by the American company: Android.


  • Huawei expects Trump to remove his name from the “blacklist” to make sure he can exchange hardware and software with American companies.
  • Meanwhile, it continues to advance in the development of HongMeng, its own alternative to Android OS.
  • Ren Zhengfei gave some details about the system, especially spoke of the speed and the Chinese “play store”.


HongMeng Huawei Operating System Not perfect

However, speed does not compensate for the severe lack of applications.

Ren Zhengfei admitted that HongMeng Huawei operating system  still lacks a store equivalent to Google Play to achieve a consistent application ecosystem.

This would mean that users, quite possibly, would not have the possibility of having applications that have become central to the “Android experience”, such as Google Maps, Chrome or Email.


Huawei’s Development Plans

The acceleration of Huawei’s development plans for its own operating system came after tensions between the United States and China led to the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world being placed on the “black list” of US companies. With which you cannot trade.

While Huawei phone owners can still download apps and software updates today, this could change when a temporary trade license expires, which would occur on August 19.


G20 Meeting

There was progress in this regard at the last G20 meeting , when Donald Trump and Xi Jinping met. However, a communication confirming that Huawei is no longer on the list has not yet been finalized.

When the ban was announced in May, Ren said that the Chinese company had been “preparing” for this by developing its own software.

The state newspaper Global Times also reported that other Chinese manufacturers, such as Oppo and Vivo, had tested the new Huawei system.


When will Huawei Operating System Launch

While the CEO of the brand did not give details of when the new operating system could be launched, if the commercial problems continue, it is likely that Huawei will carry it out along with the launch of its next smartphone.

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