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Tips on How to Grow your Business Website in 2020

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Since time immemorial, one thing that businesses cannot survive without is marketing. Through it, you expose your products and services to the public. And if they (the public or clients) like the packaging, they will come for your help.


Now, there are various strategies for marketing your business. One of the most convenient methods is building a website. Creating a site is one thing. Making it grow is another thing you need to consider, according to many blogger outreach gurus.


Regardless of which industry you are in, this article will help any entrepreneur who wants to grow their site. By the end of this article, you should have adequate knowledge to help you push your website to the next level in 2020.


Do websites still work?

Not many businesses will succeed online. Some websites end up shutting down because they do not see any need for using a platform that is not attracting visitors to it. Nevertheless, it should not mean that your website would not work.


If you are a startup, you need to patient. The platform will not grow in a day. With time and the most appropriate strategies like link building, you will be able to grow. Note that the benefit of having a website is that once it becomes famous, it is difficult for it to close down unless you lack the appropriate website management techniques.


The foundation matters

A significant number of digital experts complain that most clients who come to them have one weakness. They want immediate results. However, the truth is that the online space is unpredictable, which means that you have to put a considerable investment before you can start getting the fruits.


By foundations, we mean that you should have an understanding of what your website is all about before you even start building it. Research on the internet to see what themes and strategies that other websites are using. Most likely, you will discover that sites in the same niche often use similar designs.


Some people use their website as a portfolio, while others depend on the site for business entirely. Both cases will demand different setups. If your business model depends on your website, then setting up a department that will help with customer support can be a great deal.


On the other hand, if it is just a portfolio website, then one or two people can manage the site.


Select friendly colors and design for your site

Select friendly colors and design for your site

Even though website designers will experiment with different colors, some of these shades they use are not friendly. For instance, a black background would look attractive. Nevertheless, it will not encourage readers to read more, which increases the bounce rate.


Hence, you need to find a color that is friendly to the eye. A good example is white. Most high authority websites use white for their backgrounds because such colors can encourage people to read more content.


Content matters

content marketing

Interesting content changes the view of your prospects. They will start seeing you as an authority. Authoritative content then provokes trust, and they will share that content, which brings more visitors.


For this reason, your website should have a blog section where you post the content. Other than writing good content, the blogs should be SEO optimized.

Many webmasters work extra hard to rank on the search engines. Thus, you have to research relevant keywords that will rank on your website. You can also hire a link building expert for this purpose or you can use a premium keyword to help you find

keywords that most people use when using search engines.


Guest posts work like magic

link building

Your blog needs to have fresh content at all times. It will keep your readers hooked to your site. On the other hand, you also need to guest post occasionally.


Guest posting involves writing a professional article, with a link to your site or product, and then post it on another website. The site in which you post should have a good number of visitors per month and high domain authority.

A long-term benefit of guest posts is that it leads people to your site, especially if your content is good. Your content will continue to rank, and with time, people will start trusting what you are selling.

While writing the post, ensure that you place the link strategically within the article. Anywhere close to the start or center is good for SEO.


Consistency is vital

The most successful websites survive on consistent posting. You will find that they will always update their website’s design, and post new content often, among other things.

For instance, if you want to rank on the search engine, you have to keep on sharing your content on social media and doing several guest posts in a month; in essence, if you have the budget. By doing this, your content will start ranking high, and within no time, you might find your website on the first page of the results page.


Therefore, post content regularly. Most startups make the mistake of posting many blogs at the same time. That can be beneficial and a bad idea at the same time. If you promise to publish an article per day, for instance, be sure that you are consistent with it. It will register in your reader’s mind with time.


Besides that, use social media to your advantage. Sharing content that you post will encourage more visitors to your site.



By now, you already know what your site needs. For any site to grow, you will have to give it all the attention it deserves. Invest enough time and energy on the website so that your website can rank high. Remember, a brick and mortar store is different from an e-commerce platform. Both of them demand different things and strategies to grow.


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