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Folding Smartphone Huawei Mate X: Price & Release

Folding Smartphone Huawei Mate X

Here comes the mobile phone innovation of the year: The Huawei Mate X – foldable, thin, elegant! By contrast, Samung’s new Fold looks almost stale. All information about the Mate X: Price, Release & Co. – here!

With the presentation of their first foldable 5G smartphone, the Chinese have baffled the tech world – and bring Samsung with his new Galaxy Fold neatly to work up a sweat. COMPUTER BILD had the folding phone in hands: Huawei Mate X – price, release, all info! Spoiler: The Huawei Foldable is not cheap. But major technology innovations are rarely cheap in the beginning.

Folding Smartphone Huawei Mate X

Foldable cell phones are without a doubt the techie theme of the year. If these were for a long time a vision of the future and reserved for Hollywood, the manufacturers finally show what the technically advanced smartphone will look like in the future. Or say we could look better. Particularly exciting is that the telecommunications giants are going different ways in the said future and use very different approaches. For example, Samsung equips its Galaxy Fold with three displays.

In the normal state, the OLED display is only 4.6 inches small, but it has a not to be overlooked frame, which clearly speaks against the current “frameless” -Trend. If you fold the fold like a book, the 7.3-inch screen comes to light.

Folding Smartphone Huawei Mate X: Imitate Fold?

Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Huawei turns the tables with his Mate X in the truest sense – and makes the Fold look a bit “old” already. Three years of development and a billion dollars in research and development costs have brought a different approach.

For example, the ambitious manufacturer uses his China moth only a screen that measures 8 inches in the unfolded state, which is almost as big as Apple’s iPad Mini 4 (7.9 inches). That’s 0.7 inches or 1.8 centimeters more screen than Samsung’s Prestige project. The sharpness is surprisingly high at 2480×2200 pixels, which is 414 pixels per inch.

If you fold the Mate X back together, the front still gets a whopping 6.6 inches, which is larger than an iPhone XS Max (6.5 inches). The X has only a touch of frame, looks so much more modern, unlike the Fold wasted no precious display space. It comes in its usual 19.5: 9 format on a sharp resolution of 2480×1148 pixels.

The biggest difference to the Samsung: Huawei folds or bulges the screen to the outside, not like the fold in a familiar laptop-style inside. So it brings the back to 6.38 inches at 2480×892 pixels. The missing pixels are simply explained: The Leica Camera Triple is located on the left side.

Folding Smartphone Huawei Mate X: Design puts Samsung under pressure

The curvature to the outside has both advantages and disadvantages. Problematic: The display is not protected, on both sides could threaten scratches what the Chinese want to prevent with a transparent protective cover.

As should actually burst the pants pocket, right? No, and that’s the real sensation, when folded, the Mate X is just 1.1 centimeters thin and only three millimeters “thicker” than Apple’s iPhone XS Max. Samsung still owed us this crucial statement in Galaxy Fold, Huawei attested the rival a stately thickness of 1.7 centimeters. And indeed: In the pictures, the Korea butterfly looks much thicker, more like a sandwich of two superimposed smartphones.

Feels like the felt so twice as thick, the clearly visible “loop” reinforces this impression. A fact that makes the folded, completely flat Mate X look much more modern and suitable for everyday use. When first tried the X seemed surprisingly light and handy, the focus is well distributed over the entire area.

The China butterfly is already an evolution of Fold; scoffers would talk of a Fold 2.0. Especially since there is a question of longevity. The pressure on the OLED panel due to the outward curvature less, which could allow a higher life expectancy.

For the Royole Flexipai presented at CES at the beginning of January – the first foldable mobile phone in the world, of course – had visible traces of wear on the stressed areas after just two days of the fair.

Folding Smartphone Huawei Mate X: battery and 5G hardware

No less exciting is a look under the hood. Known as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the Kirin 980 (2×2.6 and 2×1.92 and 4×1.8 gigahertz) is one of the fastest processors in the Mate X with plenty of speed. More exciting is the additional chip next to it: The Balong 5000. This is a true 5G modem, making the X the first 5G smartphone from Huawei.

Overall, the Chinese use four 5G antennas, which together should achieve a speed of up to 4.6 gigabits per second. The emphasis is on should. It is still going to take a while, if not years, until US 5G is ready to go – not to speak of a nationwide supply.

But the beginning is made with the first 5G phones. The Mate X could thus be up to ten times faster than the conventional LTE and for example a one-gigabyte Netflix movie in three seconds.

Exciting: Like Samsung, Huawei divides the battery into two halves – on each side of an energy dispenser is used, which ultimately brings it to 4,500 milliamp hours. The Fold carries 4,380 milliseconds in itself. It is unclear how the big screen affects the runtime. In the COMPUTER BILD test lab, the Mate series impressed with a lot of stamina.

Folding Smartphone Huawei Mate X: camera with new photo opportunities

While Samsung uses its folding concept with six cameras – one in the outer display, two in the unfolded state and three rear cameras – Huawei makes it a bit easier with three cameras. Selfie or rear camera – everything does not matter, after all, the display can be operated from both sides.

Particularly practical is the possibility that the photographed subject can see himself on the rear display and pose accordingly. Beautiful new mobile phone photo world.

Folding Smartphone Huawei Mate X: Price, Release

The key question is: when does the Mate X come to Germany and what does the fun cost? Well, there are two bad news: First, the Mate X will not come before summer 2019 in the trade. And now for the price: For the folding smartphone Huawei Mate X whopping $2600 are due! This makes it the most expensive smartphone in the world so far. But Huawei also does not talk about the pizzazz in the context of the keynote, admitting that the price broke a sound barrier. But, according to Huawei, they’ve invested a lot of work and money on the Mate X and are just starting a new, stunning technique. And that shows unfortunately also the price.

Folding Smartphone Huawei Mate X: First impression

What a bummer, The Mate X shows just how exciting the future will be a few days after the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Because after years of similar designs and the eternal hardware race, the manufacturers are going for completely different and happier ways for the folding technique. Huawei’s Mate X already looks like a further development of the Galaxy Fold due to its thin design. Technically, the folding smartphone is impressive, which is reflected in the price, unfortunately.

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