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Firefox premium Version: Mozilla will launch in October

Firefox premium Version

Mozilla will launch Firefox premium version. It will be available before the end of the year 2019 and will include additional features such as a VPN or secure storage in the cloud.

Falling in recent years, Mozilla’s browser is trying to regain its superb. The 67 version of Firefox is swifter and incorporates new features for privacy.

But the future of the browser may also pass by a “premium” version. In an interview with Chris Beard, the CEO of Mozilla, confirmed his ambition to launch a paid version of Firefox before the end of the year.


Mozilla Firefox Premium Version Will be more user-friendly

The Mozilla Foundation wants to launch this premium version in October by offering additional features to convince users.

Chris Beard mentioned the presence of a VPN and a secure storage solution, other options should be announced by the fall.

For example, it is expected that Firefox will continue to turn to privacy, in order to stand out from its main competitors like Google Chrome.


Firefox will remain free and offers a new visual identity

The CEO said it is not expected to charge users for features that are currently free or abandon the current version (free, so) of Firefox.

Asked by The Next Web, Dave Camp, vice president of Mozilla, said, “We were founded on the belief that the Internet should be open and accessible to all.

A powerful, free and private default Firefox browser will remain at the heart of our basic service offerings.


Premium Offers to consumers

We also recognize that some consumers want to access premium offers, and we can also satisfy them without compromising the development and scope of existing products and services that Firefox users know and love.

“For the moment, Mozilla does not mention the price of its subscription and it will undoubtedly be necessary to wait for the return to know more about its intentions.

Last year, Mozilla made the choice to partner with ProtonVPN and offer subscriptions via Firefox. In recent years, the organization seeking to diversify its revenues and the development of a premium version seems to be part of this perspective.

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