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Fallout 4 Mods for PC, Xbox One & PS4

Fallout 4 Mods

The war never changes, which cannot be said about Fallout 4, especially if you install several modifications on it. Fortunately for you, we have put together the best fallout 4 mods for the owners of PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with which you can modify the post-apocalypse “for yourself.”

If you want the wasteland to look a little different, you want to add more companions to the game, increase the available arsenal or even improve the Dogmeat, then the following modifications are another good reason to rebuild Fallout 4.

Even if you are ready for it after the announcement Fallout 76 .Fallout 4, not without reason, is considered one of the best RPGs of recent years, and yet this does not prevent us from making it even better.

Here are the best fallout 4 mods for PC, Xbox & PS4:


Everyone’s Best Friend

Doggy (Dogmeat) can clearly be attributed to the number of unusual companions. Of course, we will not say nonsense and call him a bad boy, because this is not so! But, alas, the bonuses of other partners, including Live and Love, do not apply to him.

But its presence does not disable another bonus – the Lone Wanderer. With the help of this best fallout 4 mod. Together safer, right? Due to Sony’s ban on third-party modifications, Everyone’s Best Friend is not available to PS4 owners.


Stronger Dogmeat

In the “vanilla” (without custom modifications) Fallout 4, the maximum attack power of Psina is 1-2 damage per second, regardless of the class of the enemy.

Therefore, to everyone who is rather reverent about their beloved companion, this may not seem entirely fair.

If you have not figured out what Stronger Dogmeat mod is doing, then it increases Psina’s attack power to 58, making it a deadly weapon that can leave without the feet all those careless raiders that you encounter in your way.


Any Mod Any Weapon

Forget about all the limitations in the game related to improving equipment. Unlike the “vanilla” Fallout 4, the presence of the Any Mod Any Weapon modification will let your imagination run wild.

Ever dreamed of shooting cannon shells from a regular revolver? Create a plasma mini gun? Or maybe attach the claw of death to the boxing glove?

Well, with the help of this mod, you can do everything on your workbench that comes into your head.



Finally, you can listen to your mother and do what she always asked for – to clean up after herself.

The OCDecorator modification allows you to move any objects, place weapons and armor on shelves, lay out office supplies on tables and all this, without any problems.

Now in your settlement everything will be clean and tidy, and the decomposed things will not be lying in one big heap in the middle of the floor.

In addition, other characters will not be able to accidentally hurt them and drop them.

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Despite the fact that in Fallout 4 “green” islands with picturesque landscapes are quite common, the fact that you will mainly wander through the endless and unchanged yellow-brown wastelands, the form of which begins to bother quite quickly, cannot be denied.

SimpleSeasons dramatically changes the familiar world of the apocalypse, turning it into a real feast for the eyes (but not so much that allergy sufferer’s start to watery eyes from virtual pollen). In total, there are 4 modifications available to users and it is not necessary to download each at all.


Place Anywhere

This is one of the best fallout 4 mods. The basic editor of the Fourth Fallout settlements is hardly the best and most convenient.

Walls do not always line up, and objects and furniture cannot be placed exactly where you want it. In the end, you are forced to put up with huge empty spaces that spoil your entire decor.

And even worse, they reduce the protection of the settlement. Modification of Place Anywhere / Everywhere allows you to pin objects together, so you can place them closer to each other. No more empty spaces and clutter.


Infinite Ammo

One of the biggest problems with mates is ammunition. If you give the companion another weapon other than its base, then he will quickly spend all your ammo.

Modification Infinite Ammo completely solves this problem. As long as there are bullets in the partner’s inventory for his base weapon, he will be able to shoot endlessly from any other.

The only exception is the “Fat Man” hand grenade launcher. But I think you understand the reason for this limitation.


Craftable Ammo

Modification of Craftable Ammo makes crafting in Fallout 4 mods even more interesting, even if you are quite happy with the basic features of the game.

After installing the one of the best fallout 4 mods, you can use the new Reloading Workbench, on which you can make cartridges, bombs and any other shells.

No longer have to wander aimlessly through the endless wastelands in the hope of stumbling into an ammunition box. Just go by the workbench and make cartridges yourself.


Settlement Supplies Expanded

The standard set of buildings, furniture, and other facilities available for housing in settlements is quite limited in the basic version of Fallout 4.

But with the modification of Settlement Supplies Expanded, you can fix this problem and significantly increase the available choice.

After downloading the mod, you will get access to hundreds of new items that can be placed in a virtual house. The set includes furniture and other objects: from shelter doors and barbed wire concrete walls to trees and airplanes.


Full Dialogue Interface

When communicating with other characters, in Fallout 4 not only harmless, but also very frightening remarks are available.

The standard wheel for their selection does not always make it clear what exactly your character will say after choosing this or that answer.

With the modification of the Full Dialogue Interface you no longer have to guess.

Due to the fact that Sony does not allow its modders to use third-party tools (thanks, Sony), the modification is not available for PS4 owners and it is unlikely that something similar will appear in the near future.


Lowered Weapons

Rather, personal preference than the real drawback of the game is that the character always keeps the weapon “at the ready”.

If you lack realism, then you will like the modification of Lowered Weapons. After installing it, the character will handle the weapon more carefully, not direct him at everyone and everyone, but slightly take him aside.

Because of what his firearm will be reduced to a less aggressive position. After all, if you behave with a weapon inadvertently, then you can knock someone out of the eye.

As with the Full Dialogue Interface, Lowered Weapons uses third-party elements, so the modification is for PS4 owners.


Legendary Modifications

If you are looking for a modification with which you could make your favorite weapon even more deadly, then you will definitely like Legendary Modification.

The mod replaces the usual slot for upgrading equipment on a workbench with one single, legendary.

So now, to improve your arsenal, you will have to spend a lot more materials, but in the end get a more deadly pistol or rifle.

From the list you can select one of the attributes available in the game and add it to the weapon.


Armorsmith Extended

If you are a fan of fashion, then most likely you will definitely want to install Armorsmith Extended.

The modification adds a special workbench on which to make armor and weapons, allows you to wear gas masks and bandanas with other hats, as well as improve each individual piece of clothing and equipment. Modification makes each set of armor more valuable and useful, which is certainly a plus.

Unfortunately, Armorsmith Extended is not available for PS4 owners, but owners of Sony consoles can use Unified Clothing Overhaul mod instead.

To do this, you must first download and install the additional Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource extension and only then the modification itself.

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